My First and apparently only non-christian themed fanfic. Apparently, this may also be a prequel to my PODMD saga that will be posted on my other account. Sorry for some Hetalia fans for the descriptions of the characters, but I'll try my best to do so. I'll try to be as accurate as possible, so please comment on how to improve it. Apparently, "Wishetalia" is the combination of "Wishology" and "Hetalia" and this will only focus on the countries' point of view. NO PAIRINGS INVOLVE FOR THE SAKE OF MY SANITY... except that of the FOP characters... they will only appear in cameo roles.

Chapter 1: The Big Dipper Disappears

"VE~ hey Germany, look at the stars, aren't they bright?" said by an Italian man in his 22. He has a brown hair with an unusual curl on his side. His name is Italy Veneciano, human alias is Feliaciano Vargas. He is representing his country, Italy.

"Yeah, I know. Besides, what matters most that right after that Pictonian event, peace reigned once again…" said by a serious man in a German military suit. His name, by the way, is simply Germany, human alias is Ludwig. He is representing Germany.

"Hey, Japan, Japan, look at the sky, isn't it wonderful?" Italy said, pointing out to the Big Dipper.

"Hai, Italy-san, the sky here looks the same as that in my place…" said by a man in a white suit of Japanese origin politely. His name is Japan, human alias Kiku Honda.

"VE~ isn't it great?"

"As long as the stars are there, there is nothing to worry…" said Germany in a cold assurance. Suddenly, while looking in his telescope, Italy yelled and panicked.

"Germany, Germany, the Big Dipper disappeared, the BIG DIPPER DISAPPEARED!"

"What? That's impossible…" said by Germany while reading a book about constellation.

"Hai, Germany-san, the Big Dipper really disappeared…" said Japan as he points out to the sky.

"Oh great, first the Pictonians, now this…" Germany uttered.

Eventually, Germany receives a phone call from America, I mean, the personification of him.

"(Insert German word for Hello)" said by Germany.

"Germany, we need an emergency World Conference, right now, in the Hero's place, robots are beginning to invade…" said by the voice in the phone.

"Yes, Yes, I understood…" Germany then cut the call and called the two other nations.

"We need to go to America right this instance; there is a breach in global security."Germany told to the two.

"Hai." Japan said in agreement.

"VE~, then let's go…" Immediately, the three nations began their journey to New York, America, the UN headquarters.

Next Chapter: World Conference time of the G8, Germany, America, China, Britain, Japan, Italy, France, and Russia. You will see why are The Kiss and Mona Lisa are found in the Dimmsdale Museum... So stay tuned...