The final chapter with racing and the countries fighting the Eliminators (a.k.a robots for them). I hope this will be fun, so stay back at your seats while Italy takes the driver's seat, hey wait, did I mention Italy?

Chapter 4: Do not mess with the Countries.

"We have to go there right now!" Britain said to the countries.

"Hey guys…" America said while riding a car.

"Sorry, guys, but only the former Allied powers could enter. It is because this baby could only ride up to five persons." America said. Apparently, France, Britain, Russia and China rode the vessel and they drove first.

"Germany-san, how are we gonna go there?" Japan asked to Germany.

Italy then parked a car near the former Axis powers.

"VE~ You could ride in here." said the curled-haired Italian. Japan hid behind Germany.

"Japan, why are you scared?" Germany asked to the Japanese.

"Hai, I'm not. It's just because…"

"ITALY YOU'RE A RECKLESS DRIVER!" Germany screamed as the three rode in the highway. Apparently, Germany and Japan are panicking for their lives while Italy just relaxed from the breeze cause by the speed.

"VE~ This is how I normally drive, isn't it fun?" Italy said.

Germany can't reply because this is not how he expected Italians drive. Japan, on the other hand, can't hold the ride much on.

Back on the former Allies, America just drove the car in a proper manner. Apparently, Britain saw the Chosen One battling the robots as they were passing by.

"Hey, America, can you just park the car, I think I just saw…" the former pirate was interrupted when the former Axis went pass them.

"Oh men, the Hero will not let the three of you go pass thru me…" America's eyes burned with fire, which alarmed the rest in the ride, except Russia.

"AMERICA, DO-NOT-…" The alarmed allies were too late when America goes full throttle and goes toe-to-toe to the Axis powers. The same situation that happened to the Axis is now happening to them. They become oblivious that a dark, swirling cloud formed above them.

The raced started, apparently, when Italy saw that the Allies got the advantage, his eyes opened, become serious, and chase America for the lead. Those not involved in the race panicked for their lives. America tried to block the path but the Italian slipped pass thru him. The Hero, not giving up, pulled the throttled and overtakes the European, who, in turn, ran faster and are now head-to-head, able to see each other. Italy tried to push the American car out of the road but the American slowed down and put the Italian out. Not giving up, the Italian returned to the tracked, went to the highest gear, and dashed passed the American. The Hero then went toe-toe and repeated the maneuver the former Axis made, and the Italian quickly dodged the attempt and the American was now off the track. The move repeats for five times and when they are nearing the City of Lights, they went toe-to-toe. The Italian first, no, the Hero, wait, Italy, wait, America, they are approaching to the finish line, and the winner of the country drag-racing is…

"THE HERO!" America declared as he drifted his car in front of the stadium where the rock concert was conducted. The Italian drifted after the American and commented that he is a good driver. But to the poor passengers went out and said…

"Oh men, next time, remind me of not taking Italy on the driver's seat…" Germany said, dizzy on what happened. Japan puked on a nearby, hidden place.

On the allies' side, they are also as dizzy as the axis. China can't hold on much longer and puked on a nearby trashcan. France felt a headache and fell unconscious on his seat. Britain acted as if he was drunk (you guys know what I mean) while Russia was not affected, still saying that it was a wonderful ride.

The two who survived the race prepared a booth as a form of disguise (which Italy took.) America prepared a booth of the MERF while Italy made a Pasta booth full of his favorite food. Apparently, the same pink-hated dude brought some of American's guns and used it to crash on the stage. When the other countries recovered, they rushed to the scene. Apparently, Italy, with his white flag waving, intercepted them and said "The robots are once again attacking…"

"Oh men, America's in trouble-aru." China said.

"Quick, let's go there…" Germany said. The Italian didn't go with them, fearing for his life.

"Italy, you got to come, be a man, pull yourself together." the German said.

"I can't it's too dangerous…" Italy replied.

"Well, oh well, then I leave you in here…" Germany said. Then he rushed inside the stadium and joined the fighting.

Back inside, the countries fought the huge number of robots. Japan used his katana to slice the robots off; China used his wok and ladle, while the rest fought mano-a-mano. Apparently, Britain noticed something…

"Good thing, reinforcements…" he commented as the fairies do their bubble butt attack.

"What are you saying, all I see is that some guy just thru bubble gums on the floor…" said America.

Suddenly, Italy rushed in to the scene panicking…

"Germany, Germany, there's a huge cloud right outside…"

"What is it, Italy?" asked Britain. He is also familiar about a certain 'Darkness'.

"Britain, it's a large, spiral, black cloud heading towards us, and it sucks everything in its path!" the panicked Italian said to them. Right at that moment, the very same cloud appeared, ripping the roof off of the stadium.

"Oh men, it's the Darkness…" yelled the Englishman.

"WHAT, YOU KNOW IT?" Some of them asked.

"Yeah… I'm just reading a whole lot about it…" said Britain.

"Da? Why is it the called the Darkness?" Russia asked calmly, showing off a much MORE darker aura that the cloud (yup, that is how creepy Russia is…)

"Oh, just shut up, you rascal, it's its name, just stick to it!" the British man said.

Right at that moment, a few guitar riffs are heard, and a white beam appeared and hit the center of the cloud, making it retreat.

"The Hero does it again!" the American claimed.


"Well, you're in America, and any deed done here would be equal to me having the credit." Another awkward silent fell on the horizon, and then Italy yelled "Look, the stars have returned…"

"So that's what's causing it…" France said while looking it. Apparently, they were once again gone…

"Germany, Germany…" Italy panicked.

"Oh men, it's happening again…" Germany commented.

While those things happen, there is a part in the world where everything is peaceful…

"Big Brother?" a pink-dress sweet girl asked to his big brother wearing and Swiss military outfit. Her name is Liechtenstein.

"Yes…" His brother answered. His name is Switzerland.

"When will the stars return?" the adorable girl asked.

He sighted and said "Soon…"

Apparently, the two countries are protected by a border that the Darkness itself can't breach and no Eliminator can reach. The name of the barrier is the 'Barrier of Neutrality'.

In Fairy World, Jorgen slapped his hand to his face said…

"Instead of putting the fairies in the gumball machine and putting the Chosen One in dire trouble, why didn't I place them in Switzerland instead?"

-The End Of Part One-

Apparently, that ends the first part. The second part involves prisons, rockets, Russia and the Blue Moon. Why are they in Fairy World? What did they do on the Blue Moon? Why is Russia in here? Well, find out on the next part. Besides, If you guys ever though that there is a hint in here, especially you, Hetalia fans, DO NOT MENTION IT... I only highlighted it for it might seem ok if I included it in here... Remember the rules... NO YAOI