"Nothing, of course, why am I always the target of this web of futile struggles?" Zephyr said lashing a hand, knocking over the mysterious locked up book that sets on his table, waiting to be unlocked.

It was not Zephyr 'time of the year' again. He was so damn frustrated. Leanne is in the hospital, checked up for a 'close call' shot in the head, and Zephyr could not imagine what would have happened if she did not make it.

Next time you need to look before you leap.

Zephyr had winced at Vashyron's 'lecture'. Leanne stood by the railing, brooding about his comment.

Zephyr laid his hand on the book to pick it up. The surface was cold and dirty with old dust. Zephyr lifted it up to his eyes to look at the peeling cover.

Nothing had changed about this. Nothing, not the least he could not do.

Would this also apply to him? Had he changed within the course of these years?

But, I wouldn't even be here if he hadn't leapt before he looked.

She thought he did not hear her. Zephyr did hear her, every word she gently spoke. The way she said it did not sound the same compared to how she usually spoke to Zephyr. Her voice was more absent, there was no honey calming effect to it. A blunt statement.

Nothing but a blunt statement.

Only your death will satisfy me!

Was that the truth? Did others probably think his death would soothe the raging burning of hate in their hearts?

It is just nothing, Zephyr thought. I am just going paranoid.
He scoffed to himself; the only person I would not lie to is me. Myself.

And Leanne… Surely, he could not word it; it was in his face the whole time. He was wearing it.

After noticing his hand opening the sealed book, he slowly placed his hand away. No, not yet.

If you could hold your own, I could use you. Everyone else is just dead weight.

Zephyr did not see him. Did not realize that he was behind Leanne. Did not realize that Leanne was behind him.

"Damn it!" Zephyr cursed, biting his lower lip in anger, letting blood seep down his chin and letting it drip on the book.

The page he was currently on had the picture of his sister taped on the back. He read the little scribbled handwriting on the bottom of the picture of the pale girl.


Drops of blood rained on her unscarred face.

The same picture Lagerfeld gave him. The same face.

Nothing was any different in the picture Lagerfeld gave him compared to the one he was holding.

Zephyr was exposed to some of the worst things done by shady humans. He just wanted to run away. Cry to his non-existent mother who was not there for him.

This is; this is my sister!

A racking sob shook him.

There were many orphans in that school. If only you were not so stubborn, I could have told you the truth.

He could not stop the warm tears hitting Cochet's face. Rinsing off the blood from the picture.

The slightest thing could trigger a memory and set you off.

This is her LIFE!

I want Leanne….to be happy.

Don't forget the possibilities

A hand patted him on the back a couple times. Zephyr spun around and saw Vashyron's concerned face in the darkness of his room. A bit of light shed from his blonde hair down to his face.

"Are you forgetting the possibilities that Leanne might make it?" Vashyron said. Zephyr could not think for a moment. Things felt like they had been jumbled in his brain for years now. Vashyron just placed them in their place.

"Come on, Leanne is waiting for us. Doc told us she'll be okay." Zephyr sniffled silently and placed the picture obscured in his small hand and followed Vashyron outside. His concerns are now a thing in the past.

They were nothing.

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