Well I have had this idea bouncing around in my head for a while and I decided to put it down on paper I mean on screen or put it down on keyboard? Whatever it is here is the story
Also as a side note I am now putting thoughts in italics instead of apostrophes.

Where am I?

That is one of the only two questions that plagued his mind at that moment, all he saw, everywhere around him, was darkness. Wait, he thought critically Maybe it's because my eyes aren't open? As he tried to open his eyes it brought to attention the only other thing on his mind at the moment, the second, being why he couldn't move his body. As he tried to make his body respond, he was rewarded with a great jolt of pain. He slowly, but surely, tried and failed at opening his eyes, so instead of wasting all of his energy, he decided to lie still and assess the situation.

Where am I? Back to square one, I guess that was a stupid question. he mentally kicked himself then mentally sighed. Great not only do I not know where I am, I can only come up with stupid answers to questions he thought as his mind wandered, then, a sudden jolt of pain in his leg brought him back to reality. His eyes suddenly shot open I guess that sudden pain wasn't completely useless he thought getting off topic again, It seems that I get distracted really easily. He was about to continue like that but heard a faint howl in the distance that shook him from his stupor I really need to work on being distracted so easily... Oh for the love of! he thought blinking his eyes to focus himself.

He decided to look around himself to take in his surroundings, as he looked up he saw the moon directly above him shining brilliantly, with a million stars around it. Okay, that is a good sign; I can register the detail of there being stars around the moon, so that means that my eyes should be fine. he then decided to look around himself to the extent that he could. From what he could tell he was in a small clearing. Looking to his left he saw a bunch of trees that looked eerie in the current light, they looked twisted, withered and he thought he saw one with a face, quickly blinking he looked back to where he saw the face again but it was gone. Then looking to his right he saw to his surprise *gasp* more trees! What a surprise! He thought while deciding to look down at his hooves where the pain had originated from just moments ago.

Standing at the edge of his hooves was a figure in a cloak which, after he finally registered her presence, decided to speak up "Sorry for your hooves that I did shake, but I had to check if you would wake" the cloaked figure said in a strange rhyme.

After hearing its voice, he realized that it was a "she," not an "it." While he tried to register what just happened and, forgetting that his body was in such a fragile state tried to open his mouth in response, just to receive another jolt of pain shooting through him 'I should really remember that moving will cause me great pain' he decided. After he tried to move, the hooded female spoke up again "Please do not try and move or your consciousness you will lose," she said in a tone that sounded urgent "If your injuries I do not tend, your bones and cuts will not mend."

He wondered briefly what she was talking about when he was suddenly lifted onto her back, the sudden movement brought on a wave of pain that immediately knocked him unconscious.

Well there you have it I know that it is short but this is just me throwing this out there the next chapter will be longer. If you want to know what happens next or find something seriously wrong with the story feel free to tell me in a review if this gets a response as in say a review then I will write the next chapter... aww who am I kidding i'm gonna write the next chapter regardless of reaction!