Alrighty people, here's what's been happening.

I in all honesty completely forgot I even wrote a story, let alone haven't finished it. In fact, I had completely lost any motivation to write, simply because it felt more like a chore than something I enjoyed, which wasn't very fun.

I probably wouldn't have even remembered it existed if my best friend hadn't come to me and announced that he was a brony and read fanfiction.

I could be here all day listing excuses but I guess to sum it up I was out experiencing the four important L's that come along with everyone's lives. I was out living, loving, learning and losing.

Anyway, I feel like I'm actually ready to start writing again, though I have no idea where I was because my computer caught a virus and had to be reformatted, so I guess I'll just start the next chapters or stories or whatever as they come.

Expect a chapter or something resembling a story before the turn of the century. Hopefully.