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~Torturing Mitsuhiko~

Unexpected doesn't cover what Mitsuhiko saw in front of him. He had been walking home from supplemental classes when movement in an alley flashed in the corner of his eyes. There was nothing of interest he could see down that dark path but still, something pulled at him; maybe it was his detective senses that had been cultivating since he was a small child. After a brief look at his watch and the quiet road he had been walking down, Mitsuhiko turned into the alley and quietly searched for whatever it was his instincts seemed so intent on discovering.

It wasn't long before he looked down the junction and found what he was searching for whether he really wanted to see it or not. A little ways down the next alley was Conan, his fellow 12 year old classmate and somewhat sensei in all things detective related, back pressed against the wall, gakuran open and spread revealing pale skin which was currently being teased by white gloved hands and an obviously talented mouth. Bare legs wrapped around a white waist, keeping his partner close, Conan twisted fingers through messy dark hair as his back arched. Conan was being screwed by the one and only Kaitou Kid… and Mitsuhiko was watching… and that did not look like their first meeting.

Mitsuhiko was sure he just heard his brain crack.

Still watching the pair in front of him silently, he listened to the gasps and pants and moans coming from Conan's mouth as Kid thrust into him and blushed. He was sure he should be turning away and leaving, providing the courtesy of privacy for such an intimate moment, but he couldn't pull his eyes away nor close his gapping jaw. It wasn't until Conan tensed from mutual release and the pair slid down the wall still clinging to each other that Mitsuhiko realized he could easily be spotted from his vantage point if only one of them turned to the side. Embarrassed by his voyeurism, he turned and ran back down the alley he came by, vowing to never speak of this night again.


"So how long ago had you noticed your friend standing there?"

"Since he first walked out the other alley."

"Ever the observant tantei-kun, even in the throes of passion."

At that line Conan blushed and retorted, "at least I'm not going to be the one considered a pedophile." The strangled squeak that escaped Kaitou Kid's lips when he remembered that his Shinichi didn't look his age was enough to draw a reflection of the thief's trademark grin on Conan's face as he pulled Kaito into another kiss before they had to part.


The next day Conan couldn't help but smirk every time he noticed Mitsuhiko look at him and blush before quickly turning away.

Short and more of a drabble that is a part of a series of drabbles; it is one of, I think, four stories I started working on and may very well be the first fanfiction I ever wrote for DC or anything. I wrote it wondering if I could write a lemon. Can't say I was successful at that considering it was from Mitsuhiko's view but well... it was a first and certainly not a representation of what else I did write. Did I mention this was done a year ago? Or that I ramble when I'm tired? Or that When I'm tired and rambling is the only time I'll have the courage to post?

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