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A few notes need to be made first: That drabble series I mentioned in the last chapter isn't forgotten it just developed plot. A lot of plot. I'm going to try writing it later after I have no tests or applications or essays to get through. I actually have the beginning plotted out but I kept finding things I wanted to add so I can't work on it now.

[If Kaito had been in on it…]

This would have been a short scene of moments before the start of the heist from Conan's view as he observes Hakuba.

:. (One day before).:

"We haven't tried a threesome." Shinichi really knew how to shock his poor thief. Kaito had been in the middle of drinking his soda when Shinichi, without warning (or even looking up from the book Kaito thought he was reading), spoke the sentence like he was remarking on the weather; after some thought Kaito smiled.

"Tantei-han is out of the question. So are Genta and Mitsuhiko."

"Ugh, I can't even think of Hattori that way and while it would be kind of fun with how flustered Mitsuhiko would be, I would feel completely disgusted. Wait, why are you only mentioning guys?"

"What girl would you want, Ai-chan?" Kaito snickered at the appalled look on Shinichi's face.

"Hell no. Why are all the females in my life so disturbing and violent and just plain evil?"

Kaito laughed out loud at that; he had considered the fact himself and came to the conclusion that Shinichi was just that unlucky. Even he only had one violent and manipulative female in his life and that was Aoko (unless you included Akako-chan). His mother at least was… well she was always the pillar of sanity in the family (except when she wasn't). Poor Shinichi, even Ayumi-chan was manipulative in that 'I'm an innocent little girl don't you want to do whatever I say and not make me cry?' kind of way.

"I guess that just leaves Hakuba."

"Huh?" Shinichi was considering tantei-san?

"Well, he's mellowed out over the years and isn't so set on capturing KID like he use to be. These days he is more interested in outdoing you."

"True, and I'm pretty sure he's not straight considering how I've seen him try not to stare at your ass."

"Kaito! I am not sex icon! How many times do I have to tell you that?!"

"I don't know, how many times is it going to take before you stop believing it? Anyways, I think it bothers him that he's attracted to a 15 year old boy; he does try very hard not to stare. I can't say he has bad tastes though."

Maybe they shouldn't even be having this conversation.

"…I wonder how big he is…"

"He's a pretty decent size, a nice chest too; he's pretty muscular under those boring suits he always wears." When he caught Shinichi's arched eyebrow that was the warning that if he didn't provide a good answer something bad would happen Kaito immediately followed up with an explanation. "I've dressed him up before remember? I can't put him in a dress without touching him a little… well that and there was the time I stole all his clothes except for a pair of white boxers with the KID doodle on them." Disaster diverted, Kaito took a deep breath before realizing it would be so much fun to watch Hakuba's mind break before giving in.

"I take it you've concluded that you like the idea?"

"Yes. Yes I do."

:. (back to heist).:

In my notes I wrote "maybe straight to scene with popsicle?" for the next scene. That was probably about the time I decided Kaito would never willingly share Shinichi unless it was already too late… meaning Shin-chan had to be a manipulative little brat and trick him into it.

Omake sort of thing but completely canon... not that it matters.

[Because Kaito always has to get the last words…]

:. (After the heist at the police station) .:

"Care to tell me when you drugged Tantei-san?"

Startled out of his thoughts Shinichi looked up into the face of a task force member. KID. "What makes you think I drugged him?" He knew he sounded too suspicious.

"Oh I don't know, maybe the fact that his eyes were fully dilated from the start or the fact that even he realized he had been drugged. Not to mention he accused me of doing it."

"Poor Kai-chan being blamed for crimes he didn't commit. Call it even, you tied me up."

"You liked it."

To all the other officers it must have looked like Conan, the still cute but now high school boy was having fun talking to one of their own. The way Conan smirked and sometimes looked up with big eyed innocence, the way the officer looked down at him trying to hold on to his annoyance and keep a scowl on his face but failing miserably if the amused twinkle in his eyes were any sign of it. Too bad they had no idea KID was within their grasps or that there was nothing "innocent" about their teenage detective.

"So did you."

"Of course I did, who in their right mind wouldn't enjoy those sexy moans and your needy body?"

"What have I told you about calling me a sex icon directly or indirectly?!"

"It's the truth; even Tantei-san thinks so! Have you seen the way he keeps shifting his legs every time he so much as glances at you?"

Sure enough Hakuba was sitting at a desk on the other side of the room and facing the couple. He would glance up at Shinichi before looking back down at his paper work and re-crossing his legs. This could be fun…

"Where're you going?" Shinichi had gotten up from his seat without so much as looking at Kaito. When he asked Shinichi just looked back over his shoulder, smirked, and winked before facing forward once more. Hakuba was so going to regret following him on the heist.

"Hakuba-niichan, whatcha doing?" Shinichi had walked around the desk and was now leaning down behind Hakuba with his head propped up on the detective's shoulder so he could look at the paperwork.

"Pa-paperwork Conan-kun." He could feel Conan's breathing on his neck.

"Really? Can I watch?" When Hakuba froze Conan giggled. "You know, if I was still eight years old I could sit on your lap and no one would think anything of it other than how cute."

Hakuba stopped breathing.

"Do you want me to sit on your lap, niichan?"

There went his heart.

"Or would you rather I kneeled down and took care of your problem, niichan?"

He didn't know when his jaw fell only that it had when Conan's fingers pushed it back up before running his fingertips along Hakuba's jaw line all the way to his ear and down his neck.

"Since you're busy I'll take a rain check on our conversation. Maybe later you can tell me a story about one of your cases while I sit on your lap; then you can tell me how cute it still is."

The British detective still couldn't say a word, he stayed completely still while Conan walked back to the task force member he had been talking to earlier… who seemed entirely too amused. Bloody KID.


"Wasn't that fun?"

"Have I told you how much I love you Shin-chan?"

"Often, but it's nice to hear it again."

"That doesn't mean I'm letting you get away with what happened at the heist."

"I wouldn't dream about it thief." And that was the truth; Shinichi enjoyed whatever his gentleman thief did to him. Especially if it meant more fun than he had at the heist.

"You are my detective, don't forget that Shin-chan. I certainly won't let you forget." Shinichi couldn't wait to get home. Also, Kaito didn't say he couldn't play with Hakuba.

That came out a whole closer to an M rating than I expected. I'd planned for a T but I couldn't help giggling along with Shin-chan at Hakuba's squirming. It's Hakuba's fault for be so fun to play with. I'm definitely going to have to try a HakuKaiShin fic one day just so I could mess with him some more.

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