So guys this chapter jumps a head maybe three or four weeks; brittany is starting to show, Chase and Santana are slowly coming around, Quinn and Rachel are a huge part of this chapter, and Shane and Amy let everyone know about them.

Wham! Spring Breakdown

Shane woke up early Friday morning it was the start of their Spring break which meant she could stay out longer than usual with no school in the mornings. She quickly took a shower and neatly put her hair in a ponytail.

Brittany and Santana were making out on the couch when she came down, she was happy her parents were speaking again and she liked her mom's belly she thought it was cute and couldn't wait to be a big sister.

"Mom, Momma I'm going to Amy's house and I might not be back till late." She said sitting at the front door putting on her sneakers.

"Shane Sofia Lopez when were you going to ask us if you could go out and what the hell is Amy doing up at 8:45 A.M?" Shane's cheeks turned a deep red and she couldn't stop smiling, "Oh so you're going over to have sex that's why you took a shower, see Santana I told you they were going to find ways to do "it"."

Santana rolled her eyes and then whispered something in Brittany's ear making her face contort into a smile then she had a matching blush on her.

"Okay Shane you can go, be home by ten no later than 10:30, and no hickeys. I mean it."

Shane was so excited she normally had to be in the house on Fridays by nine but they had given her a whole hour and a half extra.

"10:30 though San, that's kinda late don't, you think?"

Before anyone could react Shane had butted in. "Mom I swear I'll be in the house at 10:15 please?" she was begging now.

"Okay, okay, go before I change my mind." Shane was jumping up and down clapping and kissing them, "Have fun buggy, be safe we love you." She said that louder because the teenager was half way out the door.

"Mrs. Pierce-Lopez would you still like to play a game of catch-a-girl-freak-a-girl?" Santana asked with a smug look on her face.

The blonde smiled and grabbed Santana's junk. "Only if we play butt naked."

Santana hopped off the couch scaring Brittany, she started taking off her clothes. Before Brittany knew it Santana was standing in front of her holding her dick in her hand. Brittany had a seductive look on her face while her wife was grinning ear to ear.

"Tag your it!" and Brittany took off running and Santana followed after her.


"Yes Quinn right there please, don't stop fuck I'm cumming."

Rachel wrapped her legs around Quinn's head and practically humped her face. Quinn was so thankful that Brittany could eat ice cream and make it look innocent and so sexy at the same time. Not only did she learn something that day but all the boys in Glee club did too, even Kurt.

Quinn whipped her face and kissed Rachel softly once she had finally stopped shaking and moaning. Rachel loved the way Quinn looked everything about her made the brunette shake she couldn't be happier.

"Rachel next time can you not wrap your legs around my head so tight."

Rachel was blushing sometimes Quinn would tongue fuck her so good grabbing the sheets, headboard, her hair, Quinn's hair, and even biting a pillow didn't work.

She just nodded and Quinn pushed some hair off her forehead. "Do you want breakfast?"

It was hard for Rachel to think about food when Quinn was licking, sucking, and nipping at her neck how was she supposed to focus when Quinn was seducing her.

"Let's go out for breakfast, maybe invite S, and B. I know she's hungry, maybe we can go to some fancy place or even IHOP either way I just want something with whipped cream on it."

Rachel laughed at Quinn's cuteness and reached for the phone.

"Hello, Santana?"

"Yes Rachel how may I help you?"

"I was wondering if you and Brittany maybe wanted to have breakfast with us."

Brittany heard breakfast and rolled on her back so she could see a little better.

"Yeah give us a few minutes we just had really amazing sex and I'm a little stiff."

Rachel laughed and slapped Quinn's perfectly round and tanned butt. "Okay so we'll meet you guys at IHop because Quinn wants pancakes."

After a few more seconds on the phone they had hung up Quinn was done in the shower and trying to find something to wear of the morning.


"Dude I'm having a party tonight there's going to be a candy bowl with all your favorites." Came through the other end of the phone

Chase paced back and forth he really wanted to go to this party and he really didn't want to let his friends down.

"I think I'm going to pass on this one I'm not really in the mood and I've got football in the morning so I'm not coming. Sorry dude."

Chase had been trying to get this life back on track he had been clean for a few months now and he enjoyed going to his meetings.

Quinn was standing in the door way through the whole conversation between the boys and she was really proud of her stepson he had come a long way in these months.

"You know I'm proud of you right?"

He shook his head and smiled at her, for a long time in his life he thought Quinn was his mother and not Santana that's only because Santana had went to London for two years and rarely could contact Rachel because she had hated her.

"I'm glad you said "no" you're very strong willed when you want to be and that's great. So do you have plans for the day?"

"No. and I thought nana Judy was babysitting Sam. . . . I'll babysit if I can stay out longer."

Quinn shot him a sharp look, "Eleven." He gave her the famous pout, "Okay 11:30 but you have to babysit Saturday night too."

"Can Ariel come over?"

"You'll have to talk to your mother about that one."

"Come on Mom please ill wash your car and walk the dog." He was begging on hands and knees

"Chase walking the dog is your job anyways." She laughed

"Okay fine just talk to Ma and butter her up that's all I ask." They shook on it and Quinn went to wake up Samantha also known as the Rapunzel.

Rachel refused to let Quinn cut the girl beautiful long hair that went all the way down her back. When your five years old your hair shouldn't be like that Quinn always said, Rachel once wanted to press charges on a boy who cute one of her ponytails when she was in daycare.


Shane and Amy were walking along the beach when they spotted a group of her friends from school. Amy was H.B.I.C and everything she said went her and Shane continued to walk hand and hand in the wet sand when the group approached them.

"Whoa Amy what you doing with dork wad over here?" asked a tall boy with very bad acne

"You all know Shane Lopez right? Well she's my girlfriend."

They all gasped they couldn't believe it and neither could Shane. One; her friends didn't know she was gay. Two; she was dating a freshman. Three; she had just called Shane her girlfriend in front of everyone.

"Your, your girlfriend, as in you're a lesbian, girlfriend?" asked a bleached blonde

Amy shook her head and held Shane's hand tighter. Shane had a huge smile on her face she couldn't believe Amy had called her; her girlfriend it felt amazing and all of a sudden she had butterflies.

"Yes as in lesbian, fag, homo, gay, dyke, carpet muncher. Did I miss anything because if I did please tell me so I can Google some and keep going because I can if you guys didn't get it the first time." Amy was standing in her co-captain Morgan's face with a 'bitch I dare you look'

"Wait till coach finds out your ass will be off the team faster than you can say carpet muncher." Morgan said.

Shane stepped in between the two she really didn't want their rather amazing morning to be ruined by a fight and she didn't want Amy's face to be harmed.

"Try me and I'll fucking end you. Don't forget I know more than you think I do." She said glancing over at one of the boys. Amy knew the dirt on everyone in that school her mom was a doctor.

"Your nothing but I dyke, your filth just like your whore mother." She said

"Yes I'm a dyke and a damn good one. It's not my fault I can eat pussy better than every boy you've fucked. If your still unsatisfied you're gonna have to find someone else because I'm taken now."

And with that Amy grabbed Shane's hand and walked away. Morgan was in complete disbelief and everyone around was looking back and forth between Amy and Morgan.

The two love birds were sitting in an ice cream polar sharing a sundae. Shane just kept smiling at the girl because she called her, her girlfriend it was what she had been waiting for.

"Why do you keep staring at me like that it creeping me out a little bit you know."

Shane smiled and stuck her spoon in the scoop of strawberry ice cream. "You called me your girlfriend in front of people. You actually stuck up for me I wish you wouldn't have said dyke but you made me proud. I'm so glad I'm your girlfriend. Wow I'm Amy Henderson's girlfriend aren't I one lucky lesbo."

Amy just smiled at her. "You're silly. I was just wondering what you are going to do when I leave for college."

Shane's smile soon faded this was the only thing she hated about dating a girl so much older than her.

"I don't know, why do you want to go all the way to UCLA you can study medicine right here in New York. You'd still be pretty far but I could take the train and come see you and you could visit for holidays." Amy huffed she was going to UCLA to become a doctor and east coast school didn't have the same quality like west coast schools did when it came to medicine. "Can we just talk about something different than you leaving for college?"


Santana and Brittany walked through the doors and saw Rachel and Quinn in a booth by the window. Santana sat on the side with Quinn and Brittany sat opposite.

"Quinn what's wrong why do you keep making that face?"

Quinn shrugged and continued to look at the menu. "Okay Santana you fucking stink?"

Santana burst into laughter as did the other women and Quinn was completely disgusted by her friend.

"Have you ever heard of showering after sex dude you smell like you've just been loathing in it? That's, oh my god, your, I can't believe you. Rachel switch side with me? No as a matter of fact brittany you can sit next to your wife."

Santana was holding her stomach laughing away as was Brittany and Rachel was crying. Quinn didn't find anything funny.

"Come on Quinn you act like you've never smelled like sex before." Santana joked

Quinn threw a sugar packet at her and rolled her eyes.

"San baby why didn't you shower afterwards? It's hot outside and you smell like sex and a lot of other things and it's not good."

Santana just smiled at Quinn and waited to order her food.


"So Sammy bear what do you want to do today?" Chase asked his sister.

Sammy had to think long and hard about this because she wasn't sure if she wanted to play tea party, dress-up or just sit and watch TV.

"How about we just watch something on the TV?" she suggested.

Chase flipped through the channels until they came across something interesting, Chase loved his little sister but she really didn't want to play with him much or even be around him. She told him when he was in the hospital she prayed for him like he taught her.

"Chase is you going to get sick again and sleep for long like last time?" she completely caught him off guard with her question.

"Uh, no. I'm getting better and I don't want to get sick again so I go to my personal doctor and he helps me." Chase knew Sammy didn't understand what had happened to him and he didn't want to tell her because his parents would freak out.

"Chase is Ariel your girlfriend?"


"Well you kissed her before and momma said you only kiss a person that's your girlfriend or wife or husband or boyfriend."

"Sammy watch TV, and no I never kissed Ariel. No more question or I'm going to make you watch a zombie movie."

He knew that would shut her up and it did.


While the women shopped Quinn and Santana looked at video games, sneakers, running gear and mountain bikes things they normally did when Brittany and Rachel went off to shop.

"So Q, do you think you and Rachel will have more kids soon?"

"No. I think two is enough. Besides Rachel doesn't want more and neither do I you have no idea what it's like giving birth. Just imagine pissing out a grape."

Santana winced and grabbed her crotch. She had a kidney stone in tenth grade and that was hard enough to piss out. Even though it was way smaller than a grape it hurt like hell.

"I'll pass on that one I don't want to imagine anything like that. Quinn I'm sorry about what happened between me and Rachel it was totally unfair to you and Brittany but I can't apologize for having my son he means everything to me."

"Santana stop please just stop. I was mad at you and Rachel for a very long time but once Chase started to get older I realized something good came out of that night. I wish sometimes it wouldn't have happened but in a way I'm glad it happened. And yeah it was totally unfair to me and Brittany but Chase is a good kid. So I thank that night for him."

Santana and Quinn had got into a few fist fights during Rachel and Brittany's pregnancies. For many reasons but the real reason was because Santana and Rachel had sex, Quinn felt betrayed by her girlfriend and bestfriend.

"I just want to do right by this baby, Brittany, Shane and Chase. I don't want to be like my father my whole life you know."

"Well you may have hit Chase, kicked Shane out the house, cheated on Brittany, had a baby by some else, had an affair, but you never did drugs. So I guess that's what makes you not like him."

Santana had set from this day forward she was going to change. She brought a dozen on yellow roses for Brittany from the produce junction on a main street for starters.


Every day was stressful for Shane and Amy because they knew school would be over soon and that meant summer would come and go and the new academic school year would start which meant Shane would be in the tenth grade and Amy would be in California for college.

Their day had been going great until they had to talk about her leaving for college she had even forgot about how happy she was for being called Amy's girlfriend.

"Do you want to go back to my place or do you want to do more stuff?"

Shane really just wanted to cuddle and hold Amy for some time because with that girl you never knew when things would change. She was like a box of chocolates you never knew what you'd get.

"I guess we can go back to yours if you want it's totally up to you."

They drove back to Amy's in complete silence they didn't even listen to the radio when the sound track to their relationship played they didn't even sing normally they couldn't wait to harmonize they lyrics to Teenage Dream.

Amy undressed and was surprised when Shane didn't make any jokes or try to make a pass at her. It was only one in the afternoon and they still had a whole day ahead of them. They cuddle until they fell asleep.

Ms. Henderson arrived shortly after six when she found the two of them in Amy's room in her bed sleeping soundly. She wasn't fazed by what she saw but she was just stunned that she had saw Shane Lopez and not someone else, someone older, someone who her daughter didn't bully every day.

Amy woke up right after she heard her door shut. "Shane wake up I think my mom is home."

She shook her a few times before she popped up and tried to dress herself. She would have gone out the window sooner but she couldn't find her shoe once she found it, it was already too late Ms. Henderson had walked in.

"Girls I need to have a word with you two."

Busted! They both thought they had been doing great with not getting caught lately how she could forget to lock her door.

The two sat on the couch across from Ms. Henderson. Amy wasn't sure about what her mom was going to do the look on her face wasn't completely hurt, she looked shock, as if she couldn't believe her daughter was gay or even believe that she was sleeping with a child.

"So…..when were you girls going to tell me you were in a relationship? If that's what it is because last time I checked you were bullying this girl."

Amy and Shane kept looking at each other back and forth, then to the ground, then Ms. Henderson.

"Well uh, we uh kinda are dating. We have been for quite some time. Mom please don't be mad."

The two were holding tightly onto each other's hands. She could see that her daughter really loved this girl and it was enough for her.

"Does Shane make you happy," Amy was beginning to speak but was quickly cut off, "let me finish. I know you're probably going to say "yes". So if Shane is all you need to be happy than I'm okay with that as long as your happy than I'm okay."

Shane squeezed her hand lightly, and she returned the gesture. It felt right it felt good, it felt like nothing she had ever felt before, and they both loved this thing they were feeling because they could feel it together.

"I only ask a few things of the two of you, no sex while other people are here, no physical fighting, and leave the door open at all times. I don't know if your family approves of this relationship or even if they know about it but as long as you make my baby girl happy than who am I to stop it."

Amy hugged her mom tighter than she had ever before. She smiled into her daughter's hair and everything was great.

"So do you two have plans for tonight?"

"Uhm yeah were going to a party for a bit then maybe catch a movie." Shane stated.

"Well I'll be letting you two get ready to do whatever it is you two do when I'm alone."

Amy bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing; Shane just looked horrified Ms. Henderson face changed because she knew exactly why her daughter and her girlfriend did when she wasn't around.

"Mom where definitely not going to do that while you're in the house so uhm yeah, were going to get dressed."

Shane was still blushing and Amy was laughing hysterically.


Quinn and Rachel decided they'd stay out the whole day and enjoy their time together. They were looking in a jewelry store when Quinn decided it'd be a good time to bring up the kids story.

"Rachel do you ever think we'll have more kids again."

Rachel was preoccupied by a pair of diamond earrings that she didn't even hear Quinn.

"I'm sorry what did you just say?"

"I said do you think we'll ever have kids again?"

"Quinn why all of a sudden are you talking about kids, I thought we agreed that two was enough? Besides Samantha is almost five. She's still a baby. And no one in their right mind would wait five years to have another baby. Only a crazy person would want to go through wakening up every three hours, potty training and all that junk again."

"Wow Rach that's really selfish. Do you want those earrings?"

"That's not selfish it's honest. And yes I want the earrings."

"Well I'm glad you like them, and this is me being honest buy them yourself."

Quinn stormed out the jewelry store, Rachel stood there holding the earrings in her hand looking like she was about to scream because Quinn was the one that decided first that two kids were enough not her. She sat the earrings down and went after her wife.


Brittany was eating a stick of butter and oranges when Santana came from the shower she looked completely grossed out at the way her wife took huge chunks out the butter and then bit the orange. She watched her indulge herself for a few minutes she finally had enough when he started eating the orange peel.

"Alright babe that's enough how bout I make you some real food like a meat lovers omelet, and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, and toast."

"Or how about you go to the store and buy me a carton of Butter Pecan ice cream and a jar of pickles because that's what I really want."

Santana huffed and grabbed her car keys and went to buy her wife whatever her heart desired or more like the baby desired.


Amy slithered into her bedroom in nothing but a towel while Shane was playing the video game.

"So my mom is sleeping do you maybe wanna fool around?" Amy asked sitting in Shane's lap skin still wet.

Shane didn't need to be told twice she flipped them over and pulled the towel away revealing the beautiful naked body it had been hiding. "You sure your mom's sleeping?" she questioned.

She ripped off Shane's shirt not being able to wait so needy to feel the other girl's skin against hers. Kissing all the way down to her bellybutton then letting her tongue play with the blue piercing that dangled from it.

Shane hadn't been with any other girl before she knew she did a hell of a job when it came down to tongue fucking the shit out of Amy. Now between the older girls legs kissing and using her hands to gently rub her thighs she attached her mouth to Amy's pulsing clit.

"Holy fuck that feels so good. How do you make me feel so good, damn you make me fu-ck." Amy was always vocal when Shane went down on her so she knew she was going to have to soon find a way to shut her up.

"Babe…'ve gotta…..uhm….keep it…down." Amy bit down on her pillow which she found wasn't thick enough to keep her screams and moans muffled.

Very satisfied with the sounds coming from her lover Shane decided to add a finger so when Amy's walls clamped down on her finger she added a second one slowly working them in and out she knew Amy wanted and needed more so she was going to give her more. She pressed her thumb down on the girl's clit and rubbed hard circles making her squirm away.

When she shot up off the bed and slapped Shane on the back she knew Amy had come. When her muscles spasm her arms would flail out of control and claw and slapped at her back; Shane would never admit she was into stuff like that but deep down inside she was.

"I love you Shane Sofia Lopez."

"I love you too now I have to shower."


"There's a party tonight you should meet me and Amy down there, only if you want I know you don't want to spend a perfectly good evening babysitting."

Chase didn't want to spend his whole day inside so he decided he'd join his sister and her girlfriend.

"Whose party is it anyways?"

"Todd Summers-"

"Ariel's brother Todd dude, can you guys pick me up in an hour."

She knew mentioning the last name Summers would get her brother moving he was head over hills in love with Ariel had been ever since they moved to New York.

He heard the horn honk outside about an hour later and he ran down the hall to his parents' bedroom and told them he'd be home later not to worry and don't wait up which he knew was pointless in saying because Rachel always stayed up and waited for him.

When they arrived at the house there were over eight dozen kids there. Todd was very popular around the neighborhood and all the girls wanted him and all the guys wanted to be him.

Shane wasn't a drinker she just liked to dance so when Sorry for Party Rockin came on she was the first person on the dance floor ready for a challenge. Everybody gathered around in a circle while she had a dance off with Todd.

He had a crush on Shane until he found out how old she was then he thought they could be friends and he was happy that she was his friend even if she was banging Amy now he still was the first person to kiss her.

Over the loud music you could hear glass breaking and hands flying in the air. Morgan was on top of Amy. Todd and his football buddies quickly broke it up trying their best to separate the girls.

"You dyke you filthy fucking dyke! Tell everybody how you're banging Shane Lopez a fucking freshman you fucking lezbo."

Amy wasn't ashamed of whom she was or who she was in love with she just knew how cruel people could be, she wanted to come out on her own time table.

Amy tried her best to break free and go after Morgan but the linebacker's grip was nice and tight. Shane had come out the house to check on her girlfriend who just had a few scratches on her neck and a bruise on her cheek. Most of the crowd was stunned that Amy was gay and that she was sleeping with Shane.

Chase knew his sister was hot headed and had a short temper like their mom. He offend compared the two of them to dynamite once you lit it an explosion was soon to happen. He tried his best to get to Shane before she got to Morgan but he knew he was to late when he heard Morgan wail in agony.

After the screamed there was dozens of flashing red lights and the whole crowd started to scatter. Chase was trying his hardest to find his sister and get her somewhere face but a cup had her in a head lock. The tall blonde woman slammed Shane on the hood of the car when Shane tried to take a swing at her.

The cop told Shane she was going to mace her if she didn't stop fighting her, so once she reached for the mace Shane knocked it out her hand.

"Shane dude stop you're going to go to jail." Amy tried to tell her but she could tell that her girlfriend only could see red and she just wanted to break the rest of Morgan's ugly face.

Another loud bang came when the police officer slammed her on the hood of the car again. Then Shane stopped fighting and they finally got the cuffs on her.


Santana was rubbing Brittany's feet while she ate her pickles, ice cream, and the recently added Cool Ranch Doritos, when the phone rang.

"Hello… Chase what I can't hear you…are those cop sirens in the back…..where's your sister…..hello. Chase hello?"

Brittany had finally stopped eating something Santana thought would never happen.

"What's wrong is Shane okay what happened? Santana did something happen to my baby?" Santana was putting on her jeans and grabbing her coat she wasn't ignoring her wife on purpose but she just couldn't think properly right now. "Santana answer me right now!" Brittany screamed

"I don't know what's going on it was so loud in the background I couldn't tell what Chase was saying then his phone went dead." She grabbed her cellphone, keys and coat. "Babe you stay here call Rachel and Q and I'm going to see if I can find the kids, hopefully Chase calls back."


When she finally pieced together the story the police finally told her that her daughter was in holding at the juvenile detention center she raced down there. Quinn met her while Rachel stayed back home with Brittany and Sammy.

"Hi I'm Santana Lopez District attorney for the state of New York and the city of Manhattan. My daughter's name is Shane Lopez she was just brought in here from a fight at a party."

The clerk told her Shane was soon to go in front of the judge.

"Shane Sofia Lopez, your charges are two counts of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and assault to a police officer. What do you have to say for yourself young lady?"

When Shane was angry she couldn't hear clearly so she was looking for the interpreter the courts always had but when she couldn't find one she just slipped her hearing aid on.

"I don't know what I was thinking and I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to hurt anyone."

Santana had never been this upset with her daughter before but she wasn't sure what happened and had yet to her Shane's side of the story so she didn't point fingers.

"Ms. Lopez will be released into the custody of her parent who I can see is already present (she looked over at Santana) bail is set at forty-five thousand dollars cash or bound. I'll see you back here in two months on your charges. Next case."


After everything had been taken care of and Shane was released to her mom they drove home in silence Shane, Chase, Santana and Amy none of the teens dare spoke a word.

When they came through the door Brittany grabbed her daughter and check her out to see if she was okay and she was but her back would definitely be sore come morning.

"Shane say goodnight to everyone and go to your room."

She kissed her momma then Amy; Chase sat down on the couch next to Rachel.

"Chase go to your room also. Amy your mom is on her way."

Chase slowly went to his room, Amy just sat there waiting for her mom to arrive she knew she was in a world of trouble even though she didn't get arrested but she had been fighting and that was something her mother never approved of.

"Amy Maria Henderson? Let's go right now." Her mom said in a stern voice she didn't question her mother she just went to the car and started texting Shane.

Baby I love you but you shouldn't have gotten yourself into trouble for me. –Amy

You're my gf id do anything for you. I love you. –Shane

Amy shut her phone and tried her best to fall asleep before her mom got in the car.

Santana wanted to go into Shane room and give her a good whacking but she knew that wouldn't solve anything so she just stayed downstairs and watched TV.

"I'll drop his things off in the morning." Rachel picked up her daughter who had fallen asleep in Brittany's arms like always. "Santana don't be too hard on them."

Santana wasn't mad at her kids because she hadn't actually figured out what had happened so she decided a goodnights rest would be good for everyone.

So she thought until she heard her wife open up another bag of chip. She honestly loved her family even when she was mad enough to bust the windows out of her own car.


Shane and Chase came down the steps like normal people this morning and ate their breakfast like normal people instead of savage beast.

"Morning mom." They said when Santana sat at the table.

She didn't say good morning back because she was so angry and tired Brittany went through four bags of chips and was less than quiet and made Santana rub her feet and back.

"Mom, you mad at us?" Chase asked eyeing some cereal on his spoon.


Both children nearly feel out their seats and Brittany dropped a glass. "What?" the three said in unisons.

"I'm not mad at you guys because I would have done the same thing, if your mom was fighting." She said sipping her coffee that Brittany had just handed her.

"You did do the same thing back in high school remember?"

Shane was waiting for her mom to tell her the story about when she had kicked someone's ass for bothering her mom. She had never seen her mom go all Lima Heights on anyone before but she had been told it was the most amazing and terrifying thing ever.

"As I can see you two want to know the story I give you the gist. Me and your mom were at a party and some stupid boy called her a nasty name so I broke his nose and I got arrested." Both her kids were looking at her with wide eyes, mouths hanging open no one had ever told them their mom had been arrested. "So I understand why you did what you did you were protecting the one you love. I just wish you wouldn't have taken a swing at that cop."

"Wow mom you're like some badass chick I can't believe you went to jail." Chase said voice full of excitement.

"Yeah and when my dad came to get me from jail he kicked my ass and I wasn't allowed to see Britt-Britt for like two months because I was grounded."

The moment was almost priceless until Brittany started crunching on a pickle. "Babe, you're going to be as big as a house by the time your six months if you don't stop eating, and those pickles are giving you bad breathe its completely unattractive."

Brittany finished her pickle and walked away from the table. "Okay guys I have to go check on your mom before I'm sleeping on the couch again."

"You can always sleep in my room with me." Shane yelled and could hear her mom yell "Shut it", making her and her brother laugh hysterically.

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