Will you tell her that I live her

Santana had decided Shane could spend the night with Amy without parental supervision, since was the last night they would properly spend together, until Christmas.

Shane was still bitter about Amy going away but soon she'd be able to have her girl back.

"Shane this is beautiful." Shane had cooked with the help of Brittany and decorated with the help of Lydia, and brought Amy a beautiful gift; the help of Santana.

"Well you deserve the best." she surprised Amy by pulling her chair out.

They ate with the candle light surrounding them. It was beautiful. And bittersweet.

"I brought you some thing. My mom helped me pick it out. Se said chicks dig these kind of things."

It was a beautiful tennis bracelet, Shane moved to her side so she could slip it around her wrist.

After dinner the two went to Amy's bedroom, more nervous than the first time. Shane leaned over and kissed Amy's cheek. Amy smiled and kissed her back. Shane placed her hands on each of Amy's shoulders, and kissed her lips, Amy opened her mouth so Shane could slip some tongue in.

"I love you."


"Hey Ollie cat, how did you sleep. Your such a handsome boy." Santana lift him in the air and blew raspberries on his stomach. "Let's go bother mommy, better yet - let's see if she'll make us breakfast."

She places Oliver on the bed sitting up which she knew wouldn't last long, he always seemed to tilt to the left, Quinn said it's because his head is huge.

Brittany opened her eyes to a huge pair of brown ones looking at her with surprise.

"Boo!" she screamed and he tipped over, he was laughing so hard his moms weren't sure if it was safe.

"Hey babe what are we doing today? I was thinking maybe the park, a nice lunch - with the kids, maybe a movie, then dinner - with out the kids." Santana plopped down in between Brittany's legs resting her head on the blondes stomach.

"Those plans sound great." Brittany ran her hands through Santana's thick hair, making the girls eyes roll back.

"B, you know what that does to me." she groaned "Not while Oliver's in here."

She could see that her wife's eyes were no longer baby blue, but a deep blue, glossed over with want, and arousal.

Santana couldn't take it anymore she took her son to his brother and told him she'd give him fifty bucks to entertain the baby for a few hours. She ran back half way undressed by the time she made it to the master bedroom. But Brittany was quick and was already naked.

They hadn't had sex in three months since Ollie was born they wanted to be extra careful.

"Babe, I'm having a problem." Santana said

"What's wrong?"

"Well my uh, my dick it's uh, you know, painfully hard - so if I fuck you I won't last long and well have to explain to Oliver why he and his new sibling are nine months apart."

Brittany chuckled, and pulled Santana down. She straddled her hips and kissed down the toned tan skin. Some times she wished Santana didn't shave because it made her feel like she was blowing a teenage boy with no pubes.

She took Santana's cock in her hands and slapped it to her lips, making Santana's eyes roll back, then she spit directly on the tip. Because Santana rarely jacked off when she blew her load it was all over.

"Your mouth feels so good." she said rubbing Brittany's shoulder blade.

Brittany could get about seven inches down her throat before she started gagging, Santana had let many girl blow her growing up but none of them could take all eleven inches with out almost chocking to death. But Brittany Brittany was a pro Santana could give her all eleven inches and she could take it, she could ride it, take it from the back and even anal, but that was special occasions.

"Can I come in your mouth?" she asked lifting Brittany's head so she could look in her eyes.

Santana sat up and Brittany got on her knees.

"Your to good to me." she said with a kiss, she held pulled Britt's bottom lips down with her thumb and placed her throbbing dick in her tongue, she gave it a few tugs then she shot all the way down her wifes throat.

"Ew, I swallowed some!" she spit what was left on a towel.

Santana pulled her close and kissed her. "Salty." she said smacking her lips together to get the flavor. "But you taste better."

Santana would never say Brittany was the best she's ever had she had an image to maintain. She knew Brittany was the best she's ever had and Brittany knew it too.

"Your still so tight." Santana said readjusting her dick at Brittany's entrance

They both moaned when Santana slide in so deep, she went so deep her eyes rolled back, Brittany grabbed a hand full of her own hair, San thought she might black out from Brittany's walls gripping her so tight.

"Your pussy is so great." it clenched tighter

Santana sucked on Brittany's nipples until they got puffy all over again.


Santana placed her thumbs in the dimples of Brittany's back and slid in her wifes aching pussy. Her first thought was; pound into her, then; just go slow and deep.

Slow and deep it is.

She was going so deep Brittany kept pushing her away. Holding Santana's forearm, hoping she would loose rhythm and slip out.

"Shit, San. Slow down." she said inching away from her wife. Brittanys eyes rolled back when she felt Santana poke past her g-spot. She savored the feeling and just wanted to feel it over and over again.

So she decided to match Santana thrust for thrust. Santana moved in and Brittany moved back, Santana loved when her wife would take control.

"God, you - just don't fucking - shit, San I'm gonna cum." she said digging her nails into Santana's forearm.

Brittany came then Santana followed behind quickly. She wiped the sweat off her face and squealed when Brittany pinched her nipple.

"You have nice boobs." Brittany laughed

Santana laid down beside her wife and cuddled her side. Brittany smiled she loved Santana so much.


"What time do you leave tomorrow?"

"Well my plane leave at 8, so I'll be gone by 7." Shane held her hand tighter as they walked into the grille

Her whole family was present even Quinn and Rachel they brought Sam with them who normally was at her grandparents house on the weekends.

"So how's life treating everyone?" asked Brittany

Mostly 'good' was heard around the table but Amy and Shane said nothing. They still couldn't face the fact they would be leaving each other.

Santana cried when she boarded the plane to California leaving Brittany in Ohio.

"So Amy are you going to stay in California all four years?" asked Rachel

"I'm not sure yet. I'm not even sure if I want to stay one year. It's stressing me out." she said light heartedly.


"I can't be there when you leave tomorrow."

"What - why?"

"I can't watch you leave. It's going to kill me."

"It's not like I'm going off to Iraq or anything it's only California, you can come visit and I'll definitely come visit you..."

"Okay. It's not goodbye it's until next time."

Shane slept with Amy in her arms all night. She woke up every few minutes just to make sure Amy was still there.

When morning came Shane just watched her move around, she even made love to her after she got out the shower, she held on to her for so long and now she was about to slip right through her fingers.

Lydia held it together most of the morning till they got to the airport.

"Mom don't cry, I'll be back for Christmas." she hugged her mom

She looked at Shane and she let the tears slip.

"For so long I've been doing everything in my power so I won't loose you. Now I'm loosing you...to college. This really sucks. Please don't ever forget about me."

Amy kissed her girlfriend

"I won't ever forget you Shane Sofia Lopez-Pierce. You are my everything." she held her forehead to hers "I promise I won't sleep with Whitney Mixter." they both laughed

They heard the announcement for flight 407.

"You've gotta go." Shane told her

She hugged her mom then kissed Shane one last time.


When Shane got home her parents were watching tv with her brothers.

"Aww come here baby." Brittany held her daughter while she cried, "It's okay she'll be back."

"When you love someone you've gotta let them go. so if she comes back that means he was meant to be yours."

"She'll be back." Brittany said her daughter hugged her tighter "Aww group hug!" Santana her wife and three children all wrapped in a huge Lopez hug.

"Lopez on three!"

The end