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Warning G!P

College Parties Any One

Ohio University, Lincoln house; Santana rushed through the crowd solo cup in hand feeling on top of the world. She had some senior chick grinding all on her and one dry humping her leg, she didn't care because tonight she was allowed to do her thing Brittany even said so.

What she didn't think would happen was Santana getting someone pregnant. Quinn was away for the weekend and Rachel was there with Tina and Mike Chang.

"Do you want another drink Berry?" she asked grabbing the bottle of Vodka off the counter.

Rachel thought hell why not, I'm gonna be by myself for the next two days anyways. She and Santana started taking shots, shots of Vodka, shots, of Rum, shots of whatever was on the counter. A slow song came on and everyone was dancing but Rachel and Santana.

"What the hell Berry you wanna dance?" she asked.

Rachel wrapped her hand around Santana's neck and leaned her head and the girls shoulder. Santana held tightly at Rachel's waist, she breathed in the unfamiliar scent. They moved from side-to-side and Rachel ran her hands down Santana's neck making her shiver from the touch.

"Come on let's get you home." She said ushering Rachel to the door.

When they arrived in front Rachel's door she had to do everything for the small girl. She had to undress her, pull her hair back when she threw up, and brush her teeth. She started removing Rachel's clothes and admired the girl's very sexy panties.

Rachel grabbed the loops of Santana's pants and pulled her on the bed with her, they burst out into laughter, and they just lay there staring at each other in the darkness of the room only light coming from the full moon outside.

"Why do you hate me?" she asked rolling over on her side.

She traced the groove of Rachel's hip with her hand. "I don't hate you Berry. I actually think you're pretty cool how you don't worry what people think and all that shit." She mumbled.

Rachel's hands slid up and down the Latina perfectly cut abs. Santana loved when girls worshipped her body. They rolled over and the girl was sitting on her lower half, due to the fact that Rachel's panties were so thin she could feel her clit. They didn't touch they just looked at each other Rachel was staring in Santana's eyes like she was soul searching or trying to find the Santana she use to know.

"What are we doing?" she asked.

"I don't know but it feels right." She said.

Santana was a gentle woman and liked making love, she didn't treat Rachel any different than she would have Brittany, she undressed Rachel, she kissed her everywhere she could think, her forehead, her cheeks, her nose, her lips, her nipples and even dipped her tongue in the girls belly button.

When Santana got on her knees at the foot of the bed she slowly pulled Rachel's panties off. Rachel undressed her faster than she had ever done anyone. Santana was standing in front of Rachel just smiling, well they both were smiling. Santana craned her neck to the left and kissed Rachel's lips, when she pulled back Rachel smiled so she did it again, and then to her neck.

"Can we lay down?" Santana nodded and rested herself between Rachel's legs. She kissed her like she had never kissed before she let her tongue play in back of the girl's throat, and then she felt Rachel bite down on her tongue and lower lips.

Santana slowly filled Rachel with her stiff cock and she watched how the girls face screwed up in pain and pleasure. Rachel was so tight Santana had to think of something to keep her from blowing her load. She worked her hips in a circular motion, then in and out, up and down. She wrapped Rachel's leg around her back and held her by her ass.

"Santana I'm coming." She said holding her hand over her mouth to muffle her scream.

Santana smirked at how fast she had made the girl cum; it was a huge ego boost. She placed a gentle kiss to Rachel's shoulder and giving her a small smile, she put her hand on Rachel's hips and pushed in hard Rachel's eyes grew to be sizes of grapefruits she couldn't believe Santana was going so hard but extremely slow.

Rachel rubbed Santana's boobs and pinched her nipple making her moan heavily into Rachel's ear. Santana grabbed her clit between her thumb and index finger and rolled it.

"Santana I'm gonna cum again." She whimpered releasing her scream into Santana's throat.

"Damn Berry that's twice." She said panting as Rachel held on to her forearms tightly.

Santana was starting to feel bad because she knew the girl under was the wrong girl but she was so close to her release. She kissed Rachel softly she firmly held thick evenly tan thighs in her hands and thrust as if she could never reach her climax.

"Oh shit. Rachel I think I'm gonna cum." She said grunting and movements becoming all the same in and out. She sucked on Rachel's pulse until she knew it would leave a bruise. She grunted once more and shot load after load into Rachel's already soaked pussy.

Santana's eyes were closed and her bottom lip was between her teeth she broke out into a smile and her and Rachel both started laughing.

Rachel lay next to Santana just staring at her. "Do you love me or no?" she asked.

Santana stroked the side of Rachel's face like she actually wanted to be with her. "I do love you. . . . ."

"But there's Brittany who you plan on marring. Right?" she wondered.

Santana pulled Rachel in for a hug she knew the girl might have been drunk but as they say a drunken mind speaks the sober truth. "And there's Quinn. You love her just like I love Brittany. That's why we can't be together. You'll always be my Berry." She smiled kissing her forehead.


Santana held the pregnancy test in her hand for some odd reason she felt her heart sink, this was a good thing right she and Brittany were having another baby. But every time she seen a pregnancy test she thought of Rachel and the night she had come to Santana with the news.


"Santana we can't keep it. Everyone will know, and Quinn I can't do this to her and you can't do this to Brittany. It's not right." She said holding the positive pregnancy test in her hand.

"You're not getting rid of my kid. I don't care who knows what." She snapped.

"I have a dream okay. I'm going to be in the Broadway version of Mirror has Two Faces, how will they react when there leading lady tells them she's pregnant." Santana couldn't believe Rachel was being so selfish. "There's always adoption."

"Bitch are you fucking crazy were both completely capable of taking care of this baby why would be give it away . . . . . just think about it we could have a beautiful baby girl who'll be just like you, or we'll have a son and he'll be like both of us." Santana had a sparkle in her eyes but Rachel didn't have hope in hers.

"I'm not keeping this baby. You're not leaving Brittany, and I'm not leaving Quinn I love her." She said. "Besides that night was a mistake, we were drunk and we don't even like each other."

"I felt bad for you so I fucked you; it was all a part of my plan. You think you're the only one who can make peoples head spin well think again Berry."

"You mean nothing to me and neither will this pregnancy in a week." She said.

Santana's heart sunk. "Go to hell bitch." She said storming out the bathroom.

When she came out Quinn slugged her in the face splitting her lip in half.

"How could you? I thought you were my friend, my bestfriend? Then you go and get my girlfriend pregnant. Wow some sister you are." She said walking away.


"This is great baby lets tell Shane. She'll be so excited she's going to have a baby brother or baby sister. This going to be great!" She said kissing Brittany spit mouth.

Brittanys face had changed a few times from Santana's excitement. "Babe what's wrong?" she said kissing the blondes shoulder.

"Well last time we had a baby you had another one six months before. And I know I may not be the most beautiful lest or smartest person in the world but I know, I know I love you more than anything and I don't want history to repeat its self and I'm not accusing you of anything but I just don't want there to be anyone else but me." She said whipping the tears from her eyes.

Santana smiled and brushed her tears away from her own eyes. "Brittany that was six-teen years ago, and that was the last time I ever slept with someone else and I can swear to you that I don't want anyone else and never will. . . . . .baby I want to grow old with you, I want to make love to you every night, I want to argue with you when I'm wrong, I want to have sex in strange places with you, I want to be with you, you and only you for the rest of my life and yours." She said holding Brittany face in her hands.

The two kissed passionately, before Santana could remove her lips from Brittany she felt the throw up hit her lips and tongue.

"I want your throw up too and our baby's." She laughed whipping her mouth on her shirt.

The two sat in the bathroom most of the morning crying, laughing, kissing, reminiscing, touching, and talking about the future.

"So Chase you wanna go out Friday?" Ariel asked

Chase was star stuck Ariel Summers the most beautiful lest girl in the world well second to his Ma. "Yeah sure I'll go out with you? I'll pick you up at 7?" he said.

He and his buddies hi-fived and he couldn't stop smiling.

When he arrived home his mom couldn't figure out what had gotten into her son.

"What are you so happy about?" Quinn asked.

He sat next to her and began to tell her about his day. They talked for a while than Quinn dragged him to his room and found him a nice button up shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. She thought he looked great and handed him some bills and the keys to her moped.

"Now do you have everything you need." She asked "Helmets check. I.D. check. Money, check. Condoms?"

"What? Mom I don't plan on having sex with the girl, well it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world-why are we talking about this again?" he change the subject.

"Well if you do have sex with her be a gentle man, treat her like you would want any guy to treat your sisters so be good to her, and be safe, love you baby." And he went on his way.


Santana and Brittany had final managed to get out of bed and finally do something other than cry and have sex.

"Let's go to the park and feed the ducks?"

"Well let's get something to eat first because this being pregnant again after almost six-teen years is making me remember why we were only pregnant once." She said grabbing some lunch meat and bread.

They eat about four or five sandwhiches cute in cute little triangle. Santana loved how brittany looked when she was pregnant with Shane she was glowing and had a spark in her eye constantly, she wasn't moody like Rachel was but she had her days.

"Can we take a nap I'm sleepy." She said moving to the couch.

They fell asleep on the couch and were awaken by the door slamming shut. Santanas head snapped up and looked in the direction of her daughter she was drenched with blue liquid from head to toe.

"What happened to you?" she asked.

Shane through her shirt in the clothes hamper in the laundry room then her pants. Santana would never understand her kid they always felt the need to take off their clothes downstairs instead of in their own rooms.

"Shane baby what happened?" brittany asked chasing her daughter up the stairs.

She turned around and tears were in her eyes make-up running down her cheeks.

"Amy Henderson pour a fucking Shocker on me infront of everyone. And you want to know what she said after words "You're gonna be a dyke just like your mom, or you'll be stupid like the one that gave birth to you." She a real walk in the park, and every time I tell no one does anything, it's not fair." She broke down in Brittany's arms, Santana just wanted to find Amy and rip her new one.


"Where Chase?"

She asked walking in with a sleeping Sam on her hip.

"He went on a date."

Her eyes grew big and she almost dropped her daughter "With?"

"Ariel Summers, the redhead chick." She stated

Rachel started crying, and Quinn took her daughter because Rachel looked like she was definitely going to drop her.

"Don't cry baby, he's a teenager almost a man. Pretty soon baby he'll be off to college don't cry." She said.

"But-but he's m-my baby boy." She cracked.

Quinn just rolled her eyes and took her daughter up to her room. Rachel sat holding her sons second grade picture, she couldn't believe her son was fifteen he was almost a grown man.


Santana was driving around when she seen Amy and a group of girls hanging out in front of a house.

"Is your mom here?" she asked Amy

"Yeah she's inside and you are?" she asked.

"Oh she'll know who I am once she sees me."

Lydia Henderson came out the house and was shocked when she seen Santana standing in her door, the two hugged and she couldn't believe a person like Lydia had a daughter like Amy.

"Santana oh my god what are you doing here?" she said taking in the girls appearance

"Well your daughter has been bullying my daughter. Today she pours a Shocker on her and last week she hit her in the head with a basketball. Now my baby's a freshman and your girls a senior I don't think it's fair that she's picking on her. And not to mention the nasty things she's been saying to her." She said looking at the tall blonde in front of her.

"I didn't know you and Rachel had another baby?" she said still holding onto Santana's arm.

She pulled her arm away and flashed her wedding ring "I and brittany had a baby girl the summer after you transferred. Her names Shane and my sons name is Chase, we having another baby soon." She told her.

"Well that's great. And I'll talk to this one for you." She said.

"It's great to see you. And thanks."

She walked back to her car sun glasses on she felt super badass.



"Mrs. Fabray?"

"Yes this is Rachel Fabray, who calling?"

"It's doctor Heck. Your son was rushed to the hospital. I'm going to need you to come down here."

Her heart sunk and the phone hit the ground. Quinn came into the living room and saw Rachel was on the floor crying like she had never seen before.

"Baby what's wrong?" she said shaking Rachel gently.



"Quinn what do you want I'm driving?" she said.

"It's Chase he's a Children's Medical, you need to get down here." She said.

Santana felt like this was some kind of joke she was trying to keep her composure while she was driving but she felt it getting the best of her.

She walked through the doors and everyone was there she found the doctor in charge and he told her what had happened to her son.

"Well will he ever wake up?" she asked.

"I'm not sure. He's got a bleed in his brain it's not serious but that's probably what causes the seizure. He can't hear you but he can feel everything, his brain activity is normal but he just hasn't wakened up."

"So he's a live but just sleeping basically." Santana asked.

"Yes. We'll monitor him through the night to make sure nothing goes wrong but there's no guarantee he'll ever wake up, he may slip into a coma. He hit his head on the edge of a table, the impact damaged the part of his brain were his motor skills are, if and when he does wake up he'll need therapy to help him learn how to use his motor skills again. Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Berry-Fabray I'm very sorry this happened to your son." He said.

Santana really wanted to hold Rachel right now because she thought it would be the right thing to do but she couldn't because all she want to do right now was hold her baby boy in her arms, she cried in brittanys arms for what seemed like hours.

Quinn was lying in bed with Rachel that night when she heard the sobbing coming from her wife, she wasn't sure if she should hold her or let her be alone and have some time to herself. "Quinn hold me." She said.

Quinn moved closer and wrapped her hands around Rachel and breathed in her scent she normally smelled like Vanilla and peaches, but tonight she smelled like nothing complete nothingness. She kissed Rachel's cheek after she settled her head back on the pillow.

"Quinn hold me tighter." She said.

Quinn pressed herself tightly to Rachel as tight as she could; she pressed herself against her so tightly she heard Rachel grunt in discomfort but when she went to release her grip Rachel held her hands closer to her. Quinn knew Rachel didn't sleep that night because she didn't she stayed up listening to her wife cry.

Brittany had fallen asleep on the couch with Santanas head in her lap, she couldn't believe after this entire thing nobody had thought to ask Shane how she was feeling. Brittany went upstairs to her daughter's room and she wasn't there. She saw the note lying on the pillow.

Mom and Mommy

I went to a friend's house for the night I'll be back in the morning don't worry about me I'm fine I promise. I love you guys okay.

This chapter didn't turn out as planned I'm sorry guys but I just wanted to give you guys a basic understanding. Quinn kind of talks Rachel into keeping the baby, in which she does than Brittany tell Santana she's pregnant, Santana really thinks nothing of it but she knows she loves Rachel but she doesn't love her the way she loves Brittany. Brittany isn't going to have a smooth pregnancy and there's going to be tragedy coming soon.