She tapped on the window three times and then she was let in thank god Amy's room was on the ground floor. Amy walked back over to the bed and claimed in Shane soon followed she pulled the covers back and the younger girl claimed in beside her. Shane wrapped her arms tightly around Amy just how she liked.

"I'm sorry about your brother." She told her kissing her palm

"Yeah me too." she said "Now let's sleep." She said.

Amy couldn't believe tonight was the first time in six months Shane had come over and just wanted to sleep. So that's what they did until Amy heard soft cries coming from behind her. She turned and held Shane.

She knew things would be different in the morning when they woke up, they always were. At six when Amy's alarm sounded, Shane jumped up and started dressing herself to head home.

"Shane relax. Relax its Saturday you don't have to leave." She said holding onto the girls arm to keep her from fleeing the house. "You can stay longer you know? In fact you can stay as long as you want my mom's down a double at the hospital." She said kissing Shane's neck making the girl blush.

Shane was more than happy to pull Amy into her arms and kiss and caress her. "You do know I'm too young for you, right?" she giggled pulling a soft pink bottom lip into her mouth.

Shane was in fact way too young for Amy she was only fourteen and would fifteen in the summer but Amy would be nineteen before her birthday came. After laying in each other's comfort for some time Amy decided they should talk about Chase.

"Is your brother going to be okay?" she asked

Shane huffed "I don't know he's just sleeping they said, they also said he could feel but he couldn't hear us and his brain had a tony blood clot what cause his seizure and he'll probably need help walking and talking again." She said. Amy just ran her fingers across Shane's bottom lips and smiled sadly at her. "Why do you want me here? With you?" she asked.

Amy just looked at Shane and claimed on top of her she placed both her hands next Shane's head, while the girl ran her hands over the curves of her lovers hips. Amy's hair cascaded around her shoulders and down her back and she had a super sexy glint in her eyes, she kissed Shane's lips and smiled down at her.

"One; I actually like you. . . . A lot. Two; I think your super cute and you make me happy when were together. Three; you're really good to me even though I treat you like shit you're loyal. Remember when I met you two years ago when you guys moved here from Lima I always knew I wanted you. I know I'm not supposed to feel this way about you or any girl for that matter." Shane folded her hands behind her head and listen to what Amy had to say. "But you your different I like the way you make me feel. Even though I treat you like shit you still love me." She said holding her hands to her heart. "I don't care that sometimes you can barely hear me when I talk to you or when I whisper I love you when I'm cumming" she blushed.

"I never said I loved you." Her voice got icy and she had a hard stare on her face. "Why would I love someone who slushies' me every single day and makes my life hell? What kind of love is that?" she said running her hands up and down Amy's sides. "All because you don't want people to know you like girls no one's going to care. If you loved me you would want to be with me in the open for everyone to see not just behind closed doors." She said.

They had an intense staring match for about two minutes before dropped a kiss to Shane's lips.

"It's almost 9, I've gotta go." She said rolling Amy of her lap and on the bed.

She was climbing out the window when Amy stopped her.

"Why aren't you using the front door?" she asked

"Because someone might think you actually like me." She muffled. "I'm wearing a white t-shirt tomorrow so I'd prefer a grape shocker there easier to get out." She said. Amy just nodded and rolled over.


Santana was driving Shane was sitting in the front seat; Brittany said she'd be there a little later. She spotted the dark purple mark on her daughter's neck.

"Who gave you that?" she pointed to the mark.

Shane blushed and covered her neck. She laughed "It's nothing." She said

"Well you know that mean you're their property forever right?" she said. "Who was it?" she asked

"I can't tell you that mom." She smiled

"Shane you're gonna be fifteen soon and I feel like a bad parent for not having the talk with you. Your grandparents never had the talk with me and your mom so we were doing stuff all wrong for many years and I don't want you to have that experience. If he doesn't know what he's doing at least you'll have some knowledge. Well that's if you even like boys, do you like boys?" she just shrugged her shoulders. "I don't care if you like boys or not ill still love you no matter what. Listen what I'm trying to say is if you're doing anything with a boy or girl just make sure your safe and careful, and you can always tell me and or your mom anything." She explained to her.

"It was Amy." Santana looked confused. "Amy did this to me; we've been having sex for the last six months." She huffed.

They had finally pulled in front of the hospital Santana looked less than pleased with her daughter how could she want to be with a girl who constantly torments her.

"We'll talk about this later" she said.

In Chase's room Rachel was sleeping in a chair and Quinn and Sam were in a different one across the room when Santana came in her heart sank her baby boy was still hooked up to machines breathing shallowly, his hands by his side. She put some chap stick on his lips and kissed his forehead.

Shane rubbed her brother's hand and sat next to her mom. This was going to be the hardest part of her life. She thought if her brother died who would she have left? Her mom's had never told her about Brittany pregnancy.

"Hey Chase how it going dude? I've got a softball game this weekend I hope you'll be there; if not ill hit a home run for you, two if your lucky dork." She said.

Shane was always a kid who looked on the brighter side of things no matter what it was, the same way Brittany was when they were growing up always looking on the brighter side of things and being all cute and stuff.

Rachel woke up and saw Santana looking at Chase and his sister.

My Sister the Superhero

Little Chase was playing on the playground with his sister in the sandbox when Shane decided it'd be a good idea if they played on the swings so they did. Chase helped his sister get on the rather high swing and he gave her a push until she was swinging through the air on her own.

Brittany had always let the eight and soon to be eight year olds to the park on their own as long as they held hands walking across the street. She could see them from the kitchen window while she washed dishes.

Shane had on a yellow sun dress with pink and green flowers on it and her jelly sandals, two long brunette pig tails on the sides of her head with green and pink bows at the end. Chase really admired his sister and how she didn't let people get her down when they talked about her hearing aids. She really was his superhero.

Chase watched her as she laughed and smiled the sun shining brightly on her.

"Look Chase look at me I can go high! Look I'm almost inside the clouds." She squealed out in a muffled tone.

"Yeah I'm gonna go high like you Shane, watch me! Look I'm almost in the clouds too." he yelled making his sister laugh. "Come on do you want to get ice cream, we can ask Brittany, I mean your mom if we can have ice cream." He said regaining the air he had lost.

The two hopped off the swing and started to walk to the outing gates of the park, when two big kids crowded them. One had a black t-shirt on and shorts with big hands, the other was tall and fat with flaming orange hair.

"Look at the two dorks?" he said to his buddy.

Chase grabbed his sister's hand and tried to walk around the boys but they moved in front of them again.

"Can you please move so my sister and I can go home?" he asked looking at the boy with orange hair.

The boy laughed at him and shoved him back; Chase hit the ground with a thud and held the back of his head. Shane stood there crying unsure what to do, she was seven years old and about as big as the boy with red hair, height wise.

"Hey that wasn't very nice." She quaffed

"Well if it isn't the deaf kid." They laughed. "Can you hear me now?" he shouted in her hearing aid.

Shane turned her head and checked on her brother again "Chase come on so my mom can clean your head your" she couldn't say the word bleeding because she never knew what it really sounded like so she tried her best to come up with something. "Got red stuff in your head." She said trying to help her brother up off the ground.

The tall boy pushed her on the ground and she scrapped her hands, at this point she was just hoping some grown up would come and helped them, she could have tried to scream but she wouldn't have known if it was loud or not.

"Look the dummy can't say blood." He mocked her.

The other boy snatched her hearing aid off while she was checking on her brother who was crying because he said his head was hurting. She tried again to help her brother and the boy pulled her braid, she whipped the tear from her eye.

In more ways than one she was like Santana like when she had told Figgins she couldn't be blamed for things she did because she turned into a different person she called Snix; well Shane had a person Quinn had named Snix Jr, when she had bit the ice cream man for not giving her ice cream.

What Shane did next went against everything Brittany had always taught her; "never hit someone unless they hit you first" her mom would say. Since he technically didn't hit her she wasn't sure if she should hit him back. Shane stood on her feet and kicked the boy in the black t-shirt right in between his legs. The tall boy pushed her again but she punched him in the mouth making them both fall to the ground she put such force behind the blow.

"You mean boys" she said smashing his face in the ground.

Brittany had looked out the window and saw what was going on, she saw her daughter on top of the tall boy smashing his head into the grass and the fat boy holding himself between the legs. She sprinted from the kitchen out the back door, across the street and pulled her daughter off the boy. A man nearby had Chase in his arms with a towel pressed to his injury.

"Oh my God! Shane what are you doing? Calm down." She said holding her daughters hands Brittany was talking to her but she realized she could barely understand her so she signed to her and Shane broke out in tears.

She carried her daughter home and called Rachel to tell her that Chase needed to go the hospital possibly for stiches.

That night when Santana brought her kids home Shane was still quiet and Chase was talking about how awesome his sister was.

"Mom Shane hit him and-and he fell so s-she she was awesome like-like a superhero. Mom I've got the best sister ever." He squealed.

End Flashback

Rachel knew the two had a bond like no other and they would fight anybody for each other no matter who it was.

Santana had walked out the room and Rachel followed behind her. This was the first time the two had hugged in years. Rachel cried into Santanas shoulder and sniffled.

"What are we going to do? Huh san? What if he never wakes up? That's my baby I'll never be able live without him." She sobbed.

Santana squeezed her eyes shut because the tears were burning them, even threw shut eyes she was still managing to cry.

"He's going to wake up okay I promise he will alright? He wouldn't leave everyone like this." She tried to assure Rachel but she didn't even believe herself.

0 after coming home from the hospital Brittany had decided to make stuffed mushrooms and pasta and Spanish rice, with stuffed raviolis because she knew her latinas loved Italian food. Santana picked at her food and so did Shane, she thought maybe it would be a good time to tell her daughter about the baby.

"Shane I'm pregnant." She told her daughter

Shane looked at her mothers and then burst into tears, then so did Santana. "Okay guys okay don't cry please don't cry I'm sorry, we have ice cream. I'm sorry don't cry please stop crying." They all sat at the table crying.

"I've always wanted to be a big sister." Shane said.

Brittany smiled at her daughter than at her wife. They all busted out into fits of giggles until they were all doubled over holding their stomachs. Once the laughter stopped it got dead quiet.

"I'm going to bed, I've got school tomorrow." She said heading to clear her plate.

Okay guys I'm stuck at a crossroad I caught my stepdad cheating on my mom and I just don't know what to do. I'm sure if I should tell or not, my mom is so happy with him and I would ever want to see her unhappy and it's just eating away at me because how long can you keep a secret for? They've been married for five years and have been together for nine, how you just tell somebody that there husband is cheating.

Somebody help me please.