Thanks to all of you who gave me advice on what to do about my parents it was all really helpful. Here goes some good reading for you all some more humor and drama.

Theirs a bite of a mess about to occur for the Lopez family.

Shane was sleeping stretched out like a star legs hanging off the bed, pillow over her head, snoring lightly. Brittany walked in and sat down at the wooden desk. Santana sat down on her bed shifting the girl's body a bit, she brushed Shane's hair back and the girl finally woke up.

"Can I help you two?" she asked

Santana looked at Brittany and then at her daughter than huffed. "Shane we want to talk to you about Amy. We are now aware of you two and the relationship you guys have going on but your mother and I would like for you to explain why? Why do you want to be with a person treats you like this?"

Shane sat up and Brittany walked over and sat beside her wife on the bed. She looked at her daughter trying really hard not to comment on the rather large hickey she had on her neck.

"Well me and Amy we kind of hooked up our first night where, and she . . . . . she told me it could never happen again because she didn't like girls-"

"But you guys continued to see each other?" asked Santana

Brittany was sort of confused "Define hooked up?"

"Yes Mami. And hooked up as in almost had sex but I only made it to third base." she said with a smirk.

Santanas face matched her daughters they both were grinning but Brittany didn't find it funny. "Go on." She told her.

"She told me she liked having sex with me after maybe the second time and she wanted it to be a secret." now for the hard part "When school started I tried talking to her but she just blew me off, then a few weeks later that's when the slushies' started coming and the name calling." She took a deep breath.

"So if you guys weren't friends then how, did you guys continue to have . . . . . sex?" Asked the blonde

"Well a few months after the third slushy she asked me if I wanted to come to her party and I showed up late, or maybe it wasn't any party going on to begin with because when I got there it was just her, and we had sex again." She said

Brittany's eyes were the size of baseballs; her mouth was hanging open in disbelief like she shouldn't suspect this from a child of Santana's. Santana was smiling, happier than all the havens.

"Santana it's not funny, she's fourteen she shouldn't be having sex." She shot at her wife making her smile hit the ground.

"Come on babe we had sex when we were that age. What's the big deal?"

"The big deal she's too young and she wait until she fines someone she's in love with." She said.

Santana knew Brittany was unhappy about her childishness towards the subject so she had to step in and be the bad guy like always.

"Shane your mothers right you shouldn't be having sex, you're too young, and you don't love Amy." She said.

Shane's face frowned Santana couldn't believe it her daughter did actually love this girl and that's why she put up with the torture.

"Shane you love her don't you?" asked Brittany

Of course Shane couldn't say she did because then it would make her seem stupid for loving someone who was terrible to her in front of other people.

"No, I'm just really going to miss the sex." She laughed and so did Santana "Mom I'm just joking don't shit I mean crack your pants." They sat in silence for about thirty seconds "How was your first time?" she asked looking at Brittany.

Brittany turned red like an apple, and Santana just grinned and sat her hands on her lap "Well it hurt and it wasn't fun at all, that's why sex is bad for a fourteen year old." She said

"Well I actually thought it was pretty good well you know on my be-half I thought I did I good job, your mom bit the shit outta me had a mark for about two weeks, she was so wet and-"

"Santana, Stop!" she shouted snapping Santana out of her own world. "This is our daughter were talking to. She doesn't want to her that." She said slapping her on the arm "Besides you weren't that good for about another year or two." She said Santanas face was frowned she couldn't believe her wife had said that.

"Shane wait until you're in love to have sex because if you don't you'll end up with someone like your Mami and trust me you don't want that." She joked

Brittany kissed her daughter on the head and walked out the room. Santana gave her a hi-five because she was proud of her daughter. Then she chased her wife down the hallway.

"Hey babe let me show you how good of a lay I am now." Could be heard fading down the hallway.

Shane grabbed her phone so she could text Amy.

Do you really love me?-SLo


Rachel was home looking around her son's room at all his pictures and awards and watching the pictures of he and his sisters go by on the computer monitor. It hurt, it really did her only son was probably never going to wake up how she would tell her daughter that her brother was gone and never coming back. It had been one of the longest weeks of her life it was hard on everyone but life goes on.

She heard a knock at the door. Santana walked in and stared for a few moments.

"I've never been in his room before. I thought it'd be a lot different than this. I thought it'd be junky and smelly, or painted black and had Bob Marley posters all around." She said holding his stuffed dragon that he'd had for about six years Brittany had won it for him at the fair.

"No Santana that was your room when we were teenagers. He's not like you or me, he's different he's calm, funny, happy, and so sweet. He's like a boy Brittany now that I think about it." They both laughed.

"He's a good kid." She sighed. "How'd we make a kid so perfect? A diva and an asshole, he's perfect you know I never had a problem out of him, ever he's always so happy and does everything I ask of him and never talks back." She huffed at the thoughts of her son her beloved boy.

"Santana I'm sorry I purposely signed him up for that football camp I was just jealous, he never talks about me the way he talks about you and I know I shouldn't have done that he's both of our son. I just want him to be as happy when I walk into a room as he has with you." She cries.

"Rachel he loves you trust me he thinks every girl he talks to has to be as pretty as you or their not good enough for him." She chuckled.

Rachel was hugging Santana and they both were crying, Santana kissed Rachel on the cheek, then Rachel kissed her on the cheek then they kissed each other on the lips.

"Brittanys pregnant." She said

"That's great Santana." She said.


"Amy I left money for you on the counter I should be home tomorrow afternoon I have to do a double. I love you be safe and no boys in the house." She told her daughter as she left the house.

Amy texted Shane asking her to come over and her texted her back telling her she was on her way.

"So hot stuff wanna go to my room and put a movie on and not watch it?" she asked in a seductive voice.

The two raced to Amy's room and hopped on the bed Shane's hand were running all over Amy she was trying to get Amy's tights off but forgot to remove her Uggs. "Take your shoes off." She whispered.

Shane was grateful that Amy was light in weight she lift Amy into the air and to the dresser. They kissed and they smiled they glanced at one another with googly eyes then kissed some more.

"Wait stop. Stop for a sec." Shane said removing Amy's hands from her breast. "Do you love me, like really love me?" she asked.

"At a time like this you want to know if I actually love you. Shane listen I've told you how I feel and if you can't accept that than you need to leave." She said.

Shane zipped her pants back up and fixed her shirt. "Well I guess I'm leaving." Shane went for the door and Amy stopped her.

"Shane please just waits until I graduate and we can be together. Please don't leave me I promise ill make up for all the lost times." She pleaded.

Shane smiled and turned back to face Amy, she couldn't go she was in love with this girl.


"Babe, hey babe where are you? I need you to take a look at something for me." Santana said holding her junk in her hand moving down the hall to find her wife.

"Brittany there you are can you take a look at this for me?" she dropped her boxer right in Brittany face.

Brittany just smiled and stood up "Why miss Lopez I think what you have is called a boner." She smirked pulling Santana close to her. "I know a cure for it." She said kissing on her wife's neck.

Santana and Brittany were in Santanas office going at it like wild animals, Santana had Brittany's legs spread open pushing into her as deep as she could go, hitting the blondes g-spot with every powerful trust. Not even bothering to answer her phone that had been vibrating on the desk.

"Santana its Quinn, I've been trying to call your cell for the last 25 minutes. . . . . . Chase woke up about thirty minutes ago. He asked to see you when he woke up." She said. "Hurry down here please. Bye." She said.

Santana stopped and Brittany gave her the okay look and Santana kissed her on the cheek and put back on her boxers, brittany was trying to get dressed just as fast, this was the moment they had been waiting for, for the last two weeks.


Santana walked into her son's room and he was sitting up in bed he smiled when he saw Brittany and Santana walk in the room.

"Hey." They both said in unisons.

"Where's Shane?" he asked.

"Oh well I'm happy to see you mom and Brittany. Oh it's so good to see you to handsome." Santana joked ruffling her son's hair.

"Hey mom hey brittany." He said fixing his hair.

"You need a haircut." Brittany said kissing his cheek.

"No I just really need to talk to Shane." Everybody looked at one another utterly confused on what was going on.

"Chase what's wrong?" Rachel asked.

"I just need to talk to my sister. Can someone please call Shane for me?" He said tears streaming down his face.

Santana pulled her phone out her back pocket and sent a text to her daughter.

"I'll call her for you okay big guy." Brittany said leaving the room.


Shane was lying in the bed completely naked wrapped under blankets with Amy lying right next to her. She could hear her phone buzzing against the wooden bedroom floor.

"Hello. . . . . .Sure . . . . . ill ride my bike there . . . . . okay bye." She hung up and turned to see a still sleeping Amy.

"Hey beautiful I've gotta go my brothers woke and he's demanding that he speaks with me." She said rubbing her hands across smooth cheeks. "So I'll see you later." She said.

Amy just nodded and went back to sleep.

When Shane arrived at the hospital her brother was sitting up with a blank stare on his face, she looked at her moms and her aunts and they all silently agreed they'd give them some privacy.

"So what's up dude?" he turned and looked at his sister and open his mouth to speak but no word came out just a crying sound. "Hey man don't cry what's wrong you freaking me out." She said.

"Shane I-I have something I-I n-need to tell y-you, but you'll probably hate me just like everyone else will. Please don't b-be mad a-at me." He cried on his sister shoulder.

"You're my brother I could never be mad at you." She said voice more muffled than before.

"I. . . . . ." he started.

Okay I don't mean to give you guys a cliffhanger but I have to I don't want to spoil you guys too much with all the details in one night. So tell me what you think and what you think Chase is going to tell his sister. And tell me if you liked it or not.