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"Hey dude how's it going?"

Shane hi-fived her brother and grabbed the other controller.

"I'm doing, okay I guess. Last night I felt sicker than a dog but I'm getting better I think. But how's it going? Where's mom?"

Shane scratched her head then turned back to answer her brother.

"Well mom and my momma got into a huge fight. Dig this she even called my momma stupid. So my mom said for her to leave and that was three days ago I haven't seen her or talked to her since."

The two busied themselves by playing the game and talking about sports and what they'd be doing for spring break witch was one week away.

"Chase can I play the game with you and Shane?" asked the little blonde.

"No. Mom would be upset if she knew you were playing this you know she doesn't like violence. You can play Wii fitness downstairs after I finish this round I'll set it up for you. Okay?"

Sam jumped for joy and ran down the hallway back to her bedroom.

"So how are things with you and Amy?"

Shane blushed and just shook him off and continued what she was doing.

"Oh so you're not going to tell your big brother about your little secret rendezvous with Amy Oh My Gosh Henderson?"

She punched him in the arm and reached for her cell phone. She flipped to a picture of her and Amy kissing.

"Oh so I guess things are going great then?"

She nodded.

Shane and Amy had come along way they were making progress and it was slow but the baby steps were completely worth it.

"Maybe you just talk to somebody. And get help because I don't want you to end up like grandpa Lopez even though I didn't know him mom says we was pretty rotten and was a druggie, so I guess that's why she reacted the way she did."

She watched her brothers facial expressions change she knew it was too early to push him into anything.

"How about we go shoot some hoops right after I set up the Wii for Sam." He paused the game and exited the room pretty fast.


"Santana wake up. It's two in the afternoon."

She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and saw a pair of matching eyes looking at her. It was her sister Ana.

"I'm sorry Ana I'll leave if it's a problem."

Ana swatted her sister on the thigh and sat next to her on the love seat.

"Santana you're my sister you don't have to leave. Beside your nieces and nephews seem to like you a lot. Even though they haven't seen you in forever." Ana laughed

Santana checked her phone no new messages or missed calls.

"Your kids are cute. A little bit older than mine, and the youngest one is cute, what's her name?"

Ana looked at Santana with a puzzled look and laughed.

"January. Her name is January, Santana. Brandon is the oldest he's 17, the twins Adam and Juan their 15 and January she four."

Ana had her kids at a very young age and was a single mother, she hadn't had much success like Santana had but she managed.

"Do you wanna talk about why of all people and all the friends you have you ended up on my couch? I honestly don't mind but I'd just like to know, you don't have to tell me. If you don't want." She really didn't talk to Santana much the last time she had seen her was eight years ago in a grocery store in Lima.

"Well I kissed Rachel and Brittany was mad and I called her stupid something I really shouldn't have done. So here I am sleeping on your couch . . . . . oh yeah and my sons a drug attack."

She said that all in one breathe. Ana wasn't the type to judge anyone especially not someone who was family.

"Well. You can sleep on my couch as long as you'd like or you can always sleep in room with January. She likes you; well I think she likes your hair more than anything but she likes you. Or you could take Brandon's room."

"No that's okay I'm going to go home tonight. I miss my wife and my kids, I suck at life."

Ana rubbed her sister head and went to the kitchen.


Brittany lay in bed holding her giant teddy bear she got from Santana in ninth grade they had named Mr. Jenkins. She felt terrible for putting her wife out, she hated sleeping alone she hated night being in bed by herself.

Shane had stayed the night at Rachel and Quinn's to be with her brother so she was all alone. Days like this she and Santana would be having a sex marathon non-stop raw sex.

She had never been this mad before she was so mad she turned their wedding photo picture side down. So she did what all women with child do she went to sleep.

After leaving the jewelry store she headed home. Balloons, a tennis bracelet, a dozen of yellow and white roses, candy, and a card. She knew this wouldn't make up for what she had done, she knew Brittany should be divorcing her but she was a good girl who needed a bad girl.

When Brittany woke up she smelt laundry drying. And something cooking in the oven that surely did get her attention. She knew it wasn't her daughter because Shane hadn't did a single stich of laundry in her life, or even cooked before, so it had to be Santana.

When Santana came from the bathroom she had on a New York Knicks t-shirt and a pair of Ralph Lauren boxer briefs. Brittany couldn't lie the briefs made Santanas junk look great, she actually wanted Santana to take her from behind and teach her a lesson.

"Can we talk?"

Brittany nodded.

"Listen B, I know I said some pretty hurtful things to you and I shouldn't have and I know you probably wanna punch me in the balls but that wouldn't even be enough for what I said to you. I love you Brittany and all those things and girls that I did in the past don't even matter when I'm with you. I don't want any of them not even Rachel."

Santana only cried rarely; when her heart was broken, when her kids were born, and when she felt like she was losing Brittany.

"I love you Santana, I really do and you really hurt me. I forgive you all the time and I feel like you always do it again no matter what. I want us to have a healthy strong marriage but you've gotta stop doing what you're doing its killing me. For three days I was sick to my stomach because I didn't know where you were or here your voice. So please don't ever leave again."

Santana grabbed her wife into a bone crushing hug.

"I'll never leave again. I promise I'll sleep in a tent in the back yard if I have too."

Brittany smiled and whipped some tears from her eyes.

"Where were you anyways?"

"I was at Ana's house. She's got some really cute kids, and her little one uh (finger snapping) uh-"

"January. Her name is January, Santana." said Brittany

Santana just laughed at her wife and kissed her softly on the shoulder.

"The baby's been moving around all day." She said moving her hand along her stomach

Santana placed a kiss to Brittany's stomach then to her lips.

"I talked with Amy, Shane's girlfriend she's a nice kid. Despite the slushing, the name calling and making Shane's life a living hell. But she a good girl." Brittany said

"Well since she's Shane's girlfriend there's got to be some rules, like no sleepovers with the door closed, no being upstairs without adult supervision. And if she stays over for diner no sitting next to each other at the table."

Brittany looked confused, she wasn't sure what Santana was getting at but it sounded fair.

"I don't want them feeling each other up at the table."

"Oh yeah like you use to do me. I can't believe your parents never noticed."

With a kiss to Brittany neck Santana smiled. "Because I'm just that good."


"Shane get; your things ready your mom should be here in about an hour or so." Rachel called out back to the girl.

The kids were upstairs when Santana came in through the back door; she kicked Quinn's foot in greatened, spun Samantha around in the air a few times before she went into the kitchen to talk to Rachel.

"Hey, can we talk?"

"Santana you slapped my son in the face, I don't want to talk to you." She said putting dishes away.

"Rachel he's my son to or did you forget that? Anyway that's not what I wanted to talk to you about it's about Chase. I think we should get him consoling because there's obviously something going on that we can't find the source of."

"No you're too hard on him."

"Well if you'd pop ya titty out his mouth and stop babying him the boy wouldn't be so soft all the time."

"Santana we agreed that we'd never hit our son a long time ago when he was an infant. You might not want him to grow up but he's my baby okay. Quinn has Beth and Samantha those are her baby's because she gave birth to them, and B has Shane and the new baby that's coming. Chase is my baby okay and I don't ever want him to grow up not until I'm ready to let him go."

She said pointing her finger in Santana's face she knew they were going to get nowhere with this conversation so she just decided to leave.

She waited in the car for her daughter, and then Rachel came out with a roll of her eyes Santana got out her car.

"What now Rachel?"

"You got me pregnant at nineteen then decided you didn't want to be with me, and then you took my son from me and tried to make out as the bad guy. For sixteen years I've had to live with the decision of being a parent. A-and now I have this wonderful life with this wonderful wife and daughter and stepdaughter. And I have this son, this wonderful, amazing, extremely talented son who reminds me of the life I loss all because of you. I hate you because you ruined my life. Santana I hate you because I can't look at him without knowing what you did to me and how you messed up my life, but also when I look at him I'm thankful for my life with him. I just wish you weren't a part of him."

"Are you finish?" Santana could only say those three words do to the extent that if she spoke more she'd probably break down and cry like a little bitch.

With that being said she walked back into her home and Shane came out holding her duffle.

Santana had never been hurt like that before to hear Rachel say something like that was like a huge kick in the balls. She never knew how much words could hurt until now. If anybody was to blame for Rachel's life being ruined it was definitely Santana.

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