"So how's life been?"

Amy hadn't seen Shane in over a week the seniors had been preparing for graduation and they barely had time to spend with each other.

"It's been good just missing you."

She pulled Amy down on top of her and gave her a sweet kiss to her lips. Things started to get pretty hot fast Amy's hips started grinding down into Shane's lap. She placed her hands firmly on Amy's boobs Amy moaned when she lightly squeezed.

"Shane you and Amy need to come downstairs we have to talk to you guys." Santana said smugly as she caught the teens fondling each other.

Santana and Brittany on one side of the table the others on the opposite side.

"So girls now that you guys are officially a couple there has to be rules." Said Brittany

"Amy you are not allowed over past ten on school nights, you guys have to leave the door open at all times, and you can stay the night on weekends only, oh yeah no sitting next to each other at the dinner table."

Both Shane and Amy looked completely confused at what was just said.

"Your mom thinks you two might fondle each other."

Amy held in her laugh because Shane had just squeezed her thigh before that was said.


Santana hopped out the shower ready for a night of love making but Brittany had other plans.

Santana emerged from the bathroom in briefs and a t-shirt; she had been working out three times a week getting ready for spring break and this coming summer.

Brittany was slipping into her newest pair of Christian Louboutin's, pencil skirt, blouse that made her boobs look great. Santana was surprised at what she saw she didn't know they were going out tonight.

"I didn't know we were going out, wait where are we going first?"

Brittany grabbed her favorite perfume Ralph Lauren Romance off the dresser and lavished her neck in it, slipped off her wedding ring and checked her appearance in the floor length mirror once more, and then she finally answered her wife.

"Oh were not going out I am, and who I'm going out with is none of your business."

Brittany had never spoken to Santana like that before she was being very feisty tonight and Santana honestly didn't know what to say. A part of her wanted to tell Brittany she wasn't going anywhere, another part of her wanted to beg her wife to stay home with her.

But only one part of her spoke. "Have fun, babe." She said with hurt.

Santana went to kiss her wife goodbye and Brittany backed away. "Sorry no kissing you're going to smear my lipstick. Kiss, kiss. Don't wait up, bye."

She heard the engine on her car start not Brittany's but her car, her brand new Jaguar C-FX. To top it all off she didn't even have on her wedding ring.


Brittany walked into the club and saw Mercedes, Rachel, Kurt, and Tina who was in from Lima. Brittany grabbed herself a cranberry juice.

"You guys look amazing. It's so good to see you Tina." She said wrapping the girl in a tight hug.

"Where's Santana? And your wedding ring?" Mercedes asked

Brittany gave her a look and sipped from her cup. There were
a few girls dancing on the bar and Brittany wished she could get up there and shake what her momma gave her.

"In a few more months you'll be up there again." Rachel said rubbing her stomach.

Kurt was dancing with some guy, Mercedes and Tina were taking pictures, Rachel was getting herself another drink, and Brittany was grinding on some chick and not giving a fuck who was watching.

"Look at brittany." Rachel said to Kurt who turned red like a tomato.

This was the first time since college they had seen Brittany dance with a person like that and I wasn't Santana.

"She means business tonight."

Brittany was trending topic of the night once Kurt tweeted a picture of her dancing between some girl's legs. He even tweeted a picture of her and Rachel in a sexy lip lock.

"Take a picture of me kissing this chick." She tossed her iPhone to Mercedes and grabbed a tall girl's lip between her teeth.

She tweeted the picture and Brittany knew her plan was set in motion. Operation piss Santana off was in motion.


When Brittany walked through the door it was something after 1 A.M, and she knew Santana had seen the pictures. She started disrobing herself at the end of the bed when Santana came in from down the hall.

"Oh so my wife decided to come home, aren't I one lucky son of a bitch." She mocked

Brittany grabbed one of Santana's USC shirts and slipped into it. Santana stepped in front of her wife who had a lipstick stain on her neck.

"You have some nerve letting someone else put their lips on you. And so help me god if you've been drinking I'm going to lose it."

Brittany walked into the bathroom Santana hot on her heels.

"Oh so your ignoring me? Brittany our daughter is right down the hall and you want to fight at 1 A.M, you want to do this." Brittany started removing her make-up. "Okay so let's do this then if you wanna be a bitch to me, than let's talk what's up your ass?" she asked holding her wife's wrist tighter than she wanted to so brittany wouldn't get away.

"Now you see how it feels. You see how it feels to have the person you've loved from the time you were twelve years old, have a baby by someone else, have sex with a woman outside your marriage you would know how I feel and tonight I thought about having sex with that girl, but I didn't. Now let me the fuck go." She snatched away from Santana and left the room.

I'm Married but I didnt wear My Wedding Ring Today

Santana had been home from the UK for about three weeks and she had just found a new assistant. Her name was Hannah she was fresh out of law school and was a very sexy girl.

She had always flirted with Santana and deep down inside Santana liked it. Hannah would come to work with her tits half way out and everybody everywhere stopped and stared, she had sex appeal.

"Mrs. Lopez I got those documents you asked for I sat them on your desk. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask." She said folding her legs making her skirt ride up.

"No that will be all for now."

Hannah touched up her make-up at her desk and took off her panties and stuffed them into her desk. She sauntered over to Santana's door and knocked a few times then entered. Santana was looking over a case where she would represent a teenage boy on trial for first degree murder.

"Mrs. Lopez do you maybe want something to eat, a coffee, a sandwich, or something more; tastier?" she said with a smirk. Hannah sat on top of her boss's desk and opened her legs wide open.

Santana's eyes were glued to the site before her. "Uhm Hannah this is completely unprofessional and I'm married." She trying to loosen her neck collar

"Oh you're married huh? Well how come I've never seen your wife here? Also why aren't you were a wedding ring?" she had a good point Santana didn't wear her wedding ring today, and she only had a picture of Shane.

"It's a habit not to wear my ring I used to play basketball but I'm married and have a daughter. Uhm can you please get down off my desk, it's kind of distracting me."

Hannah jumped down and fixed her skirt, Santana gulped. "Happily?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Are you happily married, anybody can be married but not everybody is happily married."

Santana and Brittany had their days when they would fight even months, once Brittany had keyed Santana's car after Santana had got a text message from a girl she had met in a night club.

"Like anybody we have our days. But I do love my wife."

Hannah straddled Santana's lap and nipped at her ear which held a beautiful 2.5 carat diamond earring.

"I didn't say you didn't."

Hannah was a master in seduction, the way she kissed down Santana's body until she was on her knees in front of the woman. She had gotten blow jobs many times before in the past but she never let Brittany do it because Brittany meant something to her. She only let sluts and girls she didn't give two fucks about blow her.

Hannah's lips wrapped around its head like a snake trying to squeeze life out of its victim, her tongue ring drug up and down Santana's shaft making her shiver. The way her dick hit the back of the slick throat made Santana go crazy. She grabbed a handful of black hair and pushed and pulled the girl head up and down coating her dick in hot saliva.

This girl must be related to Rachel Berry because she had no gag reflexives, and it felt so god when she could hit the back of a girls throat and she not choke, she slurped and sucked on the perfectly rounded balls while she jerked Santana's dick.

"Turn around." She told her, she pushed the skirt up around her waist and spread the wet folds. "I don't think that tight pussy of yours can take all this cock." She told her. She knew the girl couldn't take her dick, she only had the head in and she was trying to find something to hold on too.

Santana went only eight inches deep, before she really started pounding her soaking pussy. She let Hannah hear the sloshing of her dick feeling the wet entrance.

One hand placed aggressively on her hip and the other smacking her ass repeatedly. Hannah reached down and started to toy with her own clit making her walls squeeze harder and harder around the cock that was buried deep inside her pussy.

She never expected to find her wife having sex with another woman; she never thought her wife would cheat on her. Rachel was a onetime thing, and they weren't married yet. So when she opened Santana's office door and found her having sex with another woman something in her snapped.

"Brittany, brittany, baby I can explain." She said fixing her pants preparing to chase after her wife.

Brittany had dropped the lunch she brought for them in the doorway, and was storming down the halls of the firm heels clicking letting everyone know she was coming and she was pissed. She opened the truck of her Benz and pulled out her old friend Louie.

She had always made fun of that Carrie Underwood song and never thought she have to do something like this.

She walked over to Santana BMW 745i, and raised the bat highest it could go above her head and smashed out her back window, she smashed out every single window on that car. People from the floors below and Santana's floor were in the parking lot watching the blonde destroy their boss's car.

"Brittany what the hell, no. no brittany put that bat down now. Please let's just talk." Brittany threw the bat down and pulled out her car key. She keyed the whole car, Santana and everyone else in the parking lot held their ears as it screeched across the metal.

"Brittany please let's just talk, in my office." Santana said being sure to keep her distance from her wife she could easily pick up that bat and do bodily harm to Santana.

"Ok you want to talk, fine let's talk." She walked closer to Santana. Santana backed away because Brittany now had the bat again. "Listen up everyone." She had everyone's attention now. "My wife here got caught cheating on me with Hannah, her assistant."

Santana was completely embarrassed at her own actions; she just wanted it all to go away.

"So now let's talk Santana, wait I have to do something real quick." She walked over to Hannah's car and completely dismantled it like she had done Santana's car. The girl had sat by crying the entire time this was happening.

"Okay let's talk now." She walked over to Santana and kneed her in the balls, everybody made ouching sound. She threw her wedding ring at Santana. "Next time; you want to fuck someone else don't forget that you were supposed to be having lunch with your wife."

She drove off like nothing had ever happened, because as far as she knew she and Santana were done.


She crawled into bed with her daughter because it was better than sleeping on the couch and her baby girl always made her happy.

"Momma, what's wrong?" Shane asked sleepily

Brittany kissed her newly dyed hair "Sssshhh, go back to sleep baby." She said getting under the cover with her daughter.

"Are you and mom going to get a divorce?" Brittany was looking into eyes very similar to hers and she couldn't help but fall apart. Shane was her back bone when Santana would hurt her or even when someone else did.

"No baby, just go to sleep okay, just sleep."

Brittany held her daughter all night unable to sleep. What she didn't know was that Santana was in the other room sobbing away also, how she could be such a bad wife and make her wife want to have an affair. She had to change and fast.

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