This is my first story of ninja hattori.

I am assigning some characters due to easy in reading.

Kanzo Hattori: Hattori

Kemozou Kemumaki: Amara

Tsubame: Sonam

Kagechiyo: Kiyo

Disclaimer: I do not own ninja hattori and d their respective name in dubbed language.

Eyes to Eyes and Ears to ears

Hattori: Kenichi, Shinzou and shishimaru, where are you? I am back from my ninja training.

Kenichi's mom: Hey hattori, you are back. Kids come down hattori has come back from training.

Kenichi: Uh, you are back hattori. I am very happy.

Hattori: Guys I have mastered a new ninja technique. It is Rabbit ears ninja technique.

Shinzou: What is this ninja technique?

Hattori: If I would concentrate I could hear voice of falling pin in radius of one km.

Then after some time they all went to the park. There hattori find someone is coming towards them.

Kenichi: What is wrong hattori?

(Hattori bent to ground and listen footsteps of yumeiko and Amara).

Hattori: Kenichi, Two people are coming towards us. I thought they are Amara and Yumeiko.

Then yumeiko and Amara comes in park and Kenichi, Shinzou, hattori and shishimaru say hello to them.

Yumeiko and Amara said in one tone: How do you know we are coming in the park?

Hattori and kenichi told them about Rabbit ears ninja technique.

Yumeiko was delighted with hattori's talent and like always hattori was happy and Amara was jealous.

Amara: I will teach you a lesson hattori.