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Bruce/Batman x Kagome

This may be continued on later, but for now it's considered complete

"You again?"

He immediately noticed that her voice was hoarse and dry as he stepped into the cell as quiet as a cat, "Why do you keep on visiting me?" Her head tilted and her long unbound hair fell over her shoulder like silk and he moved closer. He noticed that her eyes never opened.

"You don't belong here at Arkham Asylum," He said simply, deepening his voice to something that sounded more like a low growl, "Why are you caged here?"

"Because I'm special," She answered and it was not brag, but fact, "I'm an anomaly among humans," She shifted in her straightjacket and he wanted nothing more to release her from her restraints in that moment, "I'm different – like you are." Her words were almost slurred and he knew that she was probably under the influence of Crane's hallucinogenic drugs and yet she seemed clear-headed at the same time.

"How am I different?" He asked, moving closer and kneeling down until he was almost face-to-face with the small pitiful girl that was bound.

"You want to make a difference in this rotten city," She answered slowly, sluggishly opening her eyes to reveal a pretty shade of blue – despite being glazed over by the drug's influence, "And," She gave him a weak smile, "It's not everyday one dresses as a bat to fight crime."

Batman stood up quickly, hearing someone coming and he certainly did not to be caught visiting Crane's 'special' prisoner of his, "You don't belong here," He repeated, making his escape through the caged bars (that he would have to be destroyed unfortunately – so Crane would probably end up in guessing that it was Batman's doing). "And I will save you."

Kagome slumped back against the metal that kept her strapped down with the straightjacket, though a small smile slowly made its way to her pale face, "... And I'll be waiting..."

Her glazed blue eyes flickered over just as the door opened and Dr. Crane walked in, a smirk clear on his face while holding up a syringe full of mysterious liquid that was probably just another hallucinogenic drug.

"And how is my favourite patient fairing?"


And the next morning, Bruce Wayne crinkled the two-week-old newspaper in his hands and could only wait until the dark of night came along. The headline was the only thing on his mind and it was then and there he made himself a promise.

Mysterious Disappearance of Japanese Girl on School Trip!






'And I will save you from that hell, Kagome Higurashi.'