Today I told Nick to meet me in the park. Only because I wanted to see if he was there. Kind of obvious, huh? But luckily, Nick agreed (otherwise I would have been all alone) and didn't suspect a thing.

"The door rings" Oh, that's him! I better answer. I open the door and there is… Not Nick! The man from the nightmares I was having. The man who had killed my father.

Well, if I'm going to die now, I at least deserve to know his name right? "What's your name?" I ask. "Bill Darkly" he answers coldly. I finally knew the name of the man who killed my father. "Bill Darkly", the name fit him well, it sounded like the name of a serial killer.

I looked around the house for some place to hide or something that could at least knock him out… I didn't have time to finish that thought. Because he interrupted by lunging himself at me with a knife. I wondered why he didn't have a gun. Probably cause he wanted me to go through more pain. I didn't know what to do. So I closed my eyes.

Suddenly I hear the door opening and I hear Nick yelling in fury at Bill, who decides to ignore him. I await the pain, but feel nothing. I open my eyes and see Nick pinning Bill against the cold floor in the living room.

I see my chance and run for the phone to call the cops. But then I see Bill knocking Nick of him at pulling out two guns from his pocket, pointing one at Nick and one at me. "Macy" he says coldly, "I wouldn't do that if I were you".