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Chapter 1.

It was very quiet in L's hotel room. All the policeman's were gone home so he was alone. He was currently staying in Tokyo, Japan, because of the Kira case. He didn't manage to get all the clues to accuse Light Yagami of being Kira, so he was just waiting. Waiting for the right time to strike!

But now his mind was somewhere else. With a fork in one hand and with a piece of cake in other, he was thinking about Wammy's house. He built 2 of them, one in England, which was just for boys, and one in France, which was just for girls. But what Watari told him about 15 minutes ago worried him a bit. He was sitting in his weird way in an antique chair, facing the monitor of the computer. Watari told him that the boys and the girls have same test scores.

How is that possible?

3 boys and 3 girls from top to bottom have the same IQ. He clicked the files on the computer and searched for the list.

In Wammy's House in England, first on the list was Near. L smiled a bit. He remembered the small albino kid who was always twirling his hair or playing with toys and solving puzzles. Near was a very good listener and he could understand L very well.

The second on the list was Mello. Biggest chocoholic L had the fortune of meeting. He was a bit of a hot-head but also very smart, strategic, and innovative. Near never showed any emotions but Mello always did.

The third was Matt. He was very laid back and only liked to play his video games. Mello and Matt are best friends and although Mello hates Near for being first, they are friends now. Well, kinda.

Now, in France was different story.

Or it wasn't?

How he never realized this before?

Maybe he was missing his daily amount of sugar? Anyway, they were practically the same.

The first among the girls was Idri. She wasn't albino but she had white hair because of her illness. She was always building things. But she also liked puzzles and riddles. She was always carrying her white plush cat. Idri is mostly quiet but there are times when she can talk a lot.

Second was Jade. She was very clever and can outsmart almost everyone just to get what she wants. And what she always wanted was chocolate. She was really rebellious, always in detention, but she was friendly and kind once you get to now her.

Third was Kim. She was the most eccentric girl you're ever gonna meet. Crazy about fashion and really weird pieces of clothes. But she wasn't shallow. She had the largest collection of PS 2, PSP, Nintendo and PC games in whole France. Her most amazing talent was certainly drawing. And she was very good at it.


L got up and took another piece of strawberry cake. Now that he put it like this - they were all pretty much alike. Like some kind of clones with different genders. It would probably be fun to see them all together in one place, just hanging around.

L smiled.

That's it! Maybe if they meet he could see what would happen. If some love grows, that would help L a lot in his plans. Oh, this is going to be good. Maybe when Kira case takes a break he could sneak out to Winchester and arrange that. One day would be enough. He just needs to wait. And L knew he is really good in that.

One month Later

"Excuse me Penny, but how do you mean burned?" L asked while talking on the phone with very strict manager of Wammy's House in France.

"That's exactly what I told you. We were in the Historical Museum and the second floor caught fire. Everything burned down!" Penny was starting to panic even more.

"But don't we have spare houses in case of something like this?"

"Sure we do, I'm getting the girls there right away. I just thought you would want to know how are the girls?"

"I'm sure they're fine, nobody was in the house when the fire started so that means nobody's hurt."

"And right again, as I excepted. How is in England L? I'm sure that Roger takes good care of everyone." There was a distinct wave of jealousy in her tone, almost making L laugh. She was always jealous on Roger. Then L remembered his plan.

"I believe he is alright. Look Penny, could you send Idri, Jade, and Kim over to England right away?"

"Right now?"

"It's of great importance for them to be in Winchester tomorrow afternoon."

"Fine, I'll arrange flight for them in the morning. Why do they have to come in England anyway?"

"Oh, I just want them to meet with boys. They'll stay there until the end of the school, if that's alright with you?"

"Wow, this is going to be their first Christmas that they're not here." Her voice changed to a more disappointed one, if not sad.

"Don't worry Penny, I'll be with them and they'll spend quality time with me."

"As you wish L. I'll tell them to prepare. But you must be in the Wammy's when they get there!" She ordered me, oblivious to my lie.

"Sure I will, now take care!"

"Bye L!"

I hung up. Penny didn't know that I can only be in England for a few hours because of the Kira case.

Maybe that is for the best.

I got up and walked out of the hotel room. I walked in my limousine that drove me to the airport. My private jet waited there. We were flying towards England while I was eating strawberry flavoured pudding. I was thinking what will come out of this plan. There was 90% chance that this plan will work and 10% chance that this will be a total disaster. And, also, there was 85% chance that first love will appear between Matt and Kim. Or maybe not. Hmm... I need more pudding to think.

That's it guys! First chapter's up! I really didn't know how to finish L's thinking about percentages and chances so I thought -Maybe he ate all the pudding? Yeah so, that's it! Hope you enjoyed!