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Chapter 28.

At the forest

Kim's POV

"There are so many plants that I don't know what to draw first." I said, exploring the path we've been walking on. This sure was a bigger part of the forest. Trees were much higher, making giant shadows over the ground and since the day wasn't sunny everything seemed dark and gloomy. Wet leaves were everywhere, making a carpet over mud and I just wandered, trying to find something interesting to sketch.

"That's also one of the reasons why I went to my room after the class." He took camera out of his pocket and my eyes widened.

"You have a camera?!"

"Yep. I think some kid got it for his birthday and it broke so I found it and fixed it." He laughed. "I've never used it before and it's better than drawing. No offence."

"Non taken." I took it from his hands, turning it on. "This will save us a lot of time."

"Well I only have ideas on how to make my life easier."

"Those are the best." I took a couple of pictures and he smiled victoriously.

"You said you fixed it?"

"Yeah. I wouldn't do it if Roger didn't take my games then. I was bored so this occupied me for a while."



"But I still don't know what to photograph." I exhaled. "I hate this whole thing."

"It's not that bad." Matt shrugged, following the path.

"Yeah at least we have camera." I gave it to him, stuffing hands in my pockets. "On the side note, you're not complaining."

"About what?" He looked at me.

"Well, you're outside. I thought you don't like to go out."

"Most of the time. It's pretty boring when you go out and have nothing to do."

"True that. I usually sit on grass somewhere and play my PSP." I laughed.

"Me too. But it's easier if you're lying in bed."

"Well you can't have both."

"That's why I stay in my room and on the bed."

"What about fresh air?"

"Window." He said and I chuckled.

"Even in summer?"

"That's the only time of the year when I go out for more than 2 hours."

"Not healthy."

"I don't like when it's wet outside. 4 years ago I slipped and broke my arm. I couldn't play games for months."

"Ouch. Okay, you win. Staying in is better."

"I just don't wanna risk it."

After that we walked around the forest for a while. Matt was taking pictures until he grew bored of it. I was sceptic at first, but this proved to be a good idea. I can easily sketch plants later from the photos or just show them to Professor Golden.

It was getting cold and I saw no point in wandering around the forest for too long. We should go back. I want to play my games already.

"Let's go back." I proposed and he stopped.

"Hey do you see that?" Matt asked and I sighed.


"That there looks like a chimney." He pointed above the forest and I turned my head.

"Huh?" I stood on my toes, seeing the black chimney further ahead.

"We came all the way here!?" That's the house of the guy who owns this property. We're definitely too close.

"Let's see it!" He grabbed my hand again, dragging me with him. I don't want to go to that house. There might be someone there and he'll find out we're trespassing. I was convinced we won't go beyond forest part..But Matt's hand gave me warmth and tingles in my stomach and I didn't want it to stop.

I really can't help myself.

After few minutes the path we were walking on merged with the clearing where the back part of house was. Behind the house I saw blurry sight of iron fence that surrounded the property. "I didn't think it would be this neglected." I muttered, observing the massive house in front of us. The house was huge and completely made out of wood. Back porch was half demolished, windows were dirty and on verge of breaking, and once beautiful garden was withered. The orange paint was visible here and there, but the whole view reminded me of abandoned houses in horror films Jade likes to watch.

"I don't think any one is in there." Matt said, going to the right side of the house.

"What? Don't tell me you think of going in?" I asked and he turned to me with a smirk.

"Oh come on Kim. Are you scared?" He teased and I blushed, turning my head to the forest. "We can't just go into someone's house."

"It's abandoned. We'll just take a look." He smiled.

"I have a bad feeling about this."

"It's not like you're going by yourself."

"Fine, let's go." I sighed.

This is a bad idea. Really bad idea.

But my curiosity was stronger than that.


Jade's POV

"You said they can't get back." Mello turned to Near. "So where are they?"

"We didn't say they were here." Near responded, making Mello angrier than before.

"But you said they need our help." I reminded them.

"They might need it." Idri corrected me and I looked at them bewildered.

"So you're saying they're not here?"

"No." I facepalmed.

After Near and Idri said Matt and Kim need our help we went to the fence where the hole was. But they weren't there. And I'm starting to think this is some trick from Near and Idri. Either that or they have a plan. Because Mello here is freaking out.

"So why do you think they might need it?" I tried to stay calm.

"We saw them walking towards the abandoned house."

"You think they might go in there?" Mello asked and they nodded.

"They can manage themselves. Why should we help them?" His eyes narrowed.

"Anything can happen. And you know how Kim is easily scared." Idri turned to me and I bit my lip. Games plus Kim's imaginative mind and she might convince herself someone is trying to kill them. She also watched many horror films with me so I know for sure.

"Fine, we're going." I said, climbing over the fence.

"We?" Mello turned to me. "Who said I'll come?"

"You have to. You're just gonna stay here?" I smirked and he rolled his eyes, climbing over. Near and Idri jumped through hole like two bunnies and we set out.

"Why did those two have to come?" Mello asked with annoyance in his voice.

"We can't just leave them there. Plus, they're finally breaking the rules. I'm so proud." I sniffed, putting hand over my heart. Mello raised his eyebrow and I laughed at his confused face.

"You only see this once in a lifetime."


"So this is the house?" I asked, coming closer to the doors of old wooden house.

"Totally looks like haunted house." I muttered to myself, trying not to laugh from excitement.

"I'm certain they're in there." Idri added and Mello sighed, climbing to the doors.

"Tch, I hope they get scared for life." He entered and I quickly followed. The inside of the house wasn't a surprise. Wooden floor that creaked under our feet, dust and spider webs were on every corner and it seemed no one has been living here for a while. I turned to the living room, seeing old couch full of holes which was also the only furniture in the room. Rest of it was gone. I made my way to the kitchen where was the same thing. Deserted counters, visible place where once was a refrigerator, pink paint that turned to purple, hole between counters where stove was,and load of dust everywhere. That was everything I needed to draw mental picture of how this place once looked.

I noticed small doors in the hallway next to the stairs and I went to check it out. It was a small room that was once used as pantry. A small table and big cabinet with plates and glasses were the only decoration. Mello was standing opposite of me, looking at something on the table.

"So busted." He muttered.

"What?" I asked and he turned alarmed.

"Jade don't!" He yelled but too slow. I stumbled over a big board and cabinet on my right creaked before it started to lean over me. I stared at it motionless until Mello reacted and quickly pulled me away and into his embrace. A second later cabinet fell on the floor with a loud crash.

My eyes were shut tight and my face was in Mello's chest. My arms were clutching his shirt and his arms were over my back. Heat was rising up in my body, focusing on my face. Is Mello actually hugging me?

"You okay?" He asked and more blood rushed in my face. Shit, shit, shit.

"Y-yeah. Why did it crash?"

"Cabinet was supported with a board because it was missing one leg. Almost crashed it myself." He sighed. "Fricking glass everywhere."

I let go of him, turning my face to the ground covered by shattered pieces of glass and ceramic. I jumped across it and half turned to him. "Uuh, thanks." I blushed again, going to the stairs. Who does he think he is? Playing with me like that? And why am I blushing so hard!?

Ugh, what a drag.

"Idri? Near?" I yelled, going upstairs.

"Here." Idri answered and I followed her voice to the room with enormous hole in the ceiling. In the room above me stood Idri, looking at me through the hole.

"What the hell?" Idri waved. "Be careful Idri."

"This house is nice. Someone here sure loved to collect dolls." She smiled, leaving me stupefied.

"Dolls?" I gulped, going out of the room. One thing I absolutely hate. With their fake eyes that stare into your soul and those creepy faces.

"Are you even sure Matt and Kim are here?" Mello asked and I turned to look at him.

"I don't know. Maybe they are." I gave up the whole inspecting room thing and went upstairs to search for Idri and Near.

Of course they weren't there. I wandered around aimlessly until I noticed a dent behind a corner. I wonder what is in there?

Nothing. What was I expecting anyway? A monster? Yeah right.

"Holy shit." Mello's voice came from the room on the left and I went to check it out.

Room was less ruined than the rest of the house, at least the paint was still visible. But all kinds of porcelain dolls were lined up on shelves, a thin blanket of dust over them. They were not in the best shape. Some of them were missing an eye, leg, or hand. One was completely bald and other one had half of its face destroyed.

"Gross." I muttered and Mello turned to me.

"They're not that ugly."

"Yes they are."

"What, don't tell me you're afraid of them?"

"Tch, bullshit." I crossed my hands over chest and he raised his eyebrow before bursting into laughter.

"You are afraid of them, right?"

"They're creepy." I mumbled and he pierced his blue eyes into me.

"Better question is why are they still here? Everything else is taken but they remained." One thing that's definitely bugging me.

"We should look for Matt and Kim and see if they're killed or not." He went out of the room and I scoffed.

"Very funny."

"That would be a good horror movie."

"I bet it would."

"Jade, Mello? You two are here as well?" Kim shouted and ran towards us.

"You seriously think we'd let Near and Idri go here by themselves?" I answered sarcastically and she rolled her eyes.

"What the hell are you two doing here?" Mello butted in.

"Checking this place." Matt said and I facepalmed.

"Did you see the dolls?" Kim asked me, pulling me downstairs again.

"Yeah. Not a pleasant experience."

"Listen, we were on the top floor exploring when we heard some noise. I don't know who came but he was gone pretty fast. Didn't realise we were here."

"Someone came in here?"

"Yeah. We went downstairs to see what was he doing and I noticed one of the dolls is missing. I'm positive she was there before." Kim quickly explained and I narrowed my eyes.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive. I even have photo." She took camera from her pocket and started browsing through pictures.

"Umm, where did you get that?" I pointed.

"It belongs to Matt. Never mind that, check this out." She showed me the picture of the room and pointed her finger to the right shelve. "See this doll with white dress?"

"Yeah." She pushed me in the white room and I looked at the right shelve.

"It's not there."

"See?! I told you!"

"Maybe that person wanted a doll so he came in here and snatched one?" I found a logical solution. "After all, free dolls."

"Maybe, but we didn't see any one leaving the house."

"Did you check both sides?" Near asked and we turned to see everyone behind us.

"Yes. Nothing." Matt leaned on the door frame.

"Uuuh, a mystery. It's a doll killer or something like that. Come on, that's lame." Mello added.

"Is there any other exit besides front and back door?" Idri asked, finger on her chin.

"We didn't check it yet."

"The basement?" I suggested.

"Most likely." Near nodded.

"We're actually going to look for that person?" Mello asked and I shrugged.

"It's like a detective game." Idri clapped.

"Fine, I'll go and check the basement." He muttered, disappearing downstairs.

"This is exciting, I'll go as well." I ran after him.

"I suppose basement doors are somewhere near kitchen." Near added before we lost sight of them. I jumped to the main floor, searching the area around the pantry. I heard others coming downstairs and after it a cry from Kim.

"There's something here!"

"What?" I shouted, going in the long hallway behind the stairs where the sound came from. Matt opened small doors in the floor and we all looked in the black pit.

"Anyone has a flashlight?" I asked and everyone shook their head for no.

"I'm not going in there." Kim said, stepping away from the hole.

"I thought you were terrified because you didn't know where he vanished?" Matt looked at her and she blushed, turning away.

"I'm not that curious."

"We really need a flashlight." I muttered. Mello exited the room and came back later with a piece of broken plate. He pushed it in the hole and moment later we heard a sound of hitting the ground.

"7 seconds." Idri said.

"You're not actually planning to go in there?" I raised my eyebrow.


"Now we know that someone was able to escape through this." Near concluded and Matt closed the doors.

"Why don't we come back some other time with flashlights and check it out?" He proposed and I nodded.

"Wh-what? Go back here?!" Kim yelled.

"We can't just stop now." Idri said, Near and me nodding.

"This might be interesting after all." Mello agreed and we all looked at Kim questionably.

"Fiine, I'll go with you." She sighed.

"But can we please go now?" Kim pleaded. "I'm hungry." Matt muttered.

"Let's go Idri, Near." I pushed them ahead.

"They're going to chicken out." Mello said loud enough for me to hear. I stopped, turning to him.

"How do you know?"

"I don't particularly believe that someone was here in the first place."

"Then what about the photo?"

"I don't believe it until I see it."

"So what do you suggest?"

"We'll see." He smirked.

"I think we should hurry." I eyed my watch. "It's almost 6:30."

"Shit." He started to run.

"Roger's going to murder us."

"What a surprise!" I ran after him, loosing the house behind me.


Girls room

Kim's POV

"So how come you entered that mansion in the first place?" Jade's face suddenly appeared next to me.

"Matt wanted to go and since we were there already.." I sighed, pressing pause on my PSP so I can look at her.

"Aaaaand?" She tilted her head and I blushed.


She chuckled, going on her bed.

"Whatever you say Kim. I'm not blind but I'm not persuasive either." She sang and I buried my face in the pillow.

I'm such a liar. Nothing happened? Best day of my life happened.

You can't predict these kinds of things. Matt and I began exploring the house and have found so many awesome things. Like that room with dolls. That was really creepy but fun in the same time.

And then..

"It's such a shame this big house is abandoned." Matt said while climbing on the third floor.

"Yeah." I opened a door to find big window that led to balcony. But nothing except forest was visible. There was a big bench beneath the window so I gratefully collapsed, my legs tired from all the stairs. Matt sat next to me, doing something on camera.

"You took a photograph?"

"Yeah. Just dolls though. I think it's odd that there is room full of broken dolls in an abandoned house."

"Totally." We continued to sat there in silence and my nervousness grew bigger. I have a feeling it's gonna be awkward and embarrassing but I have to know!

"Umm, Matt? Why are you..always hanging out with me?" I gulped, focusing my eyes on wooden tile with a hole in it.

"I, well, you like playing games and it's nice playing games with you. You're normal and funny. You're original.." My cheeks flushed but I kept my stare focused.

"You're also cute." He said and I turned my face to him. He was incredibly close, our breaths mixing together. His brown hair was ruffled over his blue eyes that were observing my face. I just stared at him, feeling incredible heat in my cheeks and weird commotion in my stomach. And without any warning he closed gap between us, kissing me on the lips.

There were a lot of feelings mixing inside of me, but I just relaxed, enjoying in the moment.

Until a loud crash interrupted us and we jumped away from each other.

Even though the moment was kinda ruined I still...I really do like him.

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