A/N: I started this story over a year ago. I showed the beginnings of it to my fav FF/all-things-Rob enthusiast Robmusement (itsjustme1217) at that point and explained a bit of the idea. She, of course, was very encouraging but I got busy and only worked on this sporadically.

Then during the fall, The Lovely TwiWeasel 'discovered' my Halloween one shot and we had a good little discussion about writing. This story was half written so I asked her if she wanted to read it. She came back to me with her fist in the air threatening me that she was now invested in the story and I had better finish it so she knew how it ended. So I did, with a little help from her. ;) And I'm fairly proud of how it turned out. In fact, I thought about entering it into a contest, but haven't seen the right one for it.

My wonderful pre-readers have all assured me this story is fit for the public. I will reveal them later, but thanks in advance to them.

This won't be a true drabble, just a one shot I decided to break up and post daily to weekly depending on my schedule, with the hopes of ending certain chapters with unbearable cliffhangers. I'm evil that way! TorTure is my middle name. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, but if I did, I would finish Midnight Sun. j/s

Harvard Can Wait: Prologue

Without being home to witness it, we might never know there had been a power outage, that is, until we look at our clocks. Even the quickest interruption will cause all of the clocks in our homes to stop and then restart. Once we realize what has happened, we go around and reset all of the clocks.

Accurate time is essential in our lives.

If destiny was a clock that tracked the time in a person's life and there was even the briefest of interruptions to it, would it need to be reset?

A/N: next chapter soon?