Saying thanks to my HCW readers.

Since it's debut, HCW was up for Fic of the Week 3 times over at The Lemonade Stand, which is just way more than I ever expected out of my little one shot. I never even expected this story to be read beyond my overlapping circles of fandom friends. But I'm really tickled that so many people enjoyed this and as I prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, today seemed like the perfect time to say how I'm grateful to all of you!

Gratitude, TongueTwied style, would be keeping Rob for myself but sending you each out a ROBot to do as you please with (ala Spike's Buffybot) but since that's not happening, (like I'd have ANY TIME AT ALL TO SEND STUFF OUT if I had Rob all to myself LMAO!) instead I'm going to begin publishing a sequel to HCW.

I just want to point out that there is NO possible way to recapture the magic and momentum of the first one. (Well maybe a better writer than myself could) I took pride in HCW being a whole mindf*ck -I went out of my way to create it that way. I know that I could never, ever replicate that thrill of confusion, misleading author notes, abuse of TwiQuotes, and twists of the first one, so this one will be more straightforward.

Oh who am I kiTTing? There's gonna be tons of TwiQuote abusage in this one!

I hope you guys will enjoy how this story of E/B plays out, now that you know they both made it to Harvard. If you want to take the journey, I'll be setting this up as a new story. Tomorrow.

gobbles and gobbles of thanks,