Despite Fitz's attempts to stop her, Marisol had to take the walk. She had to go down there and face him, it was her only option. She opened the bedroom door and slipped out quietly. She padded down the stairs, terrified that she was about to see Jace for the first time in three years. Why couldn't she have a normal life? A good life with both her parents alive and a younger brother who plays every sport, and a drama free existence? It wasn't possible. At least, not for her.

Jace saw her descend the staircase. He marveled at how she had grown. Instead of the awkward fourteen-year-old she had once been, Marisol was now a woman, one that he would consider beautiful. He grinned at her dementedly.

"Do not fucking grin at me." Marisol said, slamming her hand down on the table. "You come into my life and try and ruin everything, and then you come into my home while there is a child in it, trying to get confrontational? That's not okay with me. You have issues."

"If you would have talked to me sooner, we wouldn't have this problem. I want you to come back to New York with me. We could be happy again, don't you think?" He asked, but Marisol shook her head. "In that case, if I can't have you, no one else can." Jace said, dropping his grin. He came across the table.

Marisol shrieked and attempted to run from him. She managed to get away for only a moment before he tackled her. She knocked her head against the wall, and couldn't remember anything after that.

It had been quiet for far too long. Fitz opened the door, cupping his ear for any sound, and then flew down the stairs. He scanned the room frantically for Marisol, finding her on the floor.

"What did he do to?" Fitz growled angrily at the thought of Jace.

Marisol lie in the floor. She was beyond the pain. She felt close to death, really. She saw Fitz and he looked angry. Why was he angry?

"We're taking you to the hospital." Fitz nodded to the other girl. "I'm gonna kill him if he shows up again Mari...I swear." Fitz whispered to her as he picked her up carrying her to the car.

Marisol felt herself being lifted up, but couldn't comprehend why. She saw her mother, and her brother, in the distance. And she wanted to go. Really she did. But she couldn't tell what was keeping her.

"Don't go." he whispered as he put her in the other girl's car. The girl sat in the back with Mari and the baby. Fitz sped to the hospital getting there in less than 10 minutes. "Come on, Mar." he said as he lifted her again carrying her into the ER. The other girl was explaining what happened to the desk lady and then they rushed her in. Fitz and the girl with her baby were in the waiting room.

Marisol was lifted onto something relatively hard, and then she felt a sharp stab in her arm. She didn't open her eyes, but she began to see something behind her eyelids.

A man, with brownish hair and green eyes. A little boy on a slide, then the same little boy with a dog with short legs. A girl with short hair and chubby cheeks, and a boy with black hair and a mean looking face. A blonde girl, with the reddest lips she'd ever seen. A girl with beautiful hair and really long legs, with a baby on her hip. A raven-haired beauty with a sad look. Then names started to form in her head. Paddy, Norrington, Clare, Fitz, Taylor, Gio and Calista and Scarlett. And Cook. James Cook, the man that she loved. And she saw Jace. Jace and his horrible face.

The good outruled the bad in this case.

Everything came flooding back to her. Fitz. Gio. She hoped that Jace hadn't done anything to them. Especially Calista.

Then she thought of Jace, and the face he made, as he…

That's when the screaming started.