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And now...I present the long awaited second and final installment of Waiting!

Pain. He feels the bones in his hand give way with a crack as they are crushed for the second time in his life. His ears ring with loud sounds of agony followed by the sound of crying. And he's overwhelmed, because it all seems to be too much suddenly.

Just as before though, the storm passes and he is left alone in the calm, cooing aftermath. Sakura lies exhausted and flushed in her hospital bed, spent from bringing a new life into the world. Aforementioned new life is currently cradled in her arms, resting from the ordeal of coming into existence. And Itachi himself feels haggard, like he was the one who gave birth, though he knows for a fact he did not.

It had taken seventeen hours of intense labor to end up here at this moment. With her usually vibrant pink hair limp with sweat and her clear green eyes foggy with fatigue, Sakura showed every hour it too. But still, even under the sickly light of fluorescents and recovering from a difficult birth, Sakura was by far the loveliest woman he had ever laid eyes on. And so he tells her.

Taking the time to observe his messy ponytail, rumpled clothing, and worn expression, she declares the same about him. Her eyes are gleaming with mischief and her lips tilt upward in deviousness, but Itachi can't attempt to be even the slightest amount offended by her jab at his feminine good looks. Instead he accepts the taunt as her own way of proclaiming her love for him and his manliness.

"Here," she murmurs softly, handing the newborn baby over. Though he has had plenty practice at holding and caring for the young, he patiently allows for her to fuss about, adjusting him and the precious cargo until all is well in her mind. After one last beaming smile her way, he looks to the quiescent bundle snoozing in the makeshift crib of his arms.

With hair the color of cherry blossoms and a creamy complexion, the child didn't favor the Uchiha side at all. A quick flutter of eyelids revealed the same, mesmerizing color in Sakura's eyes. The baby didn't look an ounce Uchiha, but Itachi found himself not giving a damn.

He finally had what he had always wanted. The chair on Sakura's bedside was his to sit in, the child he held was his to hold, and Sakura was finally his wife to love. There would be no wake up call to disillusion him this time, because his dream was a reality; a bittersweet one at that.

No matter how much he had hoped for Sakura to love him, he had never once hoped for the death of his own younger brother.

Itachi had been there of course. He had been the one to pluck him from a muddy death bed and desperately deliver him to the hospital. He had heard his brother speak his soft goodbyes and he had yelled at him to shut the hell up and hold on. And no matter how hard he tried to block it out, he heard his brother beg him to be happy with Sakura.

He had been there. At the end in that chaotic hospital room. Holding Sasuke's cold hand across from Sakura. When Sasuke's heart stopped beating. When his lungs stopped breathing. When Sasuke stopped being Sasuke. And he had been there, trying to hold Sakura together as she fell apart.

As he had attended the funeral, Itachi had found himself wanting, not for the first time, to switch places with his brother.

Despite his brother's wishes and his own desire to be with Sakura, Itachi found himself reluctant to take his brother's rightful place. But he stepped forward to care for his fatherless niece and widowed sister-in-law. And he began a whole new kind of waiting.

Sakura had been absolutely crazy for Sasuke and she became absolutely crazy without him. As such, Itachi took care of his niece during this time. He watched as she took her first steps toward him and said her first words to him, all of which felt wrong. She began to call him daddy, and though it pained him, he didn't have the heart to correct her. He was reminded constantly, that though she looked like she could be his child, she wasn't.

And though they were completely broken, Sakura and Itachi began to put the pieces together. She overcame her depression and he dealt with his guilt. It took many years and even more tears to finally get to this point today. But they were here at last.

Speaking of which…

"Itachi," Sakura deadpanned, "stop staring at me. It's been ten minutes and you haven't blinked. You're seriously creeping me out here."

Waking to the present, Itachi shot her an apologetic look. She knew what it meant when he spaced out like this, just as he knew where she visited every morning. But she was right; right now was a happy time.

"She's beautiful," he whispered, glancing down at the newest pinkette to join the universe.

"He," she corrected with an amused expression.

"A boy?" Itachi looked down to observe the pastel coloring of his child, noting that the girly colors only served to highlight a decidedly feminine face. At this discovery, Itachi proudly declared him his son.

"She's going to absolutely have kittens," Itachi chuckled referring to the niece he saw as a daughter. With the temperament of a tomboy, she had no patience for girly activities or objects. Furthermore, she had been desperately praying for an equally boyish little sister to accompany her on her many ventures. Instead it would seem as if the fates were tempting her, by giving the complete opposite.

"You're father too," Sakura added. Indeed, the Uchiha Patriarch would be quite ruffled at the prospect of having a pink haired grandson. Not to mention, he had just barely warmed up to the idea of the two ex-in-laws becoming an item. Luckily, they had the Uchiha Matriarch to deal with such things.

Soon enough, Itachi and Sakura were flooded by streams of happy people who congratulated them. Though no one had kittens, quite a few people got a kick out of their son's misfortunate coloring. Surprisingly, the baby's macho grandfather and older sister took turns defending the sexuality of their new family member and assuring people that he would grow up as deadly and dead sexy as any other Uchiha.

Out of nostalgia, on the way out, Itachi ambled into that waiting room he had sat in so long ago. The room still possessed the dead and the dying, but it no longer evoked the hopelessness in him the way it used to. He no longer felt bound to this place. And so he left to join his wife, his daughter, and his new girly son.

Because Itachi Uchiha was done waiting.

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