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Love in a Trio

Bella wakes up to her breasts being suckled and fondled. Behind her Edward has his dick sliding between her legs as his fingers slowly circle her clit and his mouth sucks on her neck.

"Are you awake yet baby?" he whispers in her ear, knowing full well she is now as her hips start to move in time with his thrusts.

"Happy Anniversary baby girl," Emmett says as he moves from nibbling on her nipples to up the front of her neck. She can't help the moan that escapes her mouth from their ministrations.

"Boys, I think you are trying to kill me." She smiles before kissing Emmett. It is hot and wet and promises wonderful things to come. When they stop for air, she looks over her shoulder and kisses Edward. His kisses are soft and sensual. They slow to a stop so Emmett and Edward can take their turn kissing turning Bella on even more. Watching them together has always turned her on.

They break apart and Edward spins Bella so her head is at the foot of the bed and he heads south on Bella as Emmett resumes paying homage to her tits. She grabs Edward's leg and pulls him above her so they are laying in the sixty nine pose, a favorite of the trio. As Emmett slips up behind Edward, he prepares him with his slick fingers before sliding his cock into Edward's ass. Bella loves to watch her two men have sex as she is sucking on one of them. Quickly the room fills with moans and fast breathing. Too fast for any of their liking, Emmett loses his battle to prolong his pleasure and cums hard into Edward, setting him off shooting cum down Bella's throat, setting her into a screaming fit, flooding his mouth with her juices.

They all flop on the bed panting. Bella still can't believe what a wonderful life she has.


It started four years ago. She was a junior in college working part time in the local coffee shop. She had a quiet life, never a big partier, wanting to enjoy her studies and friends instead.

She'll never forget the day Emmett came into her life. He asked for coffee but immediately started a conversation with her, flirting like crazy. Such a big teddy bear of a guy, bright blue eyes and dimples you could get lost in, but so down to earth. Her first thought was that he was a dumb jock, but she quickly found out that he was very intelligent. They had great conversations since he seemed to always show up on her work days and would hang around for an hour or two. He was bold and daring and funny to boot. They spoke of families and hopes for the future. He would mention his best friend but never gave her specifics.

Edward was a bit more subtle. He was in her English Lit class, and they were paired up on an assignment. He was so gorgeous with bronze, messy hair and hypnotizing green eyes. He wasn't a bulky guy like Emmett. He was built more like a soccer player, lean and muscular. They quickly found out that they had much in common while working on their project. They had favorite books and movies they discussed and laughed all the time on their nights together. He spoke of a roommate, but never gave her specifics either.

She couldn't help the feelings she had growing for both guys. She did not let herself feel guilty though since they were only friends. Bella would get a feeling every now and then that they wanted more, but since they never tried anything beyond a hug or kiss on the cheek, she figured all in good time.

One sunny afternoon Bella went to lunch with Emmett. He had her belly laughing at his antics as a child and all the practical jokes he played on the kids at school. She couldn't help but fall for him and the sexual tension ran high as he would run his hands over her arm or she would playfully slap him while he was storytelling. He was so handsome it should intimidate her, but he always made her feel like she'd been a friend for years. And even though he was built like a linebacker for the Steelers, he was one of the most gentle and kind men she had ever met. Bella fell head over heels, wanting to help keep the smile on his face and ensure he was always happy. She couldn't help but wonder if he felt the connection too. They parted with a hug and he gave her a kiss on the forehead promising he'd see her soon.

Bella was ecstatic when Edward asked her to dinner. He picked her up at her door with a kiss to her hand and swept her off her feet all night long. All during the romantic dinner he would brush his finger along her cheek. He opened up to her, talking about his childhood as an only child who lost his parents to a car wreck, living with his aunt and uncle who loved him as their own, which made her heart ache for him even more. She felt as if she needed to take care of him and guarantee he always felt loved. Bella was in deep and was scared that she was the only one who felt the electricity between them. The side glances in the car made her flush with desire as he drove her home and left her with a kiss on the cheek.

One day, at the end of her study session with Edward, he invited her back to his apartment. He wanted to talk and introduce her to his roommate. She was excited and nervous, having heard of the great guy but had never met him. Imagine her surprise when his roommate turned out to be Emmett. And not only did they live together, they were a couple.

Needless to say she was shocked at first. The guys were afraid they were going to push her away, but talked a lot about the beautiful brunette who captured their hearts and how they could not let her get away. They opened a bottle of wine and sat together on the couch to get it all out in the open. Hearing about their pasts and their relationship seemed to put her at ease. They had girlfriends in the past, but knew that there was an attraction to the same sex. Both tried to date men and did not find a connection with anyone. When they met four years ago at a friend's Christmas party, there was something special between them. They have always been satisfied with their relationship, but when both men had met Bella, something clicked with them. It was like she was a lost puzzle piece they did not know they were missing. And now that they had found her, they didn't want to let her go.

At first she was afraid to come between them, but agreed to give a relationship with the two men a shot. She was afraid jealousy would come into play and someone would end up hurt. But she had to admit it turned her on too. To be pleasured by two men at once was always a fantasy. And she read enough fanfiction that slash stories turned her on like crazy. The men knew the look of lust in her eyes and promised to take it as fast or slow as she was comfortable with. But they made it very clear they wanted all of her, not just a physical relationship.

She watched them kiss, getting turned on so badly she had to join in. The messy three way kiss was so hot to her. Tasting each other, tongues exploring. Their clothes were lost quickly as they moved to the king size bed. Both men kissed and licked every inch of her body and had her begging by the time they were done. Emmett laid on the bed on his back and pulled Bella so she was sitting on his face, facing the foot of the bed. He attacked her pussy like a dying man eating his last meal. He held her thighs with his large hands so she couldn't scoot away.

Edward rocked over Emmett, sliding their cocks together while he kissed Bella and fondled her breasts. He kissed down her neck, sucking on her collarbone and then moved to nibble on each tit. He stopped at her pussy where he gave both Bella and Emmett a few licks. Bella cried out at the sight of both faces at her pussy.

Edward licked down Emmett's body and wrapped his hand around Emmett's cock. He leaned down and licked the pre cum off of the head as he watched Bella rock over Emmett's face. He was so turned on he couldn't wait and started sucking Em's cock, taking him deep and hollowing out his cheeks like he knew his lover liked.

Bella was so turned on watching Edward please Emmett that she quickly fell over the edge, screaming Emmett's name as she drenched his face. That scream along with Edward's sucking threw Emmett over the edge and he emptied himself down Edward's throat. Edward caught the out of breath Bella and kissed her softly, calming her racing heart. Emmett leaned up against the headboard to watch the other two together. Bella was writhing under Edward as his touches and bites got her heart pumping again. Edward climbed on top of her, claiming her too, rocking his cock deep and fast into her pussy. Never had she been filled so much. Never had she felt so loved and desired. And with those thoughts lingering in her head, she let go to the power of the passion between them and came again, bringing Edward with her.

She never dreamed at that time it would lead to their current life. The three of them were one hundred percent committed to each other. Surprisingly the only jealousy happened when they traveled out with friends. Men would always try to pick up Bella. And it seemed that some nasty whore would try to rub up on one of her men any time they were on a dance floor. At the end of the night, the three would sit and have a good laugh at the lame attempts for their attention.

They still laughed at one instance at the dance club Moon. The three of them went out for Edward's birthday. They loved to sway together on the dance floor with Bella sandwiched between her two men. This night was even more energized because their good friends Alice, Jasper and Rosalie were with them. They were a threesome that Bella and the boys met at a gathering of others in a poly relationship. The six got along very well and Bella and her guys would often babysit their kids.

They hadn't been at Moon long and were sitting around the table catching up on each other's lives when three bottle blonde women with way too much make-up and big fake tits came sauntering up to their table and introduced themselves, interrupting Rose. God love Rose, because she just sat there to see what crazy shit would spew from the mouths of the skanks. Tanya introduced herself and her friends Irina and Kate, while eyefucking the three men at the table.

Of course, Jasper, Emmett and Edward did not give them any attention as soon as Tanya opened her mouth, rolling their eyes at each other, silently wishing they would leave. Alice began to run her hands over Jaspers chest, as Emmett nuzzled into Bella's neck and Edward rubbed her leg and played with her hair.

Irina bent over the table, ignoring Rose and brought her hand out to touch Jaspers arm. Rose caught it before she made contact and in the sweetest southern voice said "Skank, if you and your friends don't leave now, I am going to airmail you to the pool tables above where my buddy will shove his pool stick so far up your ass you're gonna taste chalk."

Rose flung Irina's hand back as Jasper kissed her cheek, then the boys immediately lost it, laughing so hard other patrons looked on to see what was so funny. The three blonde's slinked off with their tails between their legs and Alice, Rose and Bella joined in the laughter. The rest of the night was spent dancing, drinking and laughing.

After six months as a threesome, they held a commitment ceremony, with friends and family in attendance, joining them together. The celebration that night was a steamy one that always got Bella excited when she thought about it. Bella was on her knees sucking Edward as Emmett fucked her from behind, holding her hips in his strong hands. She had such a strong orgasm that she collapsed on the bed and watched as Edward and Emmett made love. That night also brought them Emma, their dimpled little girl with the dark curly hair and bright blue eyes.

Having three sets of hands proved to be wonderful as they took care of their newborn. Both men loved the little girl more than anything and adored Bella even more for giving their family such a gift. Of course, Emma turned into a Daddy's girl. Both men gave her anything she wanted. Poor Bella was stuck being the disciplinarian. After college, Bella decided to write novels and stayed home with Emma. Their friends Alice, Rose and Jasper had opened a fashion house and asked the guys to be partners. They jumped at the chance to work with friends and made sure the behind the scenes ran smoothly so Alice and Rose could concentrate on designs. Lots of baby girl clothes came out that first season.

But the trio still needed time alone to reconnect, so Bella arranged a surprise weekend getaway, just the three of them, while Grandma and Grandpa watched Emma. A long weekend on a private island did them a world of good. Walking around naked all day led to lots of impromptu sex in the sand. Followed by laughter of where they had sand stuck, leading to shower sex as they washed each other clean. Swimming naked led to lots of underwater fondling and playful romping. And being in the middle of nowhere alone, they were able to let all of their inhibitions go. One night the boys blindfolded Bella and tied her to the bed, giving her more orgasms in one night than she ever had. The three made love and fucked every way possible.

On their last night on the island, they brought out some toys to add to the pleasure. They started with soft kisses on the sun-kissed skin of each other. Teasing and playful nipping at hips and thighs. Bella climbed up on top of Emmett, sliding her wet pussy over his hard cock, making him crazy before he couldn't stand it anymore and grabbed her by the hips and slammed her onto his cock. She rocked on Emmett as her men kissed. She was getting wetter by the minute watching their tongues fight for dominance. Edward crawled over to Bella and gave her a quick kiss before standing over Emmett. Bella grabbed his long cock and sucked it like a lollypop. She was extremely thankful for not having a gag reflex. She could take their cocks far in her mouth and they loved when they were balls deep and she swallowed around their heads. Emmett grabbed one of their dildos and started fucking Edward's ass slow and deep with it. All three of them did their best to pull every possible piece of ecstasy out of each other. And that vacation gave them Mason, their little man with crazy bronze hair and green eyes. Bella was always teasing the guys since he turned out to be a mama's boy.


Emmett pulls Bella back to the present by plucking at her nipples and massaging her tits. "Baby girl, your boobs feel bigger to me," he comments as he starts to lick the left one. Hearing this, Edward joins in on the right side and agrees with Emmett's assessment.

"Well, I was going to wait until later to give you your present, but I can't wait a minute longer." Both men look at her, waiting for her announcement. "I think our last date night gave us more than wonderful memories." She smiles as each man begs her for more. "You think this time our baby can look like me?"

Bella giggles as the guys shower her with soft kisses and words of love and devotion. They may not be a "typical" family, but they are truly blessed and could not be happier.