Title: Chalk Pavement Pictures
Author: cracon
Rating: NC17 (I wanted to write smut, OKAY? It's PWP, basically. Don't judge me.)
Length: 2160
Pairings / Characters: Rachel/Quinn
Spoilers: none for Glee, if you've never seen Disney's Mary Poppins there might be some spoilers (costumes and minimal plot), though (come on, that movie is nearly 50 years old! I'm sure you've seen it at some point)
Summary: "Well, you slipped and banged your head on the table when you tried to dance with the penguins."
A/N: I'm in your childhood memories, destroying them very slowly. One by one. *evil laugh*

Quinn instantly knows something is off as soon as she wakes up.

Her eyes are still closed but she can feel the sun on her skin, and more or less see it on her closed eyelids, and she is pretty sure that she closed the blinds when she went to bed the evening before. And than there's the fact that there are birds chirping in the vicinity of her head and she hears the mumbling and bumbling of a creek nearby.

So, yes, things are definitely off.

Maybe she should just keep her eyes shut and try to get back to sleep. Maybe this craziness will be gone by the time she wakes up again later.

There's a gentle squeeze on her arm and a warm hand on her cheek and Quinn decides to open her eyes after all.

Her lids flutter open slowly and she almost wants to close them again. The aggressive glare of the sun is blinding her and now she can only see white spots in front of her eyes. The person hovering over her is cast in shadows and she desperately blinks to get her eyes to focus. As soon as they do she sees that it is Rachel, dressed in a white boots with heels and a white, frilly, ankle-length dress with pink and red accents. On her head is a large white hat, secured underneath her chin with a white, silken cloth.

"Are you all right, Quinn?"

Concern is present in her voice and Quinn discovers that she is lying on the dirty ground, instead of her comfy bed. Her head throbs uncomfortably and she reaches up with one hand, only to notice that she has a big bump on the back of her head. She groans in pain but tries to sit up anyway.

"What happened?"

Rachel moves to help Quinn stay upright in her now sitting position. "Well, you slipped and banged your head on the table when you tried to dance with the penguins," she explains nonchalantly.

Quinn looks at her girlfriend as if she has sprouted a second head. "Dance with the penguins?"

Rachel frowns. "You do remember dancing with the penguins, do you not?"

Quinn owlishly blinks and shakes her head as a movement to her left catches her attention and she is eye to beak with four multicoloured cartoon penguins wearing black bow-ties.

"We are terribly sorry about what happened, Quinn," the first penguin starts, the others nodding frantically.

"Terribly sorry. Just order what you will, there'll be no bill! It's complimentary!" They exclaim singing in chorus before rushing off.

"Cartoon penguins," Quinn whispers to herself in awe.

Rachel frowns at her girlfriend again. "Are you all right, Quinn?"

She softly takes a pale hand in her own and helps the blonde to get up on her feet again. Quinn sways a bit before she steadies herself. For the first time Quinn notices that she isn't wearing her pyjamas as she originally thought, but white shoes, white pants with azure socks peaking out between her shoes and trousers. She has a white button-down shirt on and a jacket with orange and red vertical stripes over it. The ensemble is perfected with an azure coloured bow-tie around her neck, white gloves and a small straw hat with a striped band on her head, her long blonde hair tucked underneath it.

"These aren't my pyjamas," she states dumbfounded.

Rachel puts a hand on her girlfriend's forehead. "Are you running a fever?"

Quinn quickly bats her hand away. "I'm perfectly all right, thank you very much."

"Aside from the fall you've taken," Rachel retorts nonplussed.

"Apart from that, yeah," Quinn mumbles, rubbing the back of her head, wincing whenever she brushes against the bump.

"All right," Rachel sighs, handing Quinn her cane, "We'll move along than, shall we? Spit spot!"

The blonde once again can only stare at her girlfriend dumbly. "Since when do you have a British accent?"

Rachel scowls. "Are you sure you're perfectly all right?"

"Yes!" Quinn groans and than spares a moment to take a closer look at her surroundings which look like they're out of an old Disney movie. Bright, colourful—and hand drawn. "Although I might be seeing things …" she tapers off, her eyes wide.

"Now don't be silly, Quinn! Let's just move along. And please don't fall again or you might smudge the drawing!" Rachel exclaims and links her left arm with Quinn's right, nudging her along.

"The drawing?" Quinn asks perplexed, looking down at the walkway.

"Yes, Quinn, we jumped into the drawing you drew on the pavement in front of the park. You remember that, do you not?"

"We jumped into a drawing?" Quinn's eyes widen comically and her gaze jumps between the ground and the landscape. "That certainly explains some things …"

"Hmmm, maybe you need something else beside the fresh air to refresh your memory then," Rachel smirks mischievously and leads her girlfriend off course and presses her against the backside of a big tree, hiding them from view.

"What do you—"

But Quinn cannot finish her sentence, Rachel's lips silencing her effectively. Quinn sighs into the kiss, closing her eyes to keep the technicolour world outside of her head, every single one of her senses zeroing in on Rachel. Her arms are flailing before she moves one hand to rest on her girlfriend's hip, the other one travelling upwards to free Rachel of the irritating hat that just keeps bumping against her own. She slides the silky cloth away and throws the accessory away, along with her own, both of their long locks spilling freely now, her cane and Rachel's umbrella long forgotten on the ground somewhere next to them.

Quinn tangles her hand in Rachel's hair, pulling her even nearer and swipes at the brunette's bottom lip with her tongue, coaxing her to open her mouth.

Rachel happily complies and her fingers swiftly begin to unbutton Quinn's striped jacket before they move to work on the buttons of her white shirt.

Quinn slides her hands to her girlfriend's back, tugging at the dress. She forces herself away from Rachel's tantalizing lips and kisses along her jawline, towards her ear.

"How do I open it?" She husks, biting on a tan earlobe, soothing it with her tongue afterwards.

Rachel groans and tilts her head away, leaving Quinn ample room to continue the journey of her mouth with small kisses and bites along Rachel's throat.

"Too complicated. Just hike up my skirt."

Quinn almost whines in the crook of her girlfriend's neck, her hands moving to her front to grab the brunette's breasts through the hideous bow on the dress.

"But I want to touch you here!"

Unseen to Quinn Rachel smirks and, having finished with the last of the shirt's buttons, fondles the bra-clad chest of her girlfriend.

"Oh, you mean right here?"

Quinn gasps and Rachel can feel her nipples harden underneath the thin material, her own straining against the harsh material of her dress.

"Yes," Quinn gasps again, desperately clutching at the back of the white monstrosity her girlfriend is wearing once again, trying to find a way to get her girlfriend out of it.

"I promise you can undress me once we'll get out of the painting again," Rachel whispers before both of her hands slide to Quinn's back, opening the bra slowly. Quinn still has on both the jacket and the shirt, so she can't take off the bra completely and it simply hangs from her shoulders.

Before the blonde can complain about the lack of skin her girlfriend is showing, again, Rachel bends down and takes a peaked nipple in her mouth, sucking lightly, teasing its twin with her hand. Quinn groans and weaves her fingers through Rachel's brown hair, pulling her nearer.

"Baby, lose the gloves," Rachel mumbles against her, making goose bumps appear on pale skin. Quinn obeys before burying her hands in the brown mane of her girlfriend once again.

Rachel's right hand sneaks south and grabs the buckle of Quinn's belt, opening it one-handed, as if she does it every day. (She probably does.) She pops the button of the pants and smoothly eases down the zipper.

"Wait," Quinn exclaims, already breathing heavily.

Rachel releases the nipple in her mouth with a soft pop, glancing up to look into the hazel eyes of her girlfriend.

"You don't want to?" She asks, her right hand tickling the fine hairs on Quinn's stomach, the other on her backside, gently kneading the flesh of her girlfriend's ass. "Because I'm quite sure your underpants tell a different story," she husks, dipping her hand down between pale blue panties and the opened trousers.

"No! No no no, I want to! It's just," she softens, tugging at Rachel's skirt before resting her hand on her hip again, "Together?" She asks, her pupils blown with passion, similar to Rachel's.

The brunette smiles and nods. She hikes up her own skirt and takes Quinn's hand, guiding it underneath. Quinn gasps when she discovers that Rachel has forgone underwear.

"Now," Rachel smirks, "Where were we …"

She connects their lips again and dips her right hand underneath her girlfriend's panties, putting light pleasure on her clit and stroking her folds.

Quinn groans and follows her girlfriend's lead, her own hand caressing Rachel before entering her with two fingers. Rachel's breath hitches and she moans, rubbing the blonde's clit a few times before dipping into her with two fingers of her own, a task made incredibly easier by the abundance of wetness. Quinn wrenches her mouth away from Rachel's in favour of oxygen and tilts her head back against the tree trunk, giving her girlfriend room to latch onto her throat.

They stumble a bit before synchronizing their movements, fingers moving in and out in a rhythm only known to the two of them, Rachel's mouth leaving hickeys everywhere she can reach.

Quinn's thumb brushes over the stiff clit of her girlfriend, making her jump.

"Close," Rachel rasps before she ducks her head to suck at one of the nipples in front of her.

"M- Me too," Quinn stutters, picking up the pace of her hand. With a well-placed flick of her thumb and a curl of her fingers she sends her girlfriend over the edge.

"Quinn!" Rachel cries out, her own thumb pressing down on the blonde's clit before she bites down on the hardened nipple in her mouth.

Quinn moans "Rachel!" and throws her head back, miscalculating the distance to the tree trunk. The back of her head hits the tree, exactly where her bump is, and the world around her turns black.


"Quinn? Quinn! Are you okay? Wake up!"

Quinn groans. Her head hurts, again, but she can feel the softness of a mattress underneath her, so she opens her eyes, blinking rapidly to focus them. Rachel is sitting next to her on the bed in a bathrobe, and Quinn notices that she is naked underneath the covers that Rachel placed over her.

"What happened?"

"Well," Rachel begins, blushing slightly, "We were making out and when you tried to take off my sweater, rather aggressively, I might add, you jerked backwards and hit your head on the headboard of my bed. You blacked out for a few minutes." Rachel gently caresses a pale cheek. "Gave me quite a fright there for a while," she murmurs, pressing a kiss on Quinn's forehead.

"Huh, so that's it? I just dreamed it?"

Rachel frowns at her girlfriend. "What are you talking about?"

Quinn's cheeks tint pink before she continues. "I kinda woke up in a Mary Poppins like scenario, with cartoon penguins and landscape and all. You were dressed as Mary and I was dressed as Bert. And then … we had sex up against a tree," her blush darkens.

Rachel smirks. "I guess it was a very jolly holiday, then."

Quinn hides her face in her hands and sighs. "It's not my fault. We've seen it recently and I've always thought that Julie Andrews was kinda hot in that movie. And you in that dress? Doubly hot. Although I'm still miffed I wasn't able to get you out of it."

"Oh, I didn't let you?"

"No, too many buttons and hook and eyes. I just hiked up your skirt. You were even going commando," Quinn smirks.

"Now that doesn't sound very PG to me, Miss Fabray," Rachel laughs. "I'm almost impressed by the length your brain and subconscious are going to turn even a Disney classic into an adult movie."

"You love that about me," Quinn grins, pulling Rachel nearer by the terrycloth bathrobe, kissing her.

"Amongst other things," Rachel mumbles against Quinn's lips.

"Oh it's a jolly holiday with Rachel, no wonder that it's Rachel that I love!" Quinn singsongs, connecting her lips once again to Rachel's pliant ones, fully intend to accomplish what in her dream they already did. Only horizontally this time.