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i have to make my mind up before he comes! This was such a tough decision to make! As much as i hate to admit it, I was falling for my teacher! life is so complicated! The big question is should i turn Mr. Bamey into a vampire? It was certainly a risk, but i think i will make a few observations and ask a few questions before i do anything i might regrett later.

Later I greated Mr. Bamey as politely aas i could.

"Hello Mr. Bamey! Please come in! I'm glad to see that you could make it!", I said politely

"Wouldn't miss it for the world!" her replied

"can i ask you a few questions r. Bamey?", i asked
"why of course!"
"do you believe in vampires?", i asked him
"Some things can't be explained Monica." he replied
"but that didn't answer my question"
"im indifferent on this particular topic" he told me

"Im a vampire." i stated
"theres no such thing as vampires!" he told me
i took a deep breath and braced myself for what was about to come.
"what if i was a vampire?" i asked him
"well show me and then ill consider it!" he growled He was getting all worked up for nothing.
"i can't." there was something holding me back, suspicion. After i said that he just grabbed his coat and left

his behavior was suspicious so i decided to go and spy on him after i pack. with my lightning ability to move i was packed in a matter of minutes. now for the tricky part. i sighed. mr bamey was really suspicious.

When i got to mr bameys house he was fas asleep. i silently snuck into his house and tapped his phone so when someone called him all that was said sent to my voicemail. Now i could overhear any calls he made and overhear what anyone said in his house.

i then planted a few bugs and was set to leave for brooklyn. this was the most dangerous mission i have ever been on next to one that neophytes sent me on.

Once me and him were hunting and the archbishop of rome was turning evil. we over heard this from passerbys. most people were leaving the country to find new places to live. the king was being controlled by dark forces so i had to go and kidnap the king from his heavily guarded palace. befor i made my move i stalked him for days upon dayslooking fo rthe righ time to strike.

i found the oppurtunity when he was on his walks around the garden. i silently walked up behind him and hit him on the head and rendered him unconciouss. He sank to the floor and the entitiy found its way into my body. it wanted me to kill the creator. i ran to neophytes and he immediately knew what happeden. it took him days to get the spirit out. he tied me to chairs by sturdy metal chains but the entity soon left me and traveled to a sevant who ran and was no longer heard from ever again.

since then i have alway thought of my plan and the solution to anything that might occur. i start thinking of this now. so much foresight...

I think I'm stopping the story here because i have this really good idea for a story:( Sorry I don't find this story going anywhere and nobody has really been reviewing this story. You can make up your own ending if you want but if you want to read my new story it's called The Girl For You by RozaRoseBelikov (me) and its a Vampire academy story about Rose secretly being Lissa's bodyguard after the death of her parents and Andre. her father made a will that Lissa was never to know about that said that her friend Rose was to be trained as her bodyguard and was to protect her at all costs. Of course Rose accepted and thats where the story starts:) hope you enjoyed:)