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I looked down at the babe in Kala's arms, and snorted in anger. I admit that I'm not fond at all of humans, which is ironic considering that I'm actually human myself, not that the troop knew that.

Humans are cruel, deceitful, dishonest creatures, something I learned the hard way when they threw me through the veil when I was framed for murdering Luna. I was even denied truth serum, though I begged for it.

And to think, I saved them all from Voldemort.

I still don't know to this day whether I've been sent to an alternate universe, back in time, or just a remote bit of the world. But I was lucky that I was a gorilla animagus, a silver-back. Within a few short months, I had a family.

And Kala...she reminded me so much of Hermione, with her intelligence and kindness. But even Hermione had betrayed me in the end.

But as I looked at the young babe, and then into Kala's face, I knew my decision. I could never deny Kala this request, just as I could never leave a babe to die in the jungle.

"He can stay," I grumble out.

"Oh Kerchack, he will be a great son..."

"I said he could stay," I cut Kala off. "That doesn't make him my son."

And as I walk away, I know that not only have I just hurt Kala, but that I'm lying to myself.

I try to console myself with the knowledge that Tarzan will one day betray the troop.

And I silently pray that I am wrong.


He saved me.

He saved the troop.

I was once again proud of my son. And for the first time, I was prepared to tell him.

Then we heard the gunshots, and I immediately knew that there was trouble in the jungle.

Ordering the troop to move, I turned and watched as the troop climbed down from the various places they had hidden when Sabor attacked.

And with one last look, I realize Tarzan is gone.

I felt a gnawing in my gut telling me that things were about to go rabidly downhill. Brushing the feeling aside, I led the troop away.


"You are no longer, part of this family," I growl out softly, rubbing my throat from where Tarzan had held me in a choke hold.


Once more, I had put my trust in mankind, and was betrayed.

I should have killed him when Kala first brought him to the troop. It would have been quick, far more merciful than what the jungle would do.

But I had never even considered the option.

Not before today.

Not before my son betrayed me and his family.

Just like my friends from before.

God, am I still so naive.


"You came back," I said, astounded that Tarzan had come back and helped save the troop.

His response, "I came home," made me even more proud. Perhaps there was some hope for humanity after-all.

Then I say the other man raise a gun to shoot. I roared and charged him, only to be shot myself.

"NOOOO!" I hear Tarzan yell, but I know it's too late.

The wound is mortal.


"Lead them. My Son," and with those last words, I die.

Perhaps I will get to see my wife Luna once more.


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