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He'd go everyday. Just after lunch. And sit there, staring at the black headstone. So formal. Nothing like Sherlock. The first few times, he'd cry, because there was a huge hole in his heart. But then, he would think about Sherlock's 'note'. Why had he lied?

And John knew he had. Sherlock was not a fraud. He knew it. Because he was Sherlock Holmes, the stuck up genius.

Even three months later, he hadn't healed his broken heart.

Sherlock was gone. Mycroft had insisted that he stayed at Baker Street. John couldn't bare to look at the older Holmes brother. He'd already punched him in the face when he turned up at Sherlock's grave. He didn't deserve to be Sherlock's brother.

And so, he was staring mournfully at the shiny headstone three months on. Just thinking. He'd done nothing to try and recover from the shock. Made no attempts to get out, repair his social life. He felt like that would be betraying Sherlock.

He scoured the white engraving for the hundredth time.

"Please don't be dead." he whispered.

He begged it every time. Because it was Sherlock Holmes. His best friend. He couldn't be dead. But he was.

"I won't be." said an aching familiar voice, but cracked with a hundred different emotions.

John turned slowly, fearfully, to face what he assumed was an hallucination. It had to be.

It was Sherlock. A battered, bruised, bloody and malnourished Sherlock, but him all the same. His grey eyes, full of fear. His sharp cheekbones, even sharper than normal due to lack of food. His unruly black hair, matted and stained.

John swallowed, gazing up into those eyes. Silently, Sherlock begged forgiveness, breath coming in jagged spurts. And silently John stepped into his friend's arms, clinging tightly to the thin, bony frame. A real form. Not a figment of his imagination.

No words needed to be said. Apologies and forgiveness were given and taken. They just stood together, for fear the other would disappear. The hole in John's heart was filled.

I watched Sunday's episode, and cried *rolls eyes* But I found Sherlock's 'note' heartbreaking. Anyway, I had to write up a happy ending.