Rose Weasley spent the first year and a half of her life living with her aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry. Ron wanted to take care of her, he really did, but he just couldn't do it without Hermione.

It was only when Ron witnessed one-and-a-half year old Rose go up to Harry and say "Up, daddy!" that Ron decided to take Rose back. It would be hard, he knew, but it was what Hermione would have wanted.

Ron slowly grew apart from Harry and Ginny, silently resenting them for every blessing they received while he, Ron, had lost so much. When Ginny sent a letter saying that she was pregnant again, Ron felt even more hatred bubbling up inside him. He didn't even go to see little James Sirius when he was born. He moved away from his family and soon communications was limited to a Christmas card once a year.

Rose was growing up to look extremely like her mother. She inherited lots from her mother; her looks, her intelligence, her love for books. She even grew up using her mother's wand. She did get some of her father's traits, too; her humor, her love for food.

Rose grew up happy and well-nourished, and Ron felt that Rose somewhat filled up the gap left when Hermione died.

Meanwhile, Lily grew up in a growing family, becoming the eldest of three. Her parents never mentioned her Uncle Ron and Cousin Rose because Ginny would often become emotional over Hermione. So she never knew she had a cousin named after her.

Lily learned about Hogwarts when she was just seven years old, and looked forward to going ever since. Her parents told her she was going to be great, they told her of how she supposedly saved both her and her mother's life when she was born.

She tried to tell them that she wasn't anyone special. She wasn't intelligent like her mother or brave like her father. She was just Lily. They just smiled and told her that Lily was very special.

The two would both be attending Hogwarts in September now that they were both eleven years old.

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