Hi everyone! I do not own DP as always! I'd seen other writers have a drabble thingy, so I was like, Why not me? Hence this first of many drabbles. Enjoy!

A blue eyed boy wrapped his callused hand around the lightweight purple package. He gulped uneasily as he slowly climbed up the stone steps, and rang the ominous doorbell. A sleepy head emerged and yawned as she looked at the guest placed on her very clean doorstep. Her violet lips curved upward as she greeted her visitor. He responded sweetly back as he dusted his old red and white tennis sneakers on the welcome mat.

The teenage girl gestured him in as he plopped down on the old saggy couch. His blue eyes light up when he saw the girl coming down to sit by him. She laughed and questioned him for a bit. He started to laugh as he pulled out the slim package, but then wagged his finger. The girl, clearly disappointed, sauntered off to find some refreshments for the two of them. The teenage boy relaxed as he stretched and laid down on the extremely comfortable couch. It wasn't long until the long day caught up with him and he was fast asleep.

The girl came in through the slim entry way with a smile upon her violet lips. She quietly placed the two glasses down as she put a warm quilt over his shivering body. Her cheeks became a rosy red as she leaned down to kiss him on his warm forehead. The boy smiled in his sleep as he rolled over onto his side. She smiled and quietly grabbed her phone. Her eyes sparkled with laughter as she took a picture of the sleeping raven haired boy. Her eyes then lingered over the small package.

Letting curiosity get the best of her, she scampered over and retrieved the lilac purple package from the dusty ground. She eagerly ripped open the weak wrapping and gasped. She heard the boy moan in his sleep. His blue eye shot open as he gasped. The girl explained her mistake, but asked the boy why did he give her such a wondrous gift? The boy traced the crystal rose with his worn finger, and replied with a huge grin on his face:

"Because I love you, Sam."

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