This... I don't THINK it's poetry, more like... chopped up story. XD I don't know what you call it... I KNOW! I dub thee a drabble! I don't own DP and enjoy my weird reasoning!

He rubbed his neck nervously.

Unintentionally, of course.

It was a habit, a thing of repitition.

He couldn't help it.

But it was consistent, constant,

Like the sun rising and setting each day.

Or like the moon shining brightly at night each and every day.

You get the point.

So why did he do it so much?

Was it natural? A good possibility, but it was too scattered to be technically constant.

Or was it...nervousness?

How was it that he only rubbed his neck when telling a lie-

Or when SAM was in the room?

Every time Sam showed up, he was a nervous wreck,

rubbing his neck nervously

or blushing

or smiling goofily.

Maybe that is why

Danny Fenton rubs his neck nervously.

Or maybe it's because he lost the game?