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Author's Note: A little glimpse into Narcissa and Lucius back in their Hogwarts days. Word of the week was bite. 100 words on the dot. Please tell me what you think - reviews are a treasure.

Icicle Drops


"Lucius, your hair is so dishevelled," Mrs Malfoy told her son as he came out of the Hogwarts Express. "Were you sleeping again?" She ran loving hands through his hair, nodding politely as the Blacks walked by.

Lucius struggled away from his mother, flushing with embarrassment.

"I see you've been busy," Mr Malfoy said, his austere look belied by twinkling eyes.

"Yes, I did fairly well in the exams." Lucius avoided their eyes as he waved goodbye to friends.

"Not what I was referring to." Mr Malfoy's lips twitched as he observed a blossoming love bite on his son's neck.