So here's the newest angst fic. This being the first chapter, it's not so bad, just setting up the story.

You can figure out what's going on though, but just because you can doesn't mean that Shane will. Not yet.

The doors to Windsor flew open with a loud bang, not that loud bangs were uncommon in the house, and in strolled a boy with an unruly crop of dark curls and grin so wide it looked painful.

"I'm home!" he called out, emphasizing the last word loudly, resulting in cheers from the surrounding Windsors and the twins releasing what looked like confetti poppers.

And from where he was sitting on the couch with Kurt, Blaine groaned loudly, burying his head into his boyfriend's shoulder.

"Make him go away," he groaned in mock exasperation.

Kurt just laughed, patting his back gently. "Now, now, you have to be somewhat happy he's here. He is your brother after all. Aren't you glad he transferred schools? He probably did it for you." He was actually pretty excited about it. This was the first time he got to meet Shane. He'd heard Blaine talk about him before, and he'd seen the pictures on Blaine corkboard, but that wasn't the same.

Blaine sighed, sitting up straight, "I'm glad I get to see him more of course," he paused, looking at Kurt sweetly, "But you don't know him. Throw him in here with the rest of Windor's madness and it's just a recipe for disaster." He had just finished the last syllable when another loud crash sounded throughout the house, followed by Shane's insistence that he had no idea that vase was breakable. "I told you."

"Don't worry about it," Kurt laughed, prodding the other boy's shoulder, "At least you know he'll fit right in."

"That's the part that worries me."

"What worries you?" Shane asked, dropping down beside his brother on the couch.

"You!" Blaine answered loudly, not bothering to hesitate expressing his concern.

Shane's brow furrowed as he straightened out his brand new, pressed blazer. "And what could I possibly do that would worry you?"

Blaine feigned deep thought, "I don't know, you could make this insane asylum go even further off the deep end."

Shane looked up at him, giving him an innocent expression that Blaine didn't buy for one second. "Oh come on! I'm not that bad!" He suddenly stopped, staring at the other person on the couch with wide eyes before his grin was back. "And you! You must be Kurt, the boyfriend."

Kurt nodded, extending a hand politely. "Correct. And you're Shane, the brother."

"Correct!" Shane slapped his hand roughly, making Kurt wince. "I can already tell I'm going to like you a lot more than I liked Logan."

Kurt looked taken back, but flattered. "Oh well, thank yo –"

He didn't have the chance to finish his statement due to Shane loudly interrupting to ask, "So tell me, have you two consummated the relationship?"

If Kurt had been drinking a beverage at that moment, it would have now been all over his shirt. Why would he ask something like that? "What!" he gasped, shocked that Blaine didn't look surprised at all.

Instead he rolled his eyes, looking almost as though he was expecting this. "Weren't you just trying to convince me you weren't that bad?"

Kurt drew back, still stunned as the brothers continued their conversation easily. Was this how it was going to be whenever he was around? Kurt was beginning to see what Blaine was talking about earlier. Shane clearly didn't care about what consequences his words brought. If it was on his mind, it would soon be out of his mouth. Maybe that wasn't exactly ideal, but at least he was honest with the world.

A deadly scream tore through the air, disturbing the night's quiet peace. The shout was followed by a swarm of punches, trying (and succeeding) to hit any possible target. And with the punches came never ending kicks.

The screaming boy on the bed leapt up, sending a powerful punch to the nearest object within reach. He knew it hit when another yelp cried out from the impact. Suddenly lights flooded into the previously pitch black room and Shane could see just what he hit.

"Jesus!" David cried, cradling his jaw. "What is it with you Andersons?"

The twins, wearing identical pajamas, were laughing by his side. "At least they put up a fight."

Shane stepped back, surveying the mass of boys in sleepwear that were crowded in his and Blaine's room.

"Am I missing something here?"

Blaine grimaced while Wes took a look at David's already bruising jaw. "This is your initiation," he explained simply, looking tired in black pajamas and ruffled hair.

Shane looked even more confused. "My what?"

"It's your welcome to Windsor!" the twins loudly declared, waving their arms in celebration.

Shane looked them over skeptically. "This is how you welcome people to your house? You attack them in the middle of the night? What is this? Fight club?"

"You weren't supposed to fight back," David grumbled.

"And what was I supposed to do! Let you beat the crap out of me?"

"We weren't going to hurt you, stupid." Blaine said, sighing. "We were kidnapping you. We do it to all newcomers. We pretend to kidnap them, then bring them down to a bonfire for their welcome party."

"Oh." Shane blinked dumbly. "So this happened when they tried it on you, too?" he guessed, piecing together what David first said after understanding.

Blaine shrugged, glancing away, "I fought back, too."

"He hit me in the head with a lacrosse stick." David informed, still looking a little cross.

Shane couldn't help it when he started laughing, earning another glare from David. "Sorry about that." He pointed to David's red jaw, "I honestly thought you were going to kill me."

"Yeah well the night's still young." Half of David's mouth was beginning to turn up. "At least you didn't give me a concussion."

Shane turned his wide eyes to Blaine, who was wearing another grimace looking guilty. "You gave him a concussion!"

Blaine chose not to answer, grabbing Shane's arm and pulling him out the door, the rest of the Windsor's following. "Come on before everybody comes searching for us."

By the time they got to the landing, Blaine was ready to throw his brother into the fire. He simply would not stop laughing about what happened when Blaine was initiated.

"You had to have the party in the medical clinic!" he exclaimed before his voice was taken by another fit of giggles.

"Keep it up and that's where you'll be spending your first week of school." He mumbled, making Shane laugh even harder. He heard a small giggle beside him and turned to see Kurt walking beside him. He smiled at him, not feeling irritated at his annoying brother anymore.

They had just reached the flock of Windsors standing around the fire when he heard Shane's voice. "Oh gosh, stop eye banging him and do it for real."

Well that didn't last long.

He promptly turned back around, slapping him over the head.

"Shut up, Shane!"

"Hey!" Shane rubbed his sore head while David snickered behind him, quietly saying something that sounded similar to how Shane deserved it. Shane had just started a snide retort when he stopped talking completely.

Blaine's eyebrows pulled together as he noticed his abrupt stop. "What is it?" He followed Shane's gaze to the fire, seeing nothing out of the ordinary.

Shane thought his brother was obviously blind if he couldn't see what he did. Right beside the fire there stood what was sure to have been a real life fallen angel. He stared at him, completely unmoving, trying to figure out how he was down here on Earth when Blaine finally shoved him, literally, out of his stupor.

"What is wrong with you?" Blaine asked while the rest of the conspirators watched with amused curiosity.

Shane was lost in another trace, staring at the boy who was glowing in the firelight, his already slightly red hair burning from the intensity of the flames, making him look truly stunning.


"Whoisthat," Shane whispered quickly, completely still.

Blaine turned his confused expression towards the fire once more. "Who is who?"

The twins stepped forward, grinning wildly. "I think perhaps," Evan began.

"He has spotted our little Dormouse," Ethan finished as both of their grins faded into a smirk.

Blaine looked back, "Reed? The one with the silky pajamas?" he asked Shane who nodded. He was definitely the one.

"Reed," he repeated, rolling the name over his tongue. He liked it. It fit him perfectly.

Despite his wide grin, Kurt turned pale. "You like Reed?"

"He's perfect," Shane mumbled in answer. This caused the twins to laugh, cheering, and Kurt's smile to widen. Blaine, however, groaned.

"Shane," he tried but was soon cut off.

"Who is he? What is he like?"

Shane was staring at him expectantly and with such an eager look it made Blaine frown.

"Listen Shane, I think you should-"

The twins rushed forward, grabbing one of Shane's arms each and pulling him forward. "He's adorable right? Well his name is Reed."

"He likes to paint."

"He's really good at it, too."

"He's good at all things artistic as a matter of fact."

"He's the clumsiest person on the planet."

"But he's also one of the most fashionable. That's why he and Kurt are best friends."

"They're also roommates."

Shane was starting to feel worried as they got closer and close to the boy they were discussing.

"But I don't know a thing about any of those things." Fashion? And Shane? Yeah right. He dressed as though he just picked up the first thing he saw and threw it on… which is actually exactly what he did. He looked down at his pajamas. An old shirt with a couple of holes dotted around the hem and baggy black pants. He looked nothing like Reed did, dressed in light blue silk that looked expensive and delicate.

"Don't worry," Evan reassured, but it hardly sounded comforting. Shane could still hear the mischief in his tone.

"That won't matter," Ethan continued before they both spoke, pushing him forward roughly. "Go get him!"

Even though he was usually extremely coordinated, the nervousness had him tripping over his feet after the twins launched him towards the smaller boy who he crashed into, nearly knocking over.

A high pitched squeal was heard but before he could fall to the ground, Shane had him in his arms, blushing furiously and cursing the twins, who he could still hear snickering, a thousand times over in his head.

"I'm sorry!" he immediately gasped, steadying the smaller boy and stepping back to give him a respectable distance. "It was them!" he pointed to the still smirking twins.

Reed, who had been shocked by the sudden collision, was also blushing a deep shade of red. As soon as he saw who Shane was pointing at, he smiled and Shane was relieved that he seemed to understand.

"Oh," he started talking and Shane was floored, staring at him amazed. "They can be quite troublesome. Trust me I know."

His smile made Shane smile back just as brightly. "Yeah," he couldn't help his light weighted voice, "So I've noticed."

Reed giggled and Shane stopped breathing. He really was an angel.

There was silence until Reed asked, "So you're Blaine's brother? Sorry I wasn't around today. I had two art projects that needed to be finished. The twins must have pushed you over here so I could finally meet you."

"Yeah…" Shane drew the word out. He was perfectly aware of how his terrible his lying skills were. "That's why."

Reed didn't seem to notice anything was wrong though, he just smiled easily, looking like perfection personified.

"Well it's great to finally meet you," Reed extended a hand that Shane stared at blankly for a short moment before finally taking it. He was about to return the sentiment when he was silenced by the softness of Reed's warm hand, fitting so perfectly in his. "Blaine has talked about you a lot."

That brought Shane back to reality. If Blaine said even one embarrassing thing about him to this angel he was going to have a dead brother on his hands.

"Really?" he asked, trying to hide his nerves. "And what has he said?"

Reed shrugged lightly. "Oh you know just that you –" he didn't get to finish because right at that moment a small cry took the place of his words.

Shane jumped back in alarm. "What's wrong!"

Reed's face was marked with pain and he held his right hand in his left, eyes closed. They reopened when he spoke. "Nothing," he backed away from the fire. "I just got burned is all."

"Are you alright?" Shane asked, feeling severely worried. "Does it hurt?"

Staring at his feet, Reed answered in a quiet voice. "Not too badly. I'm used to getting hurt." He bit his lip before quickly adding in a slightly panicked voice, "I'm accident prone." He opened his hand, revealing a red pinky.

Shane smiled a little, relieved that it wasn't too serious. "I heard about that. The twins called you quote, 'the clumsiest person on the planet.'"

Reed scoffed, "They would."

"Come on," Shane said, reaching for his good hand, "We should put something on that."

Once they reached the conspirators, who were not being discreet about eavesdropping, they were stopped by a Blaine who looked apprehensive.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" he asked nervously, and Shane had no idea why.

"Yes…" he answered as though it was most obvious thing in the world. "We can't leave it untreated."

Reed smiled softly, looking a little nervous himself, at the others as they passed.

The Tweedles immediately turned to Blaine with raised eyebrows. "What's wrong with you?"

Blaine frowned again, "You guys do realize Reed has a boyfriend right?"

"So?" they both huffed.

He looked at them with disapproval. "So I don't want my brother getting his heart broken again."

That silenced them.

"Sorry Blaine," Ethan started. "But we don't really like him. We like Shane a lot better."

"Yeah," Evan agreed, "Maybe he'll leave him and get with your brother."

Kurt smiled fondly from beside the still frowning Blaine. "That would be cute."

"Why don't you like Chase?" Wes asked past a mouth full of food.

"We just don't," they answered simultaneously. "Something is off about him. And we don't like it."

"I agree," Dwight piped up, speaking for the first time that evening.

"And why is that?" Wes asked curiously.

"Because," Dwight looked anxious, like he was sure they wouldn't believe him. "His aura is totally –" Groans cut him off.

"Dwight!" David said loudly, "You can't choose to not like somebody because of their aura."

"And why not!" Dwight cried indignantly, "How can you not notice!" Wes and David walked away, Dwight following them and continuing to argue. The twins were laughing as they chased after them.

Blaine shook his head, not noticing Kurt was watching him carefully. "And you?" he asked causing Blaine to look his way.

"And I what?"

"Would you mind if Shane and Reed got together?" Kurt clarified.

Blaine shrugged loosely. "I guess not. I just don't see it happening and I don't want Shane to get hurt from it."

"Why don't you see it happening?"

"Well," Blaine paused to think, "Reed has a boyfriend. A boyfriend he's been with for a while now. A boyfriend who he likes to be with and is good to him." He didn't have any doubts that this was true. If he wasn't Reed wouldn't want to spend so much time with him. "Right?"

Kurt smiled a genuine smile. "Right. But it could still happen."

The house was dark and quiet when Reed and Shane entered, everyone else was at the bonfire. Shane walked to common room and flipped on one switch to illuminate the room enough to see. He turned back to Reed, grinning.

"So do you have a first aid kit anywhere?"

Reed laughed, and Shane couldn't stop the dreary sigh he made when he did. "Yeah, we have about ten. You haven't really grasped what happens around Windsor, have you?"

"I'm beginning to," Shane said, opening the closet Reed was pointing to and retrieving the only medical looking box. "Take a seat," he said putting the box down on the same table by the door Reed climbed onto, holding out his injured hand.

"Do you know what happened to Charlie?" Reed asked while Shane searched through the medicine, trying to find something to use on a burn.

"Who's Charlie again?" he asked, laying bottles on the table and adding, "Roll up your sleeve."

Reed did so, pulling the cloth up half way up his wrist. "The house prefect. He just got back from the hospital a couple of days ago," Reed explained as Shane started applying the medicine.

Shane flashed him his legendary grin. "Do I even want to know why he was there?"

Reed made that adorable giggle again, the one the stopped Shane's heart. "The twins accidently paintballed him down a couple flights of stairs."

Shane's mouth fell open. "Damn. Poor guy."

"They didn't do it on purpose of course." Reed said, watching Shane wrap a white bandage on his finger. "But things like this always have a way of happening to us Windsors. Which reminds me." He grinned. "You're one of us now."

Shane smiled crookedly. "I guess I am."

After he secured the bandage, Reed brought something small out of his pocket. "Thanks for the help." He smiled a smile that Shane happily returned. "Now I have something for you."

An eyebrow was quirked as Shane stared at him a little surprised. "Really? What?" He couldn't imagine what Reed could give him. Besides love. But that was too cheesy, and Shane wasn't going to go there, especially not since they just met.

Reed stayed silent, reaching forward to clip a blue pin with a single golden ray that he recognized as the Windsor symbol on his shirt. As he did this, his already hiked up sleeve fell down even more, revealing the skin up to his elbow. Shane gasped, grabbing Reed's hand and pulling it away, looking at his arm closely. There was a big mark of purple right on his forearm, a big bruise that looked recent and painful.

"What happened?" his voice displayed the shock written on his face as he twisted Reed's arm to look at back, finding that it too was bruised.

Reed struggled to pull his arm back weakly. "Nothing." He insisted, sounding oddly calm, "I told you I'm clumsy, remember?"

"How did you do this to yourself?" Shane was still surprised by the size and color.

Reed's eyes locked on the ground. "How am I supposed to remember? I get hurt a lot."

"Yeah but –"

"I'm really clumsy!" Reed laughed, smiling a smile that looked a little too tight to be real. But Shane didn't notice anything abnormal. He was caught up in the sound of Reed's laugh.

Shane laughed back, returning Reed's arm which was immediately covered back up by his sleeve.

"Well you should be more careful," Shane smiled at Reed who tried his best to smile back.

He really wasn't succeeding though so he jumped off the table, heading towards the door. "Are you coming? You're missing your party you know."

Shane grinned, running after him eagerly.

As soon as they returned to the bonfire, Kurt pulled Reed aside, taking him away while the others zoned in on Shane.

"How'd it go?" the twins demanded to know, standing directly in front of him.

"Uh," he looked over every single pair of eyes that was trained on him. "Good I guess?"

"Just good?" one of the twins inquired though Shane had no idea which.

He immediately started defending himself. "It's not like it was a date! I was just fixing his burn!"

"And…" David drew out, sensing there was more.

"And…" Shane paused, watching all the faces that stared at him. He finally sighed, looking defeated. "I am so in love with him."

Cheers mixed in with groans but Shane wasn't sure who made what sound. He was positive Blaine was groaning though, and it was affirmed when he stopped and said, "Shane. We have to talk."

He rolled his eyes. Did Blaine always have to drag him off his high? "About what?"

"About Reed. Shane, Reed has a –"

"A very controlling mother!" the twins interrupted, smiling innocent smiles that didn't look innocent at all.

Shane's eyebrow was raised. "So?"

"He has a controlling mother who likes to control his life." This time Evan spoke alone.

Shane stared at him blankly. "Well duh. I figured that out on my own."

Ethan continued, ignoring Shane's remark. "She likes to control everything. His work, his clothes, his friends, and that also includes –"

"Who he dates," Blaine finished, frowning at Shane sadly.

Shane bit his lip. "So? I'll have to get his crazy mother's approval. Big deal, I think I can do that."

"Shane," Blaine's frown was still intact, making Shane start to feel nervous. "She already has approved. But not of you." Shane stared at him confused, not understanding what he was trying to relay to him. Blaine sighed again. "Reed already has a boyfriend."

Shane's heart dropped and his breathing ceased. "He…" he finally spoke after a long stretch of silence. "Has… boyfriend?"

Blaine's lips were pursed. "Sorry Shane."

The twins spoke up, looking hopeful. "If it's any consolation, we like you better."

That didn't really help at all. Sure he was glad he had his brother's friends' approval, but that guy still had the one thing he wanted more than that, more than anything. He glanced up, spotting Reed standing with Kurt a couple yards away. He was laughing. Shane heart clenched at the sight. He was suddenly imagining him laughing and talking to the lucky son of a bitch who got to call him his. Jealousy was soon flooding over him, mixing in with the hurt and disappointment.

"What's his name?" he asked, turning back to the others. Before they got the chance to answer, he was speaking again, faster. "What's his name? What's he like? Is he cute? What's his name? Just tell me his name, all I want to know is his name."

"Okay, okay, calm down." Blaine put a hand on his shoulder. "We'll tell you but you have to promise not to try to find this guy and break them up."

"I wouldn't do that," Shane scoffed, looking offended. Blaine merely gave him a pointed look causing him to huff and mutter, "Maybe…"

"His name is Chase." Blaine began, but before he could get any further, the twins interrupted again.

"He's pretty tall, a little taller than you I would wager."

"He's got soft, caramel colored hair," Ethan added.

Even was quick to clarify. "Not that we've touched it, it just looks that way."

"He's pretty rich. His mom is friends with Reed's."

"And can be kind of snobby to fit the stereotype."

"He's not really openly mean to us, but we can tell he doesn't like us that much."

"And by that we mean all of Reed's friends. Not just us."

"But he's a Stuart you see. Windsors and Stuarts are destined to not get along."

"So we let it his obvious resentment of us slid."

"Because he's good to Reed and that's all that matters."

That settled it then. All through the twin's explanation Shane had been going back and forth, watching whichever one was speaking, and it was starting to feel like watching a ping pong match. He was also beginning to hope that if this Chase was a jerk to his friends, Reed wouldn't want anything to do with him for much longer. But then they said it. He was good to Reed. And that was all that mattered.

"How long have they been dating?" Shane found himself asking, hoping for least, preparing for the worst.

"About four months," Blaine answered solemnly.


Shane sighed, looking at ground and pouting. "And this guy takes care of him? He loves him?" He knew the answer but that didn't stop him from asking.


Shane sighed again, kicking a rock on the dirt. He knew the right thing to do was let Reed be happy, and apparently he already was.

"Then I'll back off and find a way to be content with just being friends. There's nothing that forbids us from being friends right?"

"So…" Kurt started, smirking a couple minutes after he pulled Reed away from the others.

Reed blinked at him in confusion. "So what?"

"Do you like him?" Kurt asked, still looking too smug and Reed didn't know why.

"Yeah. Of course. He's really nice."

Kurt sighed, resisting the urge to roll eyes. "That's it?"

Reed blinked again, eyes wide and startled. "…Yes. Why?"

Kurt shook his head, disbelieving. "Reed. He has obviously been bit by the love bug. Hard. He saw you and the first thing he said about you was that you were perfect."

Reed was now rapidly turning different shades of red. "N-no he didn't."

"Yes. He did."

Hands that were shaking slightly pushed a strand of hair behind his ear as he looked to the ground. "He was probably just being nice," he mumbled, not sounding entirely convinced. "I'm sure he doesn't like me." He whispered the next part so quietly Kurt barely heard him over the noisy party. "Or at least I hope he doesn't. Chase wouldn't like that very much."

Kurt stiffened, rolling his eyes since Reed was still staring at the ground and couldn't see him. "Really Reed, I don't see why you let him tell you who can and can't hang out with."

Eyes still locked on his feet he replied a weak, "He doesn't."

Kurt groaned in annoyance. "Yes he does, Reed! Why don't you tell him to let you be around who you want?" That's most certainly what Kurt would have done. He would never be with someone who thought he was their property, so to speak.

Reed rubbed a now healed scar on his bicep absently. "I have."

"And he still won't let you?" At Reed's shake of the head he was growling. He had to take a deep breath. He didn't want a repeat of what happened last time, what happens every time, someone pointed out something that wasn't so desirable about Reed's boyfriend. Reed would throw a fit, storm out, and not speak to them for days, staying by Chase's side the majority of them. "I'm not saying he's a bad boyfriend. But I just don't think it's right that he gets to choose your friends."

Reed's eyes narrowed and Kurt braced himself. "He doesn't." He didn't sound nearly as harsh as Kurt was expecting. "As you can see I'm still hanging out with you, aren't I?"

Kurt sighed in defeat. "I guess so. Just don't let him boss you around okay? Stand up for yourself."

Reed's eyes shifted back to the ground. He said nothing else.

Going back to sleep after that party, which he spent half of moping around and whining, was almost impossible. He was lying face first on his bed, not crying, he hadn't known Reed long enough for that, but definitely feeling like he could.

"Come on now," Blaine said encouragingly from the other side of the room. "It's not that bad. It's not like he's married to the guy."

"No," Shane agreed, moving to his side. "He's only been dating him for, what was it now, four months. Nothing serious."

"Sarcasm is not going to help."

"And besides!" Shane cried, "Apparently he's some refined rich boy who's in good graces with his mother. He's probably artistic, and very fashion savvy, probably suave. I am none of those things."

Blaine wasn't going to argue with that. Shane wasn't exactly the most sophisticated of people… or put together. "So? Who says you need to be?"

"I can't compete with him," he moaned miserably.

"You don't need to! If you want to be with Reed then you have to be with him. As yourself."

"What if myself isn't good enough?" he spoke from underneath a pillow.

"It seemed to be enough tonight," Blaine pointed out. "I'm pretty sure he appreciated what you did and is already considering you a friend."

Sighing, Shane threw the pillow off. "I guess." He stopped speaking, playing with his covers. "So when do I get to meet Mr. Perfect?"

Blaine, satisfied that Shane's freak out had been quelled for now, relaxed back onto his pillows, "Tomorrow morning probably. He always comes over to walk Reed to class."

How chivalrous, Shane thought bitterly.

Blaine continued speaking, oblivious to all the jealousy bottling up in his brother who lay a couple feet away. "He usually spends almost the entire day with him, so while we see him some, we only really see him when he's back in Windsor."

"Great." Shane didn't mean to sound so heated, but he couldn't help it. This guy seemed too perfect.

He was everything Shane wasn't. In every single way.

"Wake up!"

A couple minutes later.

"Get up!"

A couple more minutes.

"Dammit Shane wake up!"

A pillow was thumped on the side of the sleeping boy's head roughly, making Shane jolt up in surprise.

"What the hell!"

"Get up!" Blaine threw the pillow back on his brother's head and returned to his side of the room. Shane sat up, looking blearily around the room. He noticed Blaine's hair was perfectly gelled and he was buttoning up his blazer. "What time is it?"

"Time to go to school."

Shane groaned, crashing back onto the bed. Whose bright idea was it to throw a party for the newcomer the night before they had to get up at seven a.m. for classes? "I'm too tired."

Blaine barely batted an eyelash. "That's what you get for staying up half the night whining about Reed's boyfriend." And with that Shane was groaning again.

"Thanks, I forgot about that."

"Well don't forget that this is your first day. Which means catching up. Which means work. So pay attention in class today. Dalton isn't Walcott. You have to keep grades up."

"Yeah, yeah," Shane mumbled, burying himself under blankets. "I get it, mom."

Blaine rolled his eyes, stalking over to his brother and pulling covers off in one fluid motion. "You better get a move on. If you don't you won't get to see Mr. Perfect, remember? Reed gets up a lot earlier than this."

Shane was suddenly wide awake. He forgot about that. Mr. Perfect. Let's see just how perfect he was.

Shane was down the stairs in no time. Granted, his hair was messier than ever and his tie was undone and he was still pulling on his socks and shoes, but he still managed to get to the common room right as Reed descended the stairs, looking beautiful as ever. He also looked prim and proper, whereas Shane looked, to put it kindly, a mess.

His mind went blank for all of three seconds before he hastily pulled on his shoes, struggling to straighten out his clothes and appear half way decent.

"H-hi!" He said, jumping forward suddenly and giving Reed a start.

His eyes widened slightly before he composed himself and smiled sweetly. "Hi Shane. I hope your first day isn't too stressful."

Shane shifted nervously. "Is that a common occurrence?"

Reed grimaced cutely before answering, "I think so, yes. But don't worry, I'm sure you'll do fine."

Shane laughed a short humorless laugh. "I hope so."

There wasn't another chance to speak for they were soon interrupted by a voice emanating from behind Shane.

"Hey Reed."

Shane didn't turn around. He didn't like the sound of his voice already. It was too tranquil, too relaxed to be that deep. He could see the way Reed's eyes lit up when he looked past him and to the owner of the voice and it made him feel like disappearing.

"Hi," Reed replied, glancing down bashfully and blushing.

Great. Even after four months he was still acting giddy when he saw this guy. Every passing second was making Shane feel worse.

"Are you ready to go?"

"Yes," Reed ran forward, shooting Shane one last, fleeting smile before walking past him. Shane figured it was now or never, and closed his eyes, preparing himself for what he might see when he turned around.

The first thing he noticed was his hair, the exact color the twins had said, it was well tailored and the longest parts came down to his ears. It could very well rival Julian Larson's legendary locks. The second thing he noticed was height. He looked only a couple inches taller than Shane was, but it was still very noticeable. The third thing he noticed was his face. His stomach tightened and he gulped. He was good looking. Broad jaw; high cheekbones; nice, full looking lips.

Well. He was fucked.

The last thing he noticed were the eyes. His eyes were such a dark brown they could be mistaken for black. And when he turned his nearly black eyes on him, Shane almost jumped back. There was something present in his gaze that he couldn't place.

He looked him over, making Shane's blood feel cold, for all of five seconds before he turned away, leading Reed out of the building. Shane could faintly hear him ask Reed who he was as they left.

He stood for a moment, too stunned to move. He wasn't sure how to describe the way Chase looked at him, but he did know one thing. He didn't like it.