Kitty peers into the full-length mirror on the landing, wincing as her fingertips brush the ring of bruises around her upper forerm. She pictures the headline - Fake Detective's Sidekick Manhandles Reporter - but then she remembers the look on the mourner's faces as John Watson escorted her none too gently out of Holmes' funeral, and she casts the idea as far as she can away in shame.

Shame. It'a not an emotion she tries to associate herself with on a day to dat basis, smothering it in ambition and short skirts (having calculated that the two go hand in hand). She'd felt it, of course, but it hadn't mattered. Not if she won. And she always won.

So why did it matter now?

Unbidden, John Watson's stoically blank face appears in the forefront of her mind. She winces and realises her hand is clenched around the ugly blotches on her arm, squeezing - she pries the hand away, banishes the face to the back of her mind. Upon examining that particular graveyard, she realises it's not as quiest as she thought it should be - several of the nailed down coffins rattle. A woman cries. A man curses, threatens her. And all the while, John Watson's blank stare drills into her mind, and that buried emotion starts to claw at her insides.

She dreams about him.

Sherlock Holmes, that is - she dreams, sometimes, that she's watching him jump, and when his body hits the ground - thud - it unfurls into a hundred copies of The Sun, with her own smug face glaring up from every page. Other nights she's on the roof with him, and her hands are on his back. She can't help it, it's her job, she can't stop and then he's gone, and John Watson's blank face peers up at her from below.

Sometimes, she wakes up with that memory in her mind - the one where she's opened the church door and stepped inside, all in black, and for a moment before she is unceremoniously thrust outside again she takes a look at their faces. Blank. Lost.

She takes a look at their faces, and for a moment she knows exactly why the shame matters now.

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