Chapter 1 – Elizabeth Morgan meets Dr. Addy

Hey everyone! This is my very first Bones fic. It's AU cause I've written a character into the plot. Starts from S3E1, when Zack comes back from Iraq.

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She remembered the day she met the legendary Dr. Zack Addy like ti was yesterday. How could she not? Since the very first day she set foot on American soil, Dr. Zack Addy had featured prominently.

Being accepted to study her Ph.D. under Dr. Jack Hodgins was a surprise. She knew he generally didn't like people. She was grateful that Professor Kirby had put in a good word for her. Professor Kirby had taught Dr. Hodgins in college too. She firmly believed that Elizabeth would benefit greatly by working with Dr. Hodgins. She commented that the two of them were startlingly similar in personalities. Elizabeth had yet to see any real evidence of that yet.

It had been a month since Elizabeth's plane landed in the D.C. airport. She greeted Dr. Hodgins enthusiastically. He smiled and patted her shoulder before helping to load her bags into the car.

The trip from the airport to her lodging was anything but quiet. Dr. Hodgins was a lot more social than she expected. He gave her a brief overview of her job scope at the Jeffersonian: running NMR and IR spectroscopes, taking care of insects should they encounter any, doing simple lab tests and aiding the rest of their small department when necessary. He also asked about her undergraduate life. Courses she took(Physics and Mathematics on top of her regular Chemistry modules) research work (she did a little work in Professor Kirby's synthesis lab).

Elizabeth was rather surprised when they stopped at a very large garage at the foot of an estate. She knew Dr. Hodgins was rich but she never expected him to house her on his property. Once they had moved all her bags into a bedroom, Dr. Hodgins laid down a few ground rules.

No entering the master bedroom. It belonged to his friend Zack, who was in Iraq. No touching what seemed to be personal items, such as the Firefly collection, Star Wars, Star Trek, et cetera.

Elizabeth simply smiled and agreed. That was approximately one month ago.

Right now, Elizabeth was standing on the forensics platform with the rest of the Medico-Legal Lab staff, discussing their newest case.

"Can you determine if any of these are Gavin Nichols?" Dr. Saroyan asked Clarke, Dr. Brennan's obviously temporary assistant.

"To be a hundred percent positive we'd have to check DNA" Clarke said, looking over at the bones on the examination table.

"Alright, let's get that going!" Dr. Saroyan turned to Elizabeth "Could you run the tests and get the results to Dr. Brennan ASAP?"

Elizabeth nodded and started inspecting the bones, thinking about the best way to extract DNA. Matching it to Gavin Nichols would not be a problem as his DNA was already on their database. Her train of thought was interrupted by Agent Booth.

"Bones! I mean, you see what's going on here right?" he called out as he entered the lab.

Everyone turned to look at him. Agent Booth was rather odd sometimes.

"What are you talking about?" Dr. Brennan asked, clueless.

"You're getting them all to help you now!" he retorted.

"Booth, the vault is filled with priceless artefacts!" Angela told him

"And probably materials stolen from other victims." That was Dr. Saroyan.

"Which would then have to be tested for prints, DNA and particulates." Elizabeth added.

"It could take months to sift through all that evidence." Dr. Hodgins informed Booth.

Booth looked exasperated. "No, this is enabling. You're enabling somebody with a mental problem!"

"Who has a mental problem?" Elizabeth asked, seemingly to herself.

"Zack." Came Dr. Brennan's voice.

"Dr. Addy has a mental problem? How is that pertinent to the case at hand?" Elizabeth asked.

"No! Not Zack. You, Bones. You're the one with the mental problem!" Agent Booth all but shouted.

Dr. Brennan lifted a hand and pointed at something behind Agent Booth. Everyone turned their attention to whatever had caught her attention.

"OH! IT'S ZACK! IT'S ZACK!" Angela screams, almost directly into Elizabeth's ear and runs towards the man who has just entered the lab.

"Ohohoho!" Dr. Hodgins moves towards Zack, as do all the others, leaving Elizabeth, Clarke and Agent Booth on the platform.

Elizabeth stares at the man who seems to be disappearing under the hugs and questions. "So that's the famous Dr. Addy?" she asks. Booth nods and Clarke sighs. Elizabeth pats Clarke on the back comfortingly. "Sucks to be you man." She offers, only to have Clarke glare at her while Booth chuckles at her blunder. "What did I say?" she asks. Clarke just ignores her and Booth turns to question Zack.

"Did you get wounded or something?"

"No," he replied, "They just sent me home."

"When can you start work?" Dr. Brennan asks excitedly.

Elizabeth can practically feel Clarke deflate next to her.

"Nice meeting you bub." Booth tells Clarke.

Zack turns to look at the platform. "Well, if you didn't fill my job, who are those two?"

"Nobody." Clarke answers before walking away.

Elizabeth waves. "I'm Dr. Hodgins' assistant. I'm working on my doctorate." She informs him.

"Yeah, my favourite slave." Dr. Hodgins makes a face at his student. Elizabeth pokes her tongue out at him. "Oh, she lives in the guest room in the apartment in the garage. Hope that's alright."

Zack looks contemplative.

"If it bothers you Dr. Addy, I can move out. After all, you lived there first. I would, however, require some time to pack and source for new living quarters." Elizabeth piped up nervously. She really didn't want to move out.

"I don't believe that will be necessary. I am comfortable with sharing the common areas in the apartment…" Zack trailed off, realising he did not know the assistant's name.

"Elizabeth." Angela provided helpfully. "Though Cam and Booth call her Liz, Bren calls her Miss Morgan, Hodgins calls her his slave and I just call her Lizzie."

"That is very many names for one individual." Zack commented.

"Look who's talking." Hodgins joked, reaching out to ruffle Zack's hair only to realise a little late that he had close to none.

"You are Hodgins." Zack replied, confused.

"Sweetie, it's a figure of speech." Angela smiled at him.

"Man, you look like crap" Hodgins tells Zack

"Iraq's not a vacation!" Camille comments

Angela rolls her eyes. "I think you look very rakish. Don't you agree Lizzie?" she smiles at Elizabeth, who just nods in agreement, face flushing slightly. Angela turns back to Zack. "Are you starving?"

"Actually," Zack begins, "What I'd like to do is get into whatever it was you were talking about before Dr. Brennan's mental problem."

Everyone exchanged looks. Elizabeth smiled before taking her DNA samples to be tested.

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