The students were curious and nervous. Never before had the School Board together made an appearance, nor have parents graced the halls of Hogwarts other than special circumstances which are few and far between. The fifteen wizards and witches stood in front of the long table where the professors usually sat with blank faces, not even gracing their children with a wink or nod. The students knew it had to do with Lord Hogwarts and Dumbledore.

Regulus Black and Lucius Malfoy stood next to each other watching the other students sweat as the adults waited for Hadrian to show for dinner.

"10 galleons that mum speaks first," Regulus muttered as he folded his arms.

"15 if my dad is the one," Lucius countered shifting his stance to glance at his pocket watch, "Professor Riddle is going to lament that he missed the show."

"There are always ways to see what had happened. Besides he still has a career outside of teaching Defense."

"Too true."

Regulus nodded and focused his attention on the silent School Board waiting for the explosion that was bound to happen.

As the professors began to trickle in, the students noticed that there were a few missing from breakfast. Soft whispers broke out amongst the seventh and sixth years most confirmations of joys while others were claiming galleons from bets lost.

Lucius noted that a certain mutt slinked his way in and sat at the Slytherin table. Upon further observation Lucius noted that Sirius looked put to together even if a tad rebellious. He still wore those muggles shoes, Vans if he recalled and he had a few piercings but his shirt was pressed and tucked in and his pants wear worn correctly. Even his robe seemed cleaner. Lucius hmm'ed his approval.

A tingle of magic whispered through the students and collectively they found their places and stood waiting.

They did not wait long as the Lord Hogwarts stepped into the hall escorting his fiancé. As he passed the first seat of the tables, the students sat down showing manners taught by parents that have been forgotten or never taught.

As Lord Hogwarts strode forward with the grace of a predator, his fiancé glided with an unnatural grace; the pair stopped a respectable distance from the School Board and stared at the group. Not as if they were beneath but as equals or honorable opponents.

There was absolute silence as the two groups faced each other. The first to break the little contest was Lord Malfoy as leant forward in a quarter of a bow and the others followed his example. Hadrian met each other with a tilt of head acknowledging the subtle powerplay.

"Lord Hogwarts, I am Lady Black and this is Lord Malfoy," Regulus's mother introduced as they were in the fore front, "A pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Hadrian smiled, "I'm sure the ever consent letters about my arrival has tainted your perception of me, however Lord Hogwarts is one name rarely used, a more common name for me is Lord Hadrian Emrys and this enchanting man is Soon-to-be Consort Severus Prince formerly known as Severus Snape."

"Indeed. It is always a treasure to see those embrace their full Wizarding heritage," Lucius's father spoke with approval. He had wondered way Lucius's friend never accepted the Wizarding name going by his muggle name.

"It is," Hadrian agree, "however it is a shame when it is hidden from them. It is also a disgrace to keep one's rightful heritage from them."

Those close enough saw Hadrian's eyes flash for a moment but vanished when Severus placed his palm a little higher giving comfort. Flaying meddling old men can wait.

"One must ask, Lord Emrys. Do you not support the evolution of what has been brought to our world?" Lady Black slyly questioned, hawk-like eyes trained on the Lord waiting for his answer.

"One should always strive to better themselves, however they should not leave behind what has brought them here. To advance is natural but to forget is to err," Hadrian answered eyes never wavering from the formidable Lady Black. A lady that Hadrian had wished was on his side growing up. He could see the fierce loyalty hidden in the tendrils of her magic and hidden deep with the gray eyes. From the way she held herself, Hadrian knew she would a great asset and as a smirk appeared at the corner of her mouth, maybe even a doting aunt if things turned out the way he hoped. He was already looking fondly upon Regulus, his beloved's friend and one who in a previous universe gave his life to help stop a war. This lady was nothing like the screaming portrait from his memory. This one had a stern mask but concern and youthfulness peaked through her magic. A playfulness when with those trusted and familiar.

"And how do you propose to accomplish this task? Relieve two-thirds of the school's staff?" Lord Malfoy probed, readying for when the intense green eyes wholly focus on him. From what his son has spoken of this Lord, he would be a great friend, maybe even a close family friend.

"I do when none of them have their masteries and have done nothing to further the education of the next generation," Hadrian replied shifting his attention to Lucius's father, "Tell me who is involved in the hiring process for the Hogwarts' staff?"

"Generally the Headmaster unless the position goes unfilled for too long," was the quick reply.

"Are there any rules or guidelines for hiring?" Hadrian pushed forward.

"There are a few, however the Headmaster is bound to abide by those rules," Lord Malfoy countered curiosity creep forth in his eyes, he could see why Lucius enjoyed conserving with Lord Emrys.

"But there are loop-holes for everything. For instance, one rule is that each of the professors offered a position must have a mastery. Now take ex-Professor Ziess. He, at one time, had his mastery but it had been repealed when it was discovered that he had copied his thesis from another apprentice. So he had one but it had been revoked therefore sailing around that rule," Hadrian explained watching as the information sunk in and what it meant for their children's education.

While Lady Black looked thunderous as she took education serious, Lord Malfoy had a thoughtful expression peeking through his mask.

"However, it is poor manners to keep other's from their meals. Please will you join us for this lovely feast we are about to be served?" Hadrian asked as he conjured a table for all fifteen school governors and for his fiancé and himself as well.

Something like approval shown in Lady Black's eyes as Lord Malfoy accepted on behalf of all the members completely disregarding the Headmaster as Lord Emrys had previously done.

Regulus held out his hand as Lucius deposited a small sack of galleons into his friend's hand, although slightly disappointed that there was no confrontation from the "Light".

Sirius looked abashed as he saw his mother for the first time in a new light, seeing behind the masks that she always wore and saw he had severely misjudged his own mum. Hopefully it wasn't too late to repair the damage that had been wrought by his youthful rebellion and subtle encouragement from a certain headmaster. As he watched the by-play between Lord Emrys and his mum, Sirius casually visited older memories looking past the jaded views and warped voices that framed his thoughts and opinions.

Lady Hogwarts hummed in approval as she watched her sons play their parts beautifully. Change had been in the air but now it was thrumming with it. A new era was rising on the horizon.

"Lord Emrys, I do believe that I am still Headmaster, and as such a certain respect should be given," Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts demanded as he carefully made his way to the table Hadrian had conjured. Half his staff is gone, and those that are here are pushing against the mold he had meticulously created and to add insult to injury here Lord Emrys stood and converse with the school board governors who had never fully been on board with his ideas and desires.

"Respect is given when respect is due. However courtesy should always be followed especially to the bigger fish," Hadrian countered pulling out Severus's chair casually brushing his fingertips across his precious's nape.

"Then it should be extended first and communicated with what you found wrong rather than acting foolishly and leaving the students without teachers," Dumbledore reprimanded.

"The students," Hadrian's eyes flashed, deep seeded hatred glinting, "are better off not learning than learning the wrong way. By far it is easier to teach the first time rather than relearn and retrain."

"Lord Emrys speaks truth Dumbledore, besides I believe you have passed your prime in guiding the youth," Lady Black smoothly inserted nodding her thanks to Malfoy for holding out her chair.

"I second the motion," Lord Malfoy agreed as he gracefully sat in his chair.

"Those in favor of Dumbledore retiring?" Lord Nott, a rather quiet fellow on the school board, spoke from his seat across from Lord Malfoy.

"Aye!" Various voices answered even a few students joined in, a tall telling of when teenagers are in agreement with their parents.

"Those opposed?"

Silence reign brief before, "Headmaster, thank you for your time and services and extend to you retirement. You have a week to gather your possessions. So mote it be."

"So mote it be."

Dumbledore gaped before snapping his mouth closed and strode away from the Great Hall.

The students cheered while Lady Black went straight to business placing her napkin on her lap, "So who have you picked as replacements?"

Lord Malfoy will forever remember this moment, when the strong and composed young man before him that exuded confidence revealed his age of a young adult as Lord Emrys tinted red and replied, " I was hoping that some of you would fill the positions until next year when I, along with the board, found new teachers that will bring Hogwarts back to her glorious state."

Lady Black shock showed through her magic as her mask stayed in place before softening, "I would be honored."

"I would be as well," Lord Malfoy offered, mind racing in several directions on organizing classes and interviews as a smile began on Lord Emrys face.

Several others murmured their agreement causing Hadrian's smile to grow. As he reached for his goblet, his precious leaned closed whispering, "Well done my love. I'm proud of you."

Hadrian's ears tinted pink as raised his glass, toasting, "To new teachers, to new times, to regaining what we have lost!"

Expecting only the adults to toast, Hadrian was surprised when the students toasted as well. Perhaps not all was lost under Dumbledore guidance.

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