Severus was worried. He hasn't seen his soul mate since this morning and he could feel Hadrian's magic change from the constant warmth to something else. He knew that his love was monitoring other classes today rather than just his own and Severus had a feeling that Hadrian has discover just how truly worthless some of the teachers are in Hogwarts.

Gnawing his lower lip, Severus thought of what he should do. It would help if he could speak to Hogwarts as well.

I am here my child and do not fret.

Severus barely controlled his jump seeing as he was in the Great Hall for lunch.

My heir is merely regaining his sense of balance before he faces Dumbledore.

Lady Hogwarts?

You may call me mum, if you wish.

Mum…where is Hadrian? I wish to be with him.

There a moment of silence and Severus played with his food when Hogwarts answered him.

You may join him, beware though he is in a foul mood. Not that I blame him. Go to the second-floor and enter the girl's lavatory. From there I will guide you the rest of the way.

Thank you…mum.

Hogwarts didn't answer but Severus feel warmth settle over him that he imagined what his mother's hug felt like when he was younger.

"Excuse me my friends, I do not feel well and wish to retire for the afternoon," Severus stated letting Lucius and Regulus know he was leaving.

Lucius merely nodded his head while Regulus barely hid a smirk, "I hope you are able to rest Severus."

"Oh Shush you," Severus scowled as he left the table.

Entering the lavatory, Severus looked around just in case any of the girls were still in here even though he knew the second floor bathrooms were practically abandoned.

Standing in front of the sinks, Severus waited. It was not even a moment later when the sinks and mirrors began to shift into an entrance where stairs were leading the way down. Taking a steadying breath Severus began the descant. Bloody Gryffindors rubbing off on him.

At the bottom of the stairs it was pitch black except for a single torch that was lit. From there a row of torches came to life and Severus assumed that was the way to his love. Following the lit up torches, Severus faintly heard shattering and blasting noises that slowly became louder the closer he approached.

When he came upon a fully lit up room, Severus came to a halt as his protector and love was standing in the middle with magicked practicing dummies flying at Hadrian, their arms swinging and moving from different directions. Severus watched as more dummies appear when Hadrian's spell didn't land in a critical area and completely obliterated when a spell landed correctly.

Entranced Severus watched as Hadrian gracefully dodged and attacked the dummies. He knew that the dummies couldn't officially hurt his love but when one was about to get the better of Hadrian, Severus reacted without warning blasting the dummy away before it disintegrated. However that didn't stop Hadrian in fact he kept fighting sparing a quick smile to Severus.

Go join him. Hopefully you won't know the troubled times he faced but it is always good to be prepared especially since you two are now in a position of power.

Severus merely nodded before sliding in behind Hadrian's back protecting it from the dummies and began practicing his own knowledge of spells making sure he landed critical hits nearly every time since the majority were still attacking Hadrian head on for the most part.

As the last one turned to dusk, the two stood there for a moment catching their breath before turning to face each other. As their eyes met, Severus could see that his love was charged up as his eyes were an electrifying shade of green and his power radiated off his skin. When Hadrian moved to caress Severus's face, Severus realized he was charged as well when sparks flew from their touching skin.

Something shifted though and Hadrian was devouring his lips in a possessive flurry as his hands roamed Severus's body, pulling clothes away from their confines before finally just banishing their clothes to their closet. As Severus was drawn closer, he gasped as their bare torsos met and Hadrian's lip travelled down the column of his throat while hands seemed to grasp his rear in bruising force. Severus tangled his own fingers in Hadrian's hair keeping his love close.

One moment there were standing in the middle of a gory practice room and the next in their bed with Hadrian on top of him grinding their lower halves together.

Hadrian shifted lower and Severus parted his legs, cradling his love close as Hadrian lavished kisses and love bites across his torso. His senses being overwhelmed where he could only gasp and moan, Severus was unaware when he felt a something warm and slippery pressing in him twisting and turning. It felt amazing and his body responded arching his hips. It was only a matter of minutes when the presence left only to return wider and somewhere in the far back recesses of his mind, Severus knew they were Hadrian's fingers.

"I am sorry my precious, I wanted this to be different," Hadrian whispered ghosting kisses up his neck and ear.

It took an effort to gather some brain function, but he managed and pulled Hadrian so that Severus could see his face, "I have wanted it for so long, wanted you for so long. Please?"

Hadrian groaned and dropped his head to Severus's shoulder removing his fingers so he could slick his erection. As he pressed it against Severus's entrance, Severus tensed for a moment before relaxing and Hadrian slid all the way in, resting for a moment savoring the tight heat of his precious.

When Severus arched his hips, Hadrian took it as a silent command to move, withdrawing only to thrust back in completely leaving Severus to moan wantonly. Slowly building up to the frenzied paced once more, devouring and worshipping his precious.

Severus could do nothing but try and meet each thrust as he was once more drawn into the passionate and fevered lovemaking. Just as explosive the beginning was, the ending was as well. Their magic had begun to roll off of them mixing and binding them to each other, that when the two powerful males reached their climax, a gold dome covered them before exploding into glittering dust as the Hadrian collapsed unto his love.

"I love you Severus," Hadrian murmured against Severus's taunt heaving stomach.

"I love you too, Hadrian," Severus answered bending forward to press a kiss to Hadrian's sweaty locks.

A peaceful silence settled around them as they caught their breath and floated down from their ecstasy.

As their breath slowed and deepened a quiet conversation began.

"I'm sorry your first was so frenzied and rushed," Hadrian apologized pressing little kisses on Severus's chest.

"It was perfect, my love. It was better than my fantasies," Severus admitted stroking his fingers through Hadrian's hair. The pure passion and love Hadrian had surrounded him in, Severus never could have fantasied or even imagined.

"That good huh?" Hadrian smirked when a gentle tap to the head came.

Another lull of silence fell over them before Hadrian shifted so that he could hold his precious close.

"What brought you to the Chamber of Secrets? And how did you find it?" Hadrian asked nuzzling Severus, amazed that Severus had not only found him but joined him, moving in harmony with him as they fought the spelled dummies.

"Mum," Severus answered simply enjoying the sweet touches from his mate.

"Mum? As in Lady Hogwarts?" Hadrian asked confused.

"Mmmmm," a drowsily Severus answered.

Hadrian laughed happily and was content to simply hold Severus as he napped basking their after-glow.

When Hadrian woke up next, his mind was clearer and was able to actually think through his decisions instead of the blinding anger he had been feeling. He couldn't believe the teachers Dumbledore hired. Most barely knew their subject and some didn't even have their masteries.

Dragging his fingertips up and down Severus's arm, Hadrian thought of the best course of action. He really wanted to shut down all classes besides the core: Defense Against Dark Arts, Potions, Charms and Transfiguration. To get the students caught up to their correct levels. He also wanted to kick Dumbledore out. He would need the school boards cooperation for this though as replacing teachers were one thing but replacing Headmasters were another. If he remembers right Malfoys have always been on the school board. Maybe he could get Lucius to gather his father and associates for a meeting.

Hogwarts would smirk if she could, her poor heir didn't realize that he already had the backing of most of the school thanks to what the students have written home. As well as the majority of the school board were going to be showing up for dinner. Hogwarts giggled slightly before speaking to her heir.


Yes Mum?

You will get your backing tonight. Just make sure to clean behind your ears.

Tonight? What's going on?

No matter where you go, you shine brightly.

Hadrian lay pondering what his mum was talking about when Severus stretched upward to press a kiss to Hadrian's jawline, whispering "How about a bath?"

Hadrian moaned before scooping his precious up and carrying a laughing Severus to their bathroom.

Meanwhile after their bath…

A group of fifteen wizards and witches apparated to the gates of Hogwarts before storming through the gates and into Hogwarts making their way to the Great Hall where students were just starting to gather for dinner the group strode their way to the front table and stood waiting. Several students recognized the faces of the group but stayed where they were, knowing that something big was about to happen.

Their parents have showed up…

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