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notes: set in a maths class that both hayasaka and mafuyu are wasting time in. hayasaka already thinks natsuo and saeki are boylovahs and it still makes him uncomfortable, because he's a manly man like that. also, pairings not intended. i surprisingly don't really care much about being biased with pairings in oresama teacher, every ship goes. and it's too damn funny a manga to get worked up over.
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To be honest, Hayasaka's first impression was that Mafuyu was a dangerous serial killer. He had even felt a moment of delusional interest before he realised that she was really just an idiot. A well-meaning idiot, he conceded fairly, but an idiot nonetheless.

And a girl.

Mafuyu...was a girl.

This was difficult to see at first, though she had all the tailorings of what a girl should look like i.e skirts, ribbons etcetera etcetra. And outside the times where her eyes took on the delusional gleam and twinkle expected of a girl in some dumb shoujo manga, Mafuyu was really just loud, tactless and completely way-in over her head. So sometimes he forgot she was a girl.

Girls shouldn't be associated with the rough and tumble world of the disciplinary club with the rest of the crass delinquet minds of himself, Saeki, Shinobi-fool, Natsuo and Usa-chan man.

Usa-chan, though, was most definately a girl. His ears reddened.

Mafuyu was clumsy, and he was her friend. And though Hayasak had his own case of hero-worship going on for Usa-chan, could you really blame him? How could he not? She was just so damn cool.

It would have made sense for Natsuo and Usa-chan to be an item, he'd naturaly assumed as such. Both were miles ahead of him in fighting prowress, and Natsuo seemed to be the guy about town, like the older short brother Hayasaka had never had.

But then Natsuo was gay.

With Saeki-sensei.

Saeki-sensei with his dark suspicious eyes had seemed to be more of a breast man, Hayasaka had assumed. But now he knew his sensei was just more of a man man. Which was beyond mortifying.

Hayasaka had never been so mortified in his life.

And relieved, he realised later. Usa-chan wasn't Natsuo's girl!

Not that Hayasaka didn't want her to be.

Just. He was just checking. Okay?


The point was! The point was that Mafuyu should really stay out of these things, it wasn't safe for girls to be forever involved with the violence of delinquets. He'd pretty much told her so in maths class

"Hayasaka, you're being paranoid."

Hayasaka was no doubt affronted by such dismissal. "No, no I am not."

Mafuyu grinned, wiggling eyebrows indulgently. "Alright. I am in grave danger." And then she gushed, "Oh my! Am I beginning to look like a damsel in distress! Yes, Hayasaka, save me whatever the cost! Then I'll be as wonderful and shiny and feminine as those shoujo girls!"

He was not amused. "You're an idiot."

"A feminine idiot?"

Hayasaka just sort of scowled, directing his eyes towards his maths book. "Change of subject. Now."

"Hey!" Mafuyu whined. "I am plenty feminine! Even dumbass Saeki thinks so!"

Hayasaka spluttered, experiencing flashbacks that had for months left him greatly disturbed and worried for the student-body's closeted sexuality issues. "Saeki. Saeki, um, likes boys."


"He likes Natsuo."

"...Why are you blushing so bad? Do you like Natsuo too?"

"Pfft." He scoffed cooly, but was beyond horrified with such base accusations. "No."

"...He kind of dresses like a lesbian."

"Natsuo is a great man!" Hayasaka protested with great indignation flaring up withing his naisu gai chest. No one dissed his short-wierd-homosexual stand-in brother, Natsuo was a hero, and his fashion sense sort of went beyond the bishounen side, but he was cool and awesome and he pulled it off and no one - dammit, no one was allowed to say anything against him! "Sure he's a little on the pretty side, and he's small, and has...a tiny waist...and stuff. But no homo."

He did not like that sly smile, that secretive tightening of the eyes. "Oh really."


"You think he's pretty?"

"No homo, I said. No homo."

Her smile grew a thousand times brighter at that, which was really starting to freak Hayasaka out. "Oh I know! I'll try be more like him."

"You're fine just the way you are." Hayasaka groaned, exasperated. "Now give me my calculator back."

"Sure!" she announced, positively giddy. "Sure sure!"


"I'm still staying in the disciplinary club, you're such an adorkable chauvinist."

"...Goddam it, Mafuyu."




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