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Anyway... Full Summary: FEMHARRY! Kay-Lee Potter is abused at the Dursley's hands. Lord Voldemort was reborn a month after his first downfall. He manages to get the blood wards down by Kay-Lee's fourth birthday. He goes to kill her yet again, only to find her broken and bloodied, near death. Instead of killing her, Tom takes her in as his own daughter, raising her to his beliefs. What is Dumbledore going to do when a Dark Kay-Lee comes to Hogwarts? Weasley and Dumbledore bashing.


Kay-Lee's POV

"Girl, get up!"

And that is how I am woken every day. I sighed and opened my eyes only to stare at the underside of the stairs above my bed. I sat up, trying to ignore the sharp pain dragging down my back from the slowly healing wounds cracking open again. Opening the door to my cupboard I dragged my holey sock clad feet into the kitchen, pushing a ratty old stool to the counter, where what my so called relatives wanted for breakfast lay, ready for me to cook it.

I had been cooking the meals here for as long as I can remember, ever since I could reach the counter on the old stool my Aunt and Uncle forced me to cook their meals. Today it looked like they wanted a full English for around six people – of course, there were only three of them but my Uncle and beach ball of a cousin Dudley were unhealthily big. But of course, my Aunt insisted to everyone that Dudley was just big boned; that was not what the doctors said when we had check-ups and I had to have one too.

I set everything in to cook and looked at the counter, to see if Aunt Petunia had been in a good enough mood to leave me a bit of food. A tiny smile made its way across my face, a small bit of mouldy bread and half a glass of water. Sure the bread was mouldy and the water had gone a bit funny but it was better then nothing. Picking off the mouldy spots I quickly ate my 'breakfast' before tending back to my relative's breakfast.

I served everything up and had made cups of tea and juice just in time for my Uncle and cousin to come ploughing down the stairs, causing a mini earthquake.

Everything was going fine while they were eating breakfast and I was getting a head start on cleaning the kitchen when Dudley decided that there wasn't enough drama.

"Dad! My bacon's burnt!"

When in fact it was not. Uncle Vernon could clearly see that his son was lying but still, he stood up, seemingly calm and started to fry up some new bacon for Dudley.

I thought that I had some how escaped punishment, and it was obvious that Dudley was disappointed in my lack of punishment.

Vernon started to talk, calmly at first, while boiling the kettle, "I am sick and tired of putting up with your mistakes girl. Have you not learnt your lesson yet? Well, obviously not, so I think that I need to step up your punishment a tad, don't you think?"

I inched my way over to the corner, trying to disappear from view but Vernon just kept coming, a leather belt now in one hand the still red hot pan in the other.


Hours later I sat in my cupboard, silently sobbing, rubbing my new cuts and burns to try and soothe the pain, only resulting in even more pain. My hands were covered in blistering burns and my left arm was red and puckered from the sizzling grease that had been poured over it and my back was sore from the boiling water that had been tipped over my fresh and old wounds.

But that wasn't it. My uncle had nearly chocked me to death with his belt while he did something that I didn't understand which felt so bad that I was sure I was being ripped in half and my chest hurt from the kicks that had been aimed there from both Dudley and Vernon.

Even though it was all I knew, I know that what they were doing is wrong. I just really wish that someone would come an take me away from here.


Oh no. This can't be good.


Narrator's POV

Meanwhile, at the Dark Headquarters, otherwise known as Riddle Manor, a very happy Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort was getting ready to storm number four, Privet Drive after, finally, after three long years of hard work, the Blood Wards had came toppling down. He was finally going to be rid of the stupid girl-who-lived once and for all, but he would have to be quick about it, the old coot Dumbledore was bound to know about the Blood Wards already and was on his way with that stupid Order of his. It was a good thing he had his horcruxs, otherwise he would have never have been reborn a month after his first downfall.

No one questioned where he was going as he stride past, pulling on a thick winter robe as he went, they could all see the determined gleam in his crimson coloured eyes.

Once he was outside of the wards protecting his manor he apparated straight to number 4 Privet Drive.

Pulling his wand out of his pocket, Voldemort blasted down the front door to the house only to be met with a truly disgusting sight. A big whale of a man, was repeatedly dragging thick, deep lines down a small girl's chest with a huge chef's knife while a mini version of the man was literally pounding his fists into the red head's face with who was presumably his mother stood watching.

Their attention was drawn to him as their front door was blown off. The mini whale squeaked and tried to hide behind his mother while the bigger whale squared himself up, trying to look intimidating.

Voldemort easily pushed past the whale and bent down next to the heavily bleeding girl, casting a simple healing charm to slow the blood flow, brushing his slightly wavy hair out of his sight. "This is Kay-Lee Potter?"

"What is it to a freak like you?"

Voldemort saw red, the sight that he had first seen angered him – not even he would beat a defenceless little girl and he was Lord Voldemort! - but that made him snap and Voldemort was not one known for being good at holding in his fury.

Vernon was on the floor, screaming in pain with his family just watching on, unable to help him in anyway.

"I ask again, is this girl that you have so ruthlessly torchered, Kay-Lee Potter?"

Vernon stopped screaming, barley able to move his head in a nodding movement.

Voldemort sneered, casting a spell to bind ropes around all three of the Dursleys before kneeling down next to Kay-Lee who was now awake, a few tears running down her face in pain but otherwise just staring up at the brown haired, red eyed man with wide hazel, emerald flecked eyes that hid so many secrets.

"Can you stand?"

Kay-Lee managed to get to her feet only to slump straight back down to the floor, Voldemort barley catching her in time. A small sigh escaped Voldemort's lips as he heard the tiny pain filled sobs from the red haired girl who was so desperately clutching on to his robe sleeve with one small hand while the other was clutching her left leg.

As Voldemort saw it, he had two choices, one kill the girl and be rid of his burden once and for all, along with her relatives or he could take her in as his own daughter, after killing the people that had quite obviously put her through so much pain anyway. The look on Dumbledore's face if he were to find out if Voldemort was considering corrupting his precious Golden Girl!

"Please sir... whoever y-you a-are, p-please ju-just take m-me a-away f-from h-here." the tiny body in Voldemort's arms was shaking violently as sobs racked through her skinny frame.

I have got to get out of here. Voldemort thought as pops indicated the arrival of the Order of the Phoenix. It wasn't as if he couldn't take them on single handedly, no, it was just that Kay-Lee absolutely refused to let go of his arm like he was her only life line she had left; well, that and it looked as if she had a broken leg.

Well, it looks like I'm taking her in then.

With three flashes of green light and a CRACK he and Kay-Lee Potter were gone from number 4 Privet Drive just as Aurors streamed in through the doors.

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