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Chapter 1

(Takes place during Season 1, Episode 6)

"So, what do you remember about your Dad?" Jo asks him as he stands in front of her, looking everywhere but right at her. When she asks the question, he's tense. Emotions, too quick to analyse, flew across Dean's face, making Jo narrow her eyes in confusion. What was Dean thinking… or remembering? "Dean?"

"What? Oh yeah, nothing much. Just shooting at the range when I was younger." Dean shrugged and walked away to another table opposite where his bag was. "Where's Sam? He should be back by now." Dean muttered with a shake of his head, as if to get rib of a memory.

"Dean." Jo said, now standing, and walked towards the man. "Dean, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." He said too quickly. "Nothing's wrong, everything's peachy." Dean muttered with a sigh. Jo touched his shoulder lightly, he flinched from her touch like he did when anyone touched him. The last person to touch him this lightly was his mother when she used to run her fingers though his hair.

"It's okay, Dean. Dean, you can tell me." Jo said softly. Dean slowly started to relax under the soft hand which was rubbing the skin on his arm. He didn't even know why he spoke.

"I was only 6, Sam just turned 2." Dean started, looking up at the wall in front of him as if it was happening right there in front of him. Jo listened closely; she had never heard Dean say anything about his childhood or his personal life before. This felt like the only time he was ever gonna do it too. "It was cold. Dad had already been gone for 2 days, but he finally tumbled in, covered head to toe in blood, most of it his. It was everywhere. Sam started crying so I took him into the bathroom and told him to get in the bath; he loved the water so he was okay with it. Once he was settled, I took some towels into the main room to see Dad sat on the couch, he was stitching himself up and sipping a bottle of whiskey. He saw me, took the towels and carried on like I wasn't even there. I was so confused. I remember thinking, why the Hell is Dad sticking a needle in his shoulder, was everyone supposed to do that?" Dean said.

"I learned how to patch someone up that day, so when he passed out halfway though, I finished him off." Dean gave off a sad chuckle. "He never looked at me the same afterwards. He looked at me like a solider, not like his kid." Dean said. Jo looked at him with sadness. She had a childhood, a father who loved her. Dean had a rifle, a drill sergeant who trained him.

"What happened next?" Jo asked.

"I put a blanket over Dad, got Sammy out the bath and into his PJ's. Before he fell asleep, he asked if Dad was okay. I said 'Yes, Sammy. Daddy won't leave us, Daddy will never leave us' but he did. 4 days later, in the next town, he left again. This time for a week with nothing but a box of Count Chocula's, some tins of soup and a 6-pack of soda's. Dad thought I could look after us both, but Sam was only 2, just starting to run around and want to learn so many things. I was only 6. I wanted to go to school, run around with all the other kids and see the world outside the motel room doors. I didn't want to make dinner, wash clothes and clean snotty noses. But it was always Sammy first. Look after Sam, Dean. Stand up for Sammy, kid. Only mission: Take care of Sammy. Never let Sam out of your sight. It nearly killed me the first time Sam was hurt. Dad looked at me with so much disappointment I threw up outside. He looked at me like I was a failure."

Dean looked at her the first time since he started his story, his eyes filled with sadness she had never noticed before. "So I trained, I did anything I could to get him to trust me again. I did anything he said. But nothing mattered. I know for a fact that Sammy is more important to him than I would ever be, I know that that is how it will ever be."

"You mean something, Dean. Sam still cares for you. Bobby cares, my mum cares, I care. Hell, even Ash cares!" Jo said with a reassuring smile. "Sam's older now; he can take care of himself. You don't have to look after him anymore."

"But what if that's the only thing that I know?" Dean asked.

Before Jo could even attempt to answer, Sam walked in with news that another body had been found. Jo looked at Dean, but his poker face was back up. Sam didn't notice how the cheeky smile didn't reach his eyes.

Jo thinks that Sam doesn't know much about his brother

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