WARNING: This is the sequel to "Vindicated". If you haven't read that, please do so before continuing on with this. Thank you!





Temporary relief as the bowl caught the droplets, and then the cycle repeated itself.


"Andelyn," the huddled man finally croaked out as another trickle of venom seared his raw skin.

The pale, shaken girl squeezed her dull eyes shut as she once more brought the bowl to catch the minuscule drops. One by one, they splashed into the shallow basin, quickly filling it to the brim. Cringing, she pulled the bowl out from the path of the drops and walked away to empty it in the ever-expanding pool of poison.

The pain hit him once more, searing his already raw skin. Quickly, she turned to face him, carrying the empty wooden bowl towards him again. There was a cooling sense of relief as she suspended it back in place.

On the surface, his punishment was simple: suffer under the wretched snake for the rest of his existence. Honestly, that he could handle. The physical pain was nothing. No, the underlying punishment was far worse.

Of course, they had to bring her into it. He had begged his captors to release her, offering his life to them, but they had only sneered and laughed at his pathetic pleas. Now he was forced to watch her wither away in this miserable hell-hole day after day. Though their captors had placed an immortality spell on her, he knew it wouldn't last much longer. She would die; crumble slowly into nothing while he couldn't do anything but watch. It was the worst kind of torture, looking on as someone you love suffers.

"Leave me. Escape," he ordered, but yet again, his commands fell deaf to her ears. Ande's eyes filled with tears, but she didn't look at him. She obviously couldn't stand the sight of his gaunt face anymore, and he didn't blame her. His once handsome features had been twisted over the years of being drenched in the venom. Given time, the scars and raw skin would heal, but there was no time.

It might seem impossible to keep track of the days in this cave that no natural sunlight reached, but somehow, she had developed a system counting the drops of venom in order to measure the time. She would dig a notch in the sides of her bowl for each day that passed.

They had endured this for three and a half years today.

After all, they had both sworn to be together for better and for worse.


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