Long ago on a planet called Vegeta, two baby saiyans cry out in the nursery. Kakarot second sayian child was Prince Vegeta, King Vegeta's son, the heir to the throne. both children were tested on their fighting abilities as was customary. Prince Vegeta was ranked as an elite as was expected of the King's own flesh and blood. Kakarot, however was ranked third class.

A strange thing happened in the testing room where both infants were. they both did weird fighting/ballerina poses and in the end their fingers touched. A blinding golden light formed around the two children and when it faded a new infant was created. The docters tested the new newborn and were suprised that he achieved elite status and was far more powerful than any other sayian child.

The docters immediatley told King Vegeta. When the king saw the child he realized that the infant had Vegeta's hair but it had Kakarot's face. the new child had an air of royalty King Vegeta thought it was more like his son than Bardock's. He asked the doctors who kakarot's mother was and they said the thing that turned his world upside down.

"His mother is the queen, my lord," the head doctor told him grimly. The king couldn't think straight. Kakarot and his son were more or less brothers in a strange sorta way. That meant so was the newborn from which was half Vegeta annd half Kakarot. It was fused from half of each of their souls. Although it seemed to act more like Vegeta.

Just then Bardock walked in, he had been alerted by the doctors as well.

"doctors leave," king Vegeta demanded.

"But sir we have discovered something about the newest one," said the head doctor,"he will be multi-personalitied as well as your son and Bardock's" Bardock looked just as shocked as the king felt. The doctors left to allow them to talk, taking the three infants back to the nursery with them. Vegeta faced Bardock and studied the look in his eyes. He decided to let go of the fact that his own wife cheated on him. There were more pressing matters at hand like the fate of te new unamed child.

"Your majesty, if the new child is a fusion of both our children who keeps him?", asked Bardock. Vegeta thought about it. "Well, the child has the royal air to him and he acts more like my son, so I should keep him" Vegeta concluded. Bardock nodded his head in agreement and left. Vegeta thought of what to name his new son, he decided to do a combo of the two names. Kageta didn't sound very good. He thought and thought. In the saiyan language ka meant go so he named the child Gogeta. this is where Gogeta's story begins