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Nami smiled and said, "Kyle, here comes some yummy food!"

"Nami, give it up. He isn't hungry!" groaned Jack.

"Hungry, hungry!" repeated Kyle. Once again, Nami INSISTED that he was hungry.

"Nami, it is like the only word he knows!" Nami rolled her eyes and picked up Kyle. "Fine, you take care of him!" She shoved the two year old towards Jack.

"Nami, I already have to get food, water crops, AND take care of Tess, Sunburn, Burt, Omlettte, and Dollie!

"Not my problem!" called Nami from the other room. Jack groaned and said, "I would rather go through child labor then doing all the work afterwards.

"No you wouldn't!" called Nami. How did she hear me? I think women have super hearing abilies. Thought Jack with a sigh.

"Well come on little guy, I'll show you the chickens."

"Kyle, the chicken with the red beard is a rooster. The chicken without facial hair is a...chicken. And the midget yellow one is a baby chicken. The baby chicken's name is Omlette."

"I eat Omette!"

"No no! Mommy doesn't want the chickens eaten."

"No Omette?"

"No Omlette."


"You farted! farts!"

"Noo! Fart, Fart!"

"I know you farted Kyle."

"Nooooo! Fart! Furt!"


"Yes! Fart, Fart!"

"Burt is the rooster." Jack pointed to the rooster.

"Dollie?" asked a questioning Kyle. Jack pointed to the chicken. "Yes, that is to feed her?"


"No! She doesn't eat fingers!" Jack said quickly and put some bird feed in Kyle's hand. "Tacos!" exclaimed Kyle and threw it.

"...Good...job?" said Jack slowly. "Birds don't eat tacos though."

"Tacos, tacos! Tacos!"


Kyle became quiet and put his thumb in his mouth. After a while he said, "Daad?"

"What Kyle?"

"Doo mommy love me?"

"Of course!"

"Yaay..." Kyle beamed at Jack.

"Why did you ask?"

"Heard mommy say she only love Daaddy."

"She loves both of us Kyle."

"Good, I wove her too. And..."

"And what Kyle?"

"I really wove my daaddy too."

"I love you too Ky." And Jack, while smiling, hugged his son tightly, oblivious to the troubles soon to come.