Friends With Benefits...Out Takes and Deleted Scenes

Red Light Special in the Ladies' Department

It was a slow Monday mid-morning at Grace Brothers. Time for today's "boring time" game.
"Pssst...pssst...Mr. Lucas!" called Mr. Humphries excitedly,"Are you free?"
"You've caught me in between doing nothing and cocking about."
"Look over there!" he motioned to the Ladies' counter,"I wonder what that's all about."
They watched curiously as Betty took pair after pair of sexy underwear out of a box and held them up for Stephen's approval. The ones he nodded to she set aside in a little pile.
She held up a pink lacy pair.
Mr. Lucas whispers,"Whew! Those are hot!"
Stephen raised his eyebrows, smiled and nodded slightly.
"He agrees!" Mr. Lucas and Mr. Humphries both chuckled.
She picked up a pair of white "Granny panties".
"Ahhh...NO!" Mr. Lucas wrinkled his nose. Stephen did the same thing and the offending knickers went back in the box. The next pair solicited Stephen to bite lower lip, close his eyes, and inhale slowly. He exhaled, cheeks puffed, eyebrows raised. He nodded emphatically.
"What do you suppose is going on?"
"Ha! It's like watching Caesar! Thumbs-up, thumbs-down. I bet they have a little private modeling party later on," said Mr. Lucas impishly.
"I wonder who is going to do the modeling! Now I like that pair!"
"He does, too!"
Stephen mouthed,"How many?"
Betty counted.
"Seven,"she said.
"That's one for each day of the week! I wonder which pair she'll wear for church!" Mr. Lucas teased.
Mr. Humphries spouted,"If the vicar finds out, that could be grounds for excommunication!"
They both laugh out loud, trying not to wake Mr. Grainger..
Stephen smiled at her,"Sale, Mrs. Slocombe."
She wrote up the chit and he signed it. She rang up the purchase on Stephen's staff account, put the panties in a bag with the receipt, and handed the parcel to him.
He smiled a little nervously, blushing as he passed the Gents' counter, realizing he had been watched. Mr. Lucas and Mr. Humphries smiled widely, like two Cheshire cats, as Stephen walked past to put his purchase in the cloakroom. As soon as Stephen was out of sight, they burst into laughter. Betty glared and wagged a finger at them.
"This has been the best game to date, Mr. Humphries!"

Early Morning Meeting

Stephen and Betty arrived outside of Grace Brothers at 8:15 am for yet another all-important team-building meeting.
"I'm going to go into Beppo's for a coffee, would you like one?" Stephen asked.
"No, thanks," she smiled.
"Oh, alright. Sign us in and tell Rumbold I'm getting a coffee. Are you sure you don't want one?" he asked again.
"No. I'll get one from the canteen in a bit."
"OK, I'll see you up there, Love."
She entered the building and headed for the lift.

The staff assembled in the Ladies' and Gents' Department. Betty signed the book and took a seat next to an empty one she was saving for Stephen.

"This early morning meeting has my routine off," Miss Brahms said,"I am dying for a coffee."
"We'll send Mr. Harman to the canteen for coffee and biscuits," said Mr. Rumbold.

Stephen walked in a few minutes late.
"I'm sorry I'm late; I stopped in Beppo's for a coffee and there was a queue," he offered.
"May I have just a sip?" Betty asked.
"I asked you if you wanted one."
"She wanted one, alright, just not coffee!" Mr. Lucas quipped.
Stephen shot him a stern look.
He handed Betty the cup and she downed about half of it.
"Oooohhhh...that was lovely. Thank you, Stephen!"
She handed the cup back. He looked in it, then looked at her, miffed.
Teasingly, she pursed her lips at him and said,"There's still some left, you can taste it if you'd like!"
He leaned over, cupped her face in his hands, and planted a big juicy kiss right on her mouth. They all watched in shock. She reached up and grabbed his wrists to release herself. Pulling back, she exhaled loudly. Everyone tittered.
"Mmmm...that was lovely...and the coffee wasn't half bad either!" He smiled to himself.
She turned crimson, eyes wide in embarrassment.
"Can we get started, Captain Peacock, or do you two need a moment?"

Caught Gawking

Another slow morning at Grace Brothers. Stephen walked around the department to try to make the day go a little quicker. He stood by the Gents' counter; Betty crouched next to the Ladies' counter unpacking a box.
He turned his head sideways to check her out, the stood staring as she worked.
"Watch this, Mr. Humphries. He's checking her out," said Mr. Lucas mischievously.
Mr. Lucas watched as Stephen gazed at Betty.
"I bet those thighs provide plenty of cushion for a skinny man like yourself!" he muttered, smiling devilishly.
Stephen shook himself back to reality.
"I beg your pardon, Mr. Lucas!" Stephen sputtered, shocked, eyes wide and frowning.
"More bounce to the ounce, eh?"
Mr. Humphries turned away, tittering.
"I'll remind you to keep a civil tongue, Mr. Lucas! You are being very discourteous to Mrs. Slocombe and myself."
"Yes, Captain Slocombe, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me."
Mr. Lucas turned to the cupboard drawers and snickered.
Stephen walked silently back to his post.
"You are abominable, Mr. Lucas!" Mr. Humphries shook his head then tittered again.
"Both of you get back to work!" Mr. Grainger growled,"And try to control yourselves