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Chapter One: Everything Was Going Beautifully

People are setting up for another wedding, on a small island surrounded by beautiful white sand and tall trees, but Lauren and Tracy didn't care about anything that was happening, Stu, Phil, Alan, Teddy and Angelica were still missing.

"Hi, you've reached the office of doctor Stuart Price, please note that the office will be closed until the 24th, if this is an emergency please try..." Lauren hung up the phone, as she watched two people decorate the balcony. She dialled a second number.

"Hi this is Doctor Stu Price, I'm getting married, so I'll be out of the country for two weeks. I'm not sure if I'll have cell service, if this is a dental emergency ple-" Lauren hung up the phone, worry and sadness evident on her face as she turned towards her parents and Tracy.

"Nothing," she said, as she took her seat beside Tracy. Her father and mother than began to speak in their native language.

"Daddy please," Lauren interrupted, "You're not helping." Tracy looked at her and then to her parents.

"I looked into his eyes, not the eyes of the man, the eyes of a coward," her father spat. Lauren's mother looked at him worriedly. She grabbed his hand and began to mutter to him once again in their native language. Tracy's phone then began to vibrate, she quickly excused herself from their presence and went to stand out on the balcony.

"Ang," she whispered.

"Tracy," Angelica said, "I'm sorry."

"Where the hell are you?"

"It happened again," Angelica explained. She had explained some of the things that happened to Tracy, during a spa weekend.

"Don't say that," Tracy breathed, "please."

"No, this time we really fucked up."

"Seriously," Tracy asked, "What is wrong with you four?"

"So much, Trace," Angelica answered, "I don't even know where to begin."

"Oh god," Tracy gasped, "How bad? Like no wedding bad?"

"Yeah," Angelica confirmed, "A little worse than that."

One Week Earlier…

Their little baby girl was crying again. Angelica slowly rolled over careful not to disturb Phil and quietly got out of bed and walked down the hall. When she got there, she saw Phil slowly placing their daughter, Monroe, on her changing table and started talking to her as he changed her diaper.

"We got to let mommy sleep, don't we little Monroe Emilia," Phil said, as he slipped the diaper off. Angelica leaned against the door and smiled. It was rare moments like these that she saw the guy she had fallen in love with and still loves to this day. Phil tickled Monroe's tummy once he finished and went to get her a change of clothes, when he saw Angelica leaning against the door jamb smiling.

"How long have you been standing there," Phil asked. She shook her head and smiled at him.

"Thanks, for trying to let me sleep, but as my mom said, my baby radar has set in, I could hear her crying from down the hall," she pulled a onesie from the drawer and handed it to him.

"I was already up," Phil explained, as he tried to dress the now squirming Monroe, "I've got an appointment with Stu and I was going to try and talk him out of getting married in Thailand."

"Phil," she groaned. Monroe continued to squirm. She wanted her mommy's attention and if she didn't get it soon she was going to start to cry again. Angelica seeing what was happening, grabbed Monroe out of Phil's arms and slowly began to dress the now calm Monroe.


"Lauren and him want to get married in Thailand, let it be, please, she's one of my best friends and he means a lot to me as well and this is what they want," Angelica said, as she settled Monroe on her hip.

"It doesn't mean, I can't try," he joked back, kissed Angelica on the lips and then Monroe on the head, before he ran out of the room and out of the front door. Angelica shook her head and smiled down at Monroe.

"Daddy's silly, isn't he," she huffed as she tickled Monroe's stomach, before walking down the stairs to get some food for her and Monroe.

"You really need to floss more," Stu said, as he looked over Phil's teeth.

"Fuck that," Phil answered, "That's why I come here." Stu lifted the light out of Phil's face and turned towards the counter as Phil sat up a bit.

"Then you should come more than once every two years," Stu stated.

"Why so you bleed Ang and me out of all our money," Phil argued. Stu bent over a pad of paper and wrote something down.

"I never charge you or Angelica a dime, Phil."

"Hey," Phil called, "How do I work the Nitrice?"

"Uh, you don't, actually" Stu said.

"Oh come on," Phil argued, his voice muffled by the mask, "Just one hit."

"Fillings look pretty good," Stu said, "Any other problems?"

"Yeah, actually," Phil said, as he leaned back in the chair, "You're getting married in Thailand. For starters that's flights for me and Angie, that's two grand right there and then my ex-wife is watching Alec and my mother-in-law is watching Monroe, so now they both have got these whole new things to hold over my head, plus," Phil added, before Stu could interrupt him, "It takes five days to get there."

"It's a sixteen hour flight," Stu corrected, "And it's beautiful when you get there."

"Whatever it's a hassle," Phil answered.

"It is kind of far," Stu agreed, "Lauren's been there a week and she's still jet legged, but it's where her parents are from and it means a lot to them."

"Who gives a shit about her parents," Phil complained, as he took off the bib, "Her dad hates you." Phil walked over to the window and looked outside.

"He doesn't hate me," Stu argued, "He's just never spoken to me. I think it's a cultural thing."

"Why can't you just get married in Vegas like you did last time," Phil asked, as he turned back towards Stu, "It's so much easier."

"Why can't you just be excited for me, like Angie is? This is my wedding," Stu explained. Phil thought about it for a few moments and then he looked back at Phil.

"You're really happy, huh," Phil asked.

"I really am," Stu agreed. Phil thought about it for another moment and then he took a deep breath. He wasn't going to get Stu to change his mind, he'll just have to admit defeat.

"Alright," he said, giving in, "I'm happy too." He shrugged and began to walk out the door, but not before he slapped Stu on the shoulder. Stu thanked him.

"It's going to be fun," Phil agreed, he slapped Stu on the shoulder once more and then made to exit Stu's office.

"Phil," Stu called, "Put the prescription pad back." Phil stopped and turned to look at Stu. He walked back into the office and reached down the front of his pants to pull out the prescription pad. He slammed it on the desk. Stu thanked him once more.

"You know that's a felony, right," Stu asked him.

"Fuck you man," Phil swore, before he turned and walked out the office door once more.

"Was this right up against your scrotum," Stu asked, as he gingerly picked up the pad.

"Yep," Phil answered, without stopping.

It was Angelica and Tracy's monthly girl's night. These nights use to be bi-weekly, but then they both got married and now that Angelica had Monroe, and couldn't leave her for copious amounts of time, it was decided that they would make them monthly, because they needed that time away from the guys. Now usually Lauren would join them, but since she was Thailand getting ready for her and Stu's wedding it was just the two of them.

"Oh my god," Tracy gasped, "I just realized."

"What," Angelica asked, as she drove the two of them towards their favourite restaurant.

"I forgot to renew my passport."

"Oh no," Angelica said, feigning sadness, "It's a good thing Doug did it last week, it's in your kitchen drawer." She tried her best not to laugh, ever since Tracy got pregnant, she's had baby brain more times then she could count.

"He's the best," Tracy said.

"Hey," Angelica said, "You're a team."

"And you are a great person," Tracy continued. This statement confused Angelica a little.

"Like a really good person," Tracy still continued.

"Thank you," Angelica said, a little scared about where this was going.

"So I know you're not going to get mad."

"Mad? Mad at what?"

"Alan found out that we're going to Thailand for Stu's wedding," Tracy explained.


"So? He's heartbroken, Ang," Tracy explained, "You guys are like his family."

"No, you're family, is like his family," Angelica corrected. Tracy looked at her miserably.

"All Alan talks about is the four of you," Tracy argued, "And that weekend." Angelica shot Tracy a wary look. It seemed that her getting married to Phil, didn't stop Alan obsession with her and it had now moved on to her and Phil.

"Wait a second," Angelica asked, "Is he the one that keeps calling me at all hours of the night, and then hangs up?"

"He does that when he's upset," Tracy explained, "He doesn't understand why he's not invited." Angelica pouts a little as she continues to drive them to their restaurant.

"Can you just run it by Stu," Tracy asks, "Just run it by him. For me and your little niece or nephew." Angelica blinks and takes a deep breath. Tracy always was able to talk her into stupid things.

"No fucking way," Stu snaps. Angelica got Doug to ask, because there was no way, she was going to get involved in this, especially when she wasn't the one that knocked Tracy up and made her impossible to say no to.

"Absolutely not," Stu continued, as he, Doug, Phil, and Monroe sat in the local IHOP, eating brunch, while Angelica took Tracy out shopping.

"Come on Stu, it's killing him," Doug reasoned.

"I don't care," Stu answered, "Honestly, the two of you were barely invited, while your wives were always on the guest list because they're two of Lauren's best friends." The two of them groaned at the cheap shot. Phil took a sip of his coffee while Doug and Stu talked about Alan. Monroe, who was sitting by her father and across from her godfather, was looking around the restaurant in fascination completely oblivious to what was happening at the table.

"I get it. I really do," Doug conceded, "It's just you know what, Alan considers you to be one of his best friends."

"I consider Alan to be insane," Stu argued.

"Stu," Phil interjected, "Throw him a bone. Doug already said, that his dad has already said that he'll pay for everything he eats and everything he breaks. You know what, we should try to squeeze the old man to cover the bachelor party."

"That's good," Doug agreed, while Stu looked a little uncomfortable.

"I'm glad you brought that up," he interjected, "because this is the bachelor party."

"What," Doug asked.

"What are you talking about," Phil asked in confusion.

"Yeah, it's my bachelor brunch," Stu explained, while the pair looked at him in confusion, "Go crazy, get same chocolate chip pancakes, a lap dance from the waitress." Phil slammed his cutlery on the table.

"That's bullshit," Phil groaned, "You can't just skip out on the bachelor party, Stu."

"You see that," Stu asks, pointing to his glass of orange juice on the table, "That's orange juice with a napkin on top. Do you know why? So nobody ruphies me."

"Well I refused to eat fucking cantaloupe at bachelor party," Phil snapped.

"Come on Stu," Doug argued as well, "Don't you think you're over reacting?"

"No," Stu answered, "I don't. I'm still putting the broken pieces of psyche back together." Phil laughed and began to mutter under his breath.

"And you know what the glue is," Stu asked, "Lauren. And I'm not doing anything to screw that up."

"Oh please, you wouldn't even be with her, if it wasn't for us," Phil argued.

"Oh, this'll be good," Stu said, while Doug looked at him in confusion, knowing full well that it had been Angie and Tracy that had set the pair up, when they noticed how lonely Stu was, while Angelica had been pregnant with Monroe.

"Stu," Phil called, "Think about it. You ended up ditching Melissa and then two years later you met your true soul mate. Take Vegas out of the equation and you would have married a cunt." An elderly couple that set next to their booth, look at Phil in shock and anger.

"Oh it's okay," he told the couple, "I'm allowed to say it. It's a bachelor party. Drink up everybody. Oh wait," he paused, "There's no alcohol. I forgot, we're in a fucking IHOP." Doug shook his head, as Phil replaced his sunglasses back on his head.

"Well, it's my decision and its final, so how about a toast," Stu offered, as he raised his glass of orange juice in the air. Phil slammed his cutlery onto the table once more.

"This sucks," he announced, "I'm going to wait in the car." He slowly began to gather Monroe's things, placing them in the baby bag that Tracy had given Angelica at her baby shower.

"Come on, Phil," Doug called, "Where are you going?"

"No Doug, I just don't get it. He's getting married in Thailand. That's great for him, but what about us? It's just selfish. Come on sweetheart." He grabbed Monroe's car seat.

"Shame on you," he said and then left the restaurant not bothering to look back at Doug and Stu.

"Don't worry Stu, Angie and I will stand up for you no matter what," Doug said, as he slapped Stu on the back.

"Thank you," Stu answered.

"But you got to help us out with this Alan thing." Stu looked up and then at Doug.

"Guys, I can't tell you how much this means. Alan's been waiting for the invite ever since he got wind of the wedding," Sid explained, as he lead the foursome to Alan's room. Angelica wanted to desperately wait with Tracy and Monroe in the front living room, but Phil had dragged her along with them.

"I'm sure he has," Stu answered.

"Yeah," Sid agreed, "He's been standing outside by the mailbox every day."

"Wow, that's rough," Phil said. Angelica rolled her eyes. Alan had a tendency to obsess over things. She was evidence of that. Fuck, you're nice to the guy once and he brands you his soul mate. It's creepy.

"Yeah, I, uh, I'm not quite sure he ever left Vegas, you know. He really needs this," Sid explained. Sid knocked on the door as the foursome exchanged a look.

"What," they heard Alan call, not bothering to come to the door.

"Sweetie," Sid answered, "It's Papa, you have visitors," he then turned to the group, "Go in slowly. Give him a chance to activate." The group nodded. The door opened and Alan stood there, while Sid gave the foursome a surprised look.

"Hey Alan," Doug greeted. Angelica put on her best fake smile and nodded to him.

"Hey guys," Alan answered, "Hey Phil." Angelica leaned into Phil a bit more. It was worse than she thought, not only was he obsessed with her, but Alan was now obsessed with Phil. Absolutely fucking perfect.

"Hey bud," Phil greeted. Alan stumbled a bit before he invited them to come in. They all answered positively even though both Angelica and Stu's were a little forced. He gave them each a slap on the back or a hug when they walked through the door. His father smiled at him.

"Okay, see you on the court in half-" Alan slammed the door in his face. The foursome looked around Alan's room.

"Pretty cool room, Alan," Phil complimented. He wrapped an arm around Angelica. He knew she was creeped out by being here.

"Oh thanks Phil," Alan answered, "My dad pays my rent." It was then that both Doug and Angelica saw them.

"Alan, what the fuck, we were suppose to delete these. You made a promise," Doug said, once he spotted the photos. Angelica looked at one that Alan by his bedside table. It was of her and Phil, but Phil's face had a huge red target drawn on it.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Stu complained, "What the hell? I'm not cool with this at all. You can't have these." Angelica wasn't sure if it was the fact that Alan kept the photos or the fact that they were a reminder of his failed relationship with Jade, which only lasted two weeks after Vegas.

"Chillax Stu," Alan explained, while Phil smiled and laughed at some of the photos, "Nobody ever comes in here."

"Total violation of trust," Stu complained. Angelica rolled her eyes and she filled with the chain she had around her neck, that held the original wedding band that Phil gave her when they got married in Vegas. A week after their return he had come home with a diamond ring and gave it to her, but made her promise that she would keep the original ring close to her heart.

"Mother, I'm done with my lunch," Alan said into the intercom, "It's just sitting here."

"I'm sorry, honey, I'll be right up." Angelica was looking at a picture that Phil had in his hand.

"I can't believe you guys stopped by," Alan said in awe, "This is really cool."

"Wait a second," Angelica interrupted, grabbing the picture out of Phil's hand, and showed it to Alan, "Alan, is that Mr. Chow?"

"Yeah," Alan answered, "We still keep in touch."

"Stu," Angelica said, showing him the picture.

"Chow, the guy who kidnapped us," Stu asked.

"He didn't kidnap us, he kidnapped black Doug. Remember, it was a whole misunderstanding. He's actually quite charming," Alan explained. Angelica rubbed her eyes.

"Alan, he's a criminal," Stu reasoned. It was then that Mrs. Garner walked in.

"Excuse me everyone," she greeted.

"Hi Linda," Angelica and Doug both greeted.

"Hi Angie, Hi Dougie," she smiled, before she grabbed Alan's plate and melted milkshake.

"I guess we don't do desert anymore," Alan complained, "I didn't get that memo."

"I'm sorry darling," Linda answered, "I'll be right back."

"Would a cupcake kill you," Alan snapped. Angelica and Doug looked at him in shock. Angelica knew that if Monroe ever spoke to her and Phil like that when she got older, neither one of them would be letting her get away with it.

"You know, I don't think this is a good idea," Stu said, reminding Doug, why they were there.

"Um, Alan," Doug said, before Stu could say anything further, "We have a little surprise for you. Stu would like to invite you his wedding." Stu put on a fake smile.

"Well, only if you're not busy," Stu continued, hoping silently that he was in fact and he would not be able to come.

"Stu," Phil reprimanded lightly. Angelica closed her eyes. She too was hoping that Alan was busy and would be unable to attend.

"Well maybe the Jonas Brothers are in town," Stu answered.

"No. They're in Rally during that weekend," Alan answered, dashing both Angelica and Stu's silent prayers.

"Are you really being serious, Stu, you're inviting me," he continued to ask. Angelica desperately wanted to scream out no, but Tracy was her best friend and pregnant, if they upset her, it would not be good. Stu struggled to answer as well.

"Yeah, why not," Stu answered, "It'll be fun right." Alan then turned to Phil and Angelica.

"Phil, Angie are you going?"

"Of course," Phil answered for them both, not trusting Angelica's mouth.

"Then it will be fun," Alan said, and he slowly smiled. It was then that the smile disappeared off his face and he reached for the mini fridge. He pulled out a small needle and he jammed it into his thigh. Stu, Doug and Angelica all gasped in shock.

"What the fuck are you doing, man," Phil asked.

"It's my immunizations," Alan explained, "It's the last day I can do it." He pulled the needle out of his thigh, once he finished with it.

"That's supposed to be done by a registered nurse," Angelica explained, vowing silently to herself to keep Alan away from Monroe and any other children her and Phil might have.

"I am a nurse," Alan answered, holding up the used needle, "just not registered." He threw the needle onto his desk and then went into one of the drawers. Angelica looked at Phil wide eyed. He better think of getting her and Monroe out of there quickly.

"Oh, hey Stu," Alan said, as he pulled something out of the drawer, "Look at this. I bought it because I thought of you." After fiddling with the thing he placed it on his desk and the foursome looked at it. It was one of those chattering teeth toys. This one specifically had a tooth missing, the exact tooth that Stu had pulled out when they were in Vegas.

The five walked through the airport towards the Gate that they're flight would be taking off from.

S099G6 Copenhagen 2:35 Boarding B14

UA998 New York 2:50 A5

DL2781 Bangkok 3:15 On Time B10

AB626B Montreal 3:20 C28

MX861E Mexico City 3:45 A7

AV307E Vancouver 3:55 5:15 Delayed A2

TT884 Seoul 4:15 B11

Phil and Angelica walked through the airport, their arms linked, while Phil pulled their large suitcase behind them. They thought it would easier to share a suitcase and have two carry ons, so they wouldn't have to have too much luggage. It was their first time leaving Monroe and Angelica was having a tough time, but Phil did his best to keep her calm.

"Hey, there he is," Stu called. Angelica looked up and saw a familiar face.

"Hey Stu," the young man greeted, giving him a hug and then turning to Angelica who smiled at him and gave him a hug as well. She hadn't seen him since Lauren's graduation party, their senior year.

"Teddy," she smiled, "What's up? How are you?"

"Alright," he answered.

"Who's this guy, Angie? Stu," Alan asked. He seemed a little angry that someone else was joining them on their flight to Bangkok.

"This is Teddy," Stu explained, "Lauren's little brother."

"He goes to Stanford," Angelica continued, "Pre-med. This is my husband, Phil, my twin brother Doug and…Alan."

"Nice to meet you man," Doug said, holding out his hand, as Angelica introduced them.

"Wow," said Phil shocked, "Stanford? How old are you?"


"He's seventeen," Stu answered for Teddy, "Kind of a genius."

"Actually I'm sixteen," Teddy corrected, "And I'm not a genius. My dad just let me take the entrance exams early."

"Because you're a genius," Stu continued. Teddy smiled at Stu and Angelica.

"So what are you a doctor," Alan asked.

"No," Teddy answered, "Not yet. I'm pre-med."

"Ever hear of that guy Doogie Howser," Alan asked. Angelica looked at him in confusion.


"Well, he turned out to be a gay," Alan elaborated. Angelica shook her head and turned into Phil. He was really pissing her off and they hadn't even got on the flight. She was so glad that her and Phil's seats were well away from Alan's otherwise she would've screamed.

"Alan," Doug reprimanded.

"It's true, I read it in Teen People," Alan explained.

"Right, okay," Teddy said, "Well I'm going to get a book or something for the plane. Do you guys want anything?" Phil, Angelica, Doug and Alan turned down his offer.

"I would actually like a smart water," Stu said. Teddy nodded.

"Cool," Teddy said before he walked away completely uncomfortable. Stu clapped him on the back, as he walked by him. After Teddy was out of earshot the group turned on Alan.

"What's the matter with you," Angelica asked, "He's sixteen years old."

"Yeah, Alan," Phil agreed, "Take it easy."

"Well…well I'm a little confused," Alan explained, causing the group to look at him, "Is he here just to see us off or what? How does this work?"

"How does what work," Doug asked.

"Is that person coming to the wedding?"

"Yes Alan," Stu confirmed, "My bride's little brother, is coming to the wedding. Is that okay with you?" Alan put on his sunglasses.

"Well, it's just the first time I've heard about this. You could have paged me," he said, as he walked towards a group of chairs. The four looked at him completely frustrated. Angelica's phone began to ring in her pocket. She detached herself from Phil and looked to see that it was her mother.

"Don't over react," Doug said to Stu, as Angelica picked up the phone, "It's gonna be fine."

"Hi Mom, is everything okay?"

"Yeah, Angie, someone just wanted to hear your voice," her mother explained. Angelica smiled sadly. She hated leaving Monroe, but she wasn't old enough to come and now that she thought about it Angelica really didn't want to risk something like what happened in Vegas to happen again, while Monroe was with them.

"Okay mom, put her on," Angelica said, as she leaned into Phil. Phil smiled at her. He knew this was hard for her, it was hard for him too, but they needed to get away for a bit.

"Hi baby girl, mommy loves you, and daddy and I will be home in a couple of days and then I will sing you every single lullaby I know," Angelica said into the phone, and then began to sing Monroe's favourite one. Phil clutched her to him, he could hear the sadness in her voice.

"She's fast asleep Angie."

"Thanks mom," Angelica answered, "I'll call you when we land." She hung up the phone and buried her head into Phil's chest, breathing in his cologne to calm herself down some.

The five-some were sitting in a group chairs, waiting calmly for their flight to be called and Teddy to find his way back to them. Angelica had begun to read her new book, The Help, while Phil graded some tests and Doug flipped through a magazine on either side of her.

"Hey," Teddy said, as he found them, "Mind if I sit?"

"Wolf pack only," Alan snapped, "Find another chair." Stu looked at him in frustration and then lifted the bag that Alan had placed between the two of them.

"There's no wolf pack, Alan, come on," Stu said.

"It's no problem," Teddy said, "I can find…"

"Teddy," Stu interrupted, "Don't be ridiculous. You're sitting here."

"Careful," Alan shouted, "That's a Lewis…That is a Lewis Vuitton." Phil and Angelica looked over. She looked at the bag and shook her head. It was Louis Vuitton, but it was either didn't care to correct him or she just couldn't do it anymore, so she left it. Teddy handed Stu his water and took the seat that Stu cleared for him.

"That's a nice neck roll," Alan complimented.

"Thanks," Teddy answered, "You can use it if you want." Teddy handed it to him, Alan took and played with it in his hands for a little bit before he threw it across the gate and then played his music loud enough for the others to hear. Teddy looked extremely disgruntled by this behaviour.

The flight was long and tiring. Phil fell asleep, not long after Angelica had laid her head against his shoulder and fell asleep, two hours into the flight.

Once they landed, two cars were waiting to pick up them and their luggage and take them to the hotel in which they would be staying for the duration of their time in Thailand. Angelica was wide awake and had called her mother soon after they landed. Monroe had been fast asleep at the time. Phil and Angelica looked at the passing scenery until they reached the hotel.

The hotel was beautiful on the outside and it became even more beautiful when they entered. Phil was telling Angelica and Stu a joke and as they turned the corner someone called Stu.

"Baby," Lauren called, as she ran towards him. She jumped into his arms and caught her. The rest of the group turned to them and smiled at the display of affection, before Lauren turned to the rest of the group and greeted them.

"This is so absolutely beautiful," said Stu to Lauren's father, "Thank you so much."

"Of course," her father answered.

"You know between Teddy and me, you must be pretty excited," Stu acknowledged, trying to make conversation, "Pretty soon you'll have two doctors in the family." Lauren rubbed his shoulders.

"You have to realize that in my country we don't consider dentists to be real doctors," her father snapped.

"Dad," Lauren said embarrassed. She was getting really tired of the way her father treated Stu.

"Okay," Stu mumbled.

"Anyway," Lauren's father continued, "I have to go and talk to Teddy about his cello performance tonight." He turned away and walked towards his wife and son, who speaking to a pair of old family friends.

"Ouch," Stu said.

"I am so sorry," Lauren apologized, as she rubbed Stu's shoulder. It seemed that her father's treatment of Stu was only getting worse with the wedding growing closer and closer every minute.

"Your dad is kind of obsessed with your brother, isn't he," Stu pointed out, as they watched him walk over to the group.

"Teddy is my father's prized possession," Lauren explained, "It's always been that way. He'll warm up. I promise." She continued to run her hand up and down Stu's arm, before she leaned into kiss him. Alan began walking towards them. He was on the phone with his father. They had no idea what he was talking about.

"That was my dad," he told Lauren and Stu, "I'm a stay at home son. We were discussing your wedding gift. He's sparing no expense."

"Oh, that's so unnecessary," Stu said. Alan completely ignored him and turned to Lauren.

"I've been meaning to ask someone. I noticed this is a fishing village. Is there a Long John Silver's on the island," he asked.

"You know no, I don't think so," Lauren answered, "I'm so sorry."

"But we are actually serving some great fresh seafood," Stu explained.

"Better than Long John's," Alan asked.


"I'll be the judge of that. Enjoy your evening," Alan snapped, before he walked away, grabbing Lauren's champagne glass out of her hand and taking a huge gulp from it.

After everyone sat down for the rehearsal dinner, Teddy began to play his cello. Across from him at the main table his father was conducting him, unknown to anyone else. Lauren rubbed Stu's knee and comforted him the best she could.

Alan continuing his dislike for Teddy reached over Angelica and tapped Phil on the shoulder. When the pair looked at him, he pinched his nose and gave them a thumbs down as if to say that Teddy stunk. Angelica gave him a disgusted look and then both her and Phil turned back to Teddy's performance just in time for him to finish. The entire room applauded as Teddy returned to his seat, which unfortunately for him was beside Alan. Lauren's father stood and addressed the guests.

"Thank you Teddy, hands of a brilliant musician and one day a great surgeon," he paused and turned to look at Lauren and Stu.

"I admit it, when I first met Stu, I was not quite sold," he paused as the audience chuckled mistaking it for acceptance, "It seem inattentive, he lacked intelligence and imagination. He was missing a spark you look for in a man. But then I looked into Stu's eyes, he reminded me of my sweet brother Chiyoh. For those who do not know Chiyoh is learning disabled and lives in a group home." Alan laughed loudly, while the people that were close to Stu, watched in shock.

"But," Lauren's dad continued, "Chiyoh loves chok, and that's when I realised that Stu is chok." Several of the guests looked around in question, they had no idea what chok was.

"What is Chok," Stu asked Lauren quietly. She got this look on her face, that she would rather not explain what that meant.

"Chok is soft white rice in luke warm water," Lauren's father explained, "it has no taste. We feed it to small babies and very old people. It is nourishment that everyone can digest." Stu and Lauren begin to look very uncomfortable as her father continues to insult him in front of all of their loved ones.

"The world needs chok, just as the world needs people like Stu," he paused and raised his glass to toast the couple, "To my sweet daughter and…Stu. Congratulations." The rest of the guests raise their glasses and toast the couple as well.

"And now I believe that, Teddy has something to say," said Lauren's father before he took his seat. Teddy began to rise from his seat, when Alan grabbed him by the crook of his elbow.

"Sit down," he said, "I got this." Alan rose from his seat, much to the shock of their small group.

"Sit down boy," he urged once more, "That was a great speech sir, I liked the comparisons between Stu and rice. I've also prepared a few words. Hey everybody, here's some fun facts. The population in Thailand is 63 million people, it is twice the size of Wyoming. Its chief exports are textiles, footwear and rice. Each year, approximately 13 thousand people are killed in car accidents in Thailand. The climate in fact-"

"Alan," Doug interrupted, "Why don't you skip to the last car there buddy."

"Okay, sorry," he said, "None of you know Stu like I do. Not you, not you, not you, not you. Not nobody knows Stu like I do." Some of the group was a little surprised by that statement, seeing as Alan had only known Stu for two years and during those two years Stu didn't want to be around Alan that much, while the rest of the group had known him during college or high school.

"No one," Alan continued, "I can't even tell you what we have been through because we made a pact, more important than blood." Angelica, Stu and Phil exchanged smirks.

"What I can tell you is this," Alan continued, not seeing these looks, "This is not Stu's first marriage." The smirks were wiped off Phil, Angelica and Stu's faces. This had just gone from bad to worse.

"There was whore in Las Vegas, a couple of years ago," Alan still continued and it was then that Phil got out of seat to put a stop to it.

"Times up," he whispered, "it's time to sit down." There was more whispering between the two that no one could hear, but the damage had been done. Everyone at the dinner that wasn't aware of Stu's previous "marriage" that didn't know already was told and it only made Lauren's dad hate Stu more. Alan returned to his seat and everyone began clapping, unsure of what had just happened, but grateful that it had ended.

"In your face," Alan mumbled to Teddy.

Stu and Lauren were standing in front of the elevators. The rehearsal dinner had just ended and all Stu wanted to do was spend time with Lauren and then go to bed. He was just tired and didn't want to be anywhere someone could find him.

"Well that was exactly as painful as I expected it be," Stu said, as he wrapped his arms around Lauren's waist, after he pushed the up button on the elevator.

"Sorry," she apologized as she leaned in for another kiss.

"Oh, rice pudding," called Phil, as he and Angelica walked towards the elevator, "What are you doing?" Stu laughed sarcastically as they approached.

"Very funny Phil."

"Be nice Phil," Lauren said, "He's extra sensitive tonight."

"Get over it," Phil joked, "He's your father-in-law, he's suppose to hate you."

"He should know Stu," Angelica joked, "My father hates him even after all this time. Gives him a hard time whenever we visit." Phil stuck his tongue out at her, which she smiled back in return, before turning back to Stu.

"Come have a drink with me and the guys," he said. Stu sucked his teeth and then looked down at Lauren.

"You know," he said, "I'm really exhausted. We're just going to go upstairs and crash."

"Come on, I just spoke to the manager," Phil explained, "He's going to let us have a bonfire down on the beach."

"That sounds fun," Lauren said, she was going to ask Angelica some questions. She wanted to know how she dealt with her father bugging her husband. Stu made a noise.

"I'm good," Stu said.

"He's tired," Angelica said, she wasn't going to force him and since she wasn't going, she was a little worried and what might happen.

"Stu," Lauren said, "One drink with your friends. They came all this way."

"I just want to hang out with you," Stu explained.

"Come on, just go," she tried again, "And do me a favour. Take Teddy with you," she paused and looked over at the boy in question who was listening to music on his laptop, and looked bored out of his mind, "He never gets to have any fun."

"That is a great idea," Phil agreed, "Bring the kid."

"Alright," Stu caved, "One drink." At that moment the elevator came. Angelica and Phil shared a small kiss, while Stu and Lauren did the same. Then the girls got on the elevator.

"Do you have your key," Angelica asked. She didn't want him waking her up if she was already asleep when he came back because he forgot his key.

"Uh yep. Got it right here," he answered and showed it to her, she smiled.

"I'll see you in twenty minutes," Stu said, just before the elevator doors could close. Lauren waved goodbye and the guys made their way to the beach.

"My uncle Roger said, that he once saw an albino polar bear," Alan told the guys as they sat around the fire, waiting for Phil to come with the beer.

"Really," Stu asked, "Polar bears are white. How would he know if it's an albino?"

"This one was black," Alan explained.

"Do you ever think that maybe it was just a black bear," asked Stu, before they dropped the subject. It was then that Phil returned with the beer.

"Okay, here we go," he said, as he returned, "American beer."

"Alright," Doug cheered.

"Sealed bottles," Phil assured Stu.

"Thank you," Stu said, as Phil handed him the bottle.

"I'm not really old enough to drink," Teddy said, as Phil shoved the bottle into his hand.

"Yeah it's illegal," Alan agreed, "It would be a shame if someone reported you."

"Nobody's reporting anybody," Stu assured, "It's fine Teddy. Have a little fun."

"Careful," warned Alan, before Phil sat down on the marsh mellows that he had brought for them to enjoy.

"What's this," Phil asked, "Roasted marsh mellows. Nice touch."

"Yeah that was Alan's idea," confessed Doug.

"Good thinking Alan," Phil said, before he threw them to the other side of Alan and opened his one beer, "You know I got to hand it to you, Stu, this place is paradise."

"Not bad, right," Stu agreed.

"And I can't believe I'm saying this," Phil confessed, "but…I'm actually jealous of you. I mean Lauren is an angel."

"Yeah, she really is amazing," Doug agreed.

"Aww, you guys are sweet," Stu complimented.

"Not big breasts on her," Phil continued, "But still a solid rack for an asian." Doug closed his eyes. He knew how much Phil and Angelica loved one another.

"Dude," he said, "you're married to my sister. Please don't make me want to hit you."

"Sorry Teddy," Phil apologized, smirking at Doug.

"That's okay," Teddy assured.

"That is just widely inappropriate," Stu reprimanded, "And yet…I'm really glad you're here. All you guys, even you Alan. It means a lot that you made the trip. Thank you."

"Wouldn't miss it, buddy," Doug said, as he took a sip of his beer.

"Great," Phil said, "Now can we have our one fucking beer then?"


"Alright toast," said Phil, as he stood up, "Come on stand up guys. Come over here Alan. To Lauren and Stu, you did it buddy." They raised their beers and congratulated Stu, unknown of the trouble that would await them once they woke the next morning.

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