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Title: Xander the Jedi

Rating: Brit: 12             US of A: PG-13 (for now, I think)

Author: Paradigm Shifter.

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Continuity: Not really sure. No spoilers except for Dawn (necessary plot device) so just general season 5.

Pairing: I am a B/Xer, however, it may not seem like it sometimes. Anyway, it is going to be impossible to include Buffy before he gets back to Sunnydale. As such no real pairing just yet, but while in Star Wars, Xander may have other interests. (Xander/Other Characters) I'll bring Buffy in eventually.

Warning: Rating may change. Crossover ahead.

Buffy/Star Wars.  Xander will spend time as both Jedi and Mercenary, kind of like Corran Horn in the X-Wing novels.


Let the story begin.


After the horrific battle with Glory, all the Slayerette's needed some time off. Dawn was torn apart from the trauma of seeing her sister throw herself into the dimensional tear to save her, and as such was trying to master her Key powers to reopen the portal and save Buffy. They all refused to believe her dead, for, as Xander said, "I don't believe she is gone until I see her dead in my arms." Not the best of sentiments to express to Dawn, but instead of making her more depressed, it made her angry enough at herself to plough though any and all books Giles had in his library to find a way to master her powers.

Xander sat thinking. The group was, and is, decimated. Giles left for England, reasoning that there were too many bad memories in Sunnydale, and without Buffy, the ex-Watcher had no reason to stay. Anya left on her journey of discovery, reasoning that if I was going to constantly put myself in the way of danger, then my life expectancy was not one that would allow her to spend the rest of her life with me. I still don't know if I hate her or not. Tara recovered from the brain suck thing, but moved away with Willow to try helping her through the magic addiction she had spiralled into. They never told me where they went.

Xander had moved into the house on Rovello Drive at Dawn's request, and, although unsure at first, after Giles had several screaming matches down the phone at him about how he should look after Dawn, he finally gave in. He was too emotionally distraught himself to say that Giles should have stayed for Dawn if he was so worried. When he looked at the Deed and the Will that Buffy had left in case the Glory battle was her last, he saw that Buffy had ceded the entire house to him, for the care of Dawn. Because, although Spike 'loved' Dawn, in his own way, Xander was the only one who could really look after her properly.

Xander stood up and walked over to his kitchen to make himself a drink.

"Hey, Dawn! Do you want a drink?" Xander called up the stairs.

"Please, Xan." Came the response from up in her room.

She seems to be recovering, but I'm worried about the amount of dimension research she's doing. Thought Xander, it's just her and me now. Everyone else has gone. She's all I've got of her sister or my friends anymore.

 "Dawn, I can't lose you as well. I'll look after you, I promise," whispered Xander.

"What was that you were whispering Xan?" said Dawn, who had sneaked downstairs to see what Xander was up to.

"Oh, nothing, Dawn," Xander brushed her concern off.

"Xander, I know it wasn't nothing because I heard my name, and that never means nothing. It either means I'm in trouble or you're having one of your mopey sessions again. Tell me, Xander."

"No, Dawn. It wasn't important."

"Xander, don't make me get out the puppy dog eyes. You and I both know that you can't resist them for long. So save us both the bother and tell me." Dawn cut the argument off with that line.

"OK, Dawn, I was being all mopey again. Happy now?" replied Xander.



"No. You haven't given me my drink yet." Dawn succeeded in keeping a straight face.

Xander burst out laughing. "Damn me. If that isn't the first excuse to laugh I've had since…" Xander trailed off.

"It's OK, Xander. You can say it. Since Buffy died."

"Yeah. Since Buffy died." Xander said with a sigh.

"Come on, Xan. I want to show you a new dimension I can get to."

Xander decided that this was as good a time as any to broach the subject. "Uh, Dawn, don't you think all this dimension stuff is a little bit dangerous?"

"No. It's fine Xan. I'm being careful. But I haven't found Buffy yet."

"I'm still unhappy about it, Dawn. I think it's dangerous."

Dawn sighed, and humoured him. "OK, Xan. It's dangerous. Now let me show you the new dimension that I've found. I promise I'll stop searching for Buffy after I show you this one." If Xander had been standing behind Dawn he would have seen her fingers crossed behind her back.

"Alright, Dawn. Show me this new dimension you've found."

Xander and Dawn headed upstairs toward the room that Dawn used for her temporal experiments. The only good thing about Dawn's dimension hunting is that it has really helped her physics grades. All this temporal mechanics stuff is Grade A material, mused Xander. Then a further thought struck him. Why is temporal mechanics helping high school physics? What do they teach now in good ol' Sunnyhell?

When they got inside the old room, Dawn sat in the middle of the floor and opened book that had lots of bookmarks in it, seemingly at random. Xander stood over by the window, ready to grab Dawn and jump if it looked bad. Xander amended that: worse than usual.

Dawn started chanting, mumbling in some language that was long dead, and should have never been available to mortals. Every time Xander watched Dawn chant in this language, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was trying to simultaneously wrap his head in cotton wool and scrape it's nails across a chalkboard, but inside his head.

As Xander watched, the air in the middle of the room, just in front of Dawn seemed to shimmer, spontaneously catch fire and then tear open, revealing the multi-coloured swirling vortex that Xander affectionately called 'rainbow hell' and Dawn called 'non-space' it was truly vomit inducing just to watch.

Blinking his eyes and swallowing to clear the sick feeling, Xander watched the middle of the vortex carefully to see the opening of the other side. He wasn't ready for the sucking sensation that pulled him toward it while he was standing there.

"Dawn, shut the portal!" Xander screamed as he was slowly starting to slide toward the vortex. "I'm getting sucked in!"

"I can't Xan!" screamed back Dawn, who had started to panic as she saw Xander being sucked toward the portal. "It has to finish opening first! I may be able to close it now but it is very dangerous! It may explode!"

Xander made a mad lunge at the nearest solid looking thing in the room, in an attempt to slow down his slide to god-knows-what. One hand gripped a towel rail, what's a towel rail doing in a box room? Thought Xander, while the other hand caught the windowsill, which should have been much firmer. By this time, the force sucking Xander in had increased to gale level, and Xander's feet were floating in mid air, making him look like a superman wannabe. Only the look of sheer terror on his face said it was none of his idea.

"Xander! It's finished opening! I can start to close it now!" shouted Dawn.

"Stop talking and get doing! I can't hold on much longer!" was Xander's only reply.

Dawn started to chant the incantation backwards, the reversal ritual. As she reached the mid point of the chant, the towel rail broke off the wall.

Xander tried to renew his grip on the windowsill, but his fingers were starting to slip. Then they did. "Oh, Shit!" was the only thing Xander could think of to say as he was sucked into the portal, his voice tailing off and becoming distorted as the portal continued to close.

The portal snapped shut.


Unknown. Approximately 3 hours later.



Xander continued his scream as he fell out the other side of the portal. It opened out into mid air, about 15 feet from the ground, in what appeared to be some sort of audience chamber. "Oh, Shit! That's the last time I ever let you do any portal stuff, Dawn!" Xander muttered before he noticed the occupants of the room staring at him. Then they pulled funny rods out of their robes. Xander's eyes widened as the foot long rods suddenly had about a metre of solid light shoot out of one end of each and stop. Xander could only think of thing to say as he fainted "Oh, Shit!" then he folded up and collapsed on the floor.


That's the end of the intro. It's in the old republic. He will be trained as a Jedi, but will have mercenary aspects as well. Dawn may come hunting, but I'm not sure.