Chapter 1

The Mansion

A three story mansion next to a beautiful stream came into view, the events that lead up to this point was nothing short of a miracle, why would someone randomly decide to look after Azula, and a sixteen year old girl for that matter.

The towering paradise was three stories, red and gold, something only the wealthy would be able to afford, plus it was in the capital, it seemed luck was on the princess side.

"Well Azula, how do you like it!" A red haired girl cheered, she had eyes of gold and wearing something similar to a maid or servant.

"My old master didn't have any family so he left all of his wealth to me, aren't I lucky." The red head snickered as she tightened the grip on Azula's bags.

"You'd be surprised on how many string I had to pull to get you here, but when I heard that the princess herself was in trouble I had to rush to her aide." The red head almost sounded concerned as she snickered.

"Don't worry about anything anymore, I'll take care of you from here on out, so please just relax and let all your troubles shatter." With those words the girl led Azula to the front of the mansion.

A large iron gate blocked it away from the rest of the world as the large red doors were pushed open reveling an entryway.

Azlua recognized places like these before, she was the princess after all, four doors and two set of stairs one leading upwards and one leading downwards, of course there were two more floors, most likely containing rooms for the other guest.

"Hey, I never really got to introduce myself properly, my full name is Lěngmò Cánkù, you can call me whatever you want, I just hope we can get along." Lengmo smiled as she held out her hand.

Azula reply to this gesture was to simply turn her head, it was bad enough she had to suffer through endless humiliation, but for someone who was once a servant to offer their hand was to much.

"Not much of a talker are you." Lengmo chuckled as her eyes drifted to the pathways.

"Shall I give you a tour, maybe we should start at the bottom floor." Lengmo said as she gently placed Azula bags down.

"First, I'll show you to the kitchen." Lengmo then gently grabbed Azulas hand and led her to the middle left door.

As they entered the room, the first thing Azula noted was the sheer size of the room, it was almost as big as the one in the palace, almost...

A large table was percent in the middle of this large space, as small cabinets most likely filled with tools among other things aliened the walls.

"It's a shame that no one has created a way to keep food good or something, but I'll be excited when someone does!" Lengmo clapped her hands as Azula sighed to herself.

In a small way, she reminded her of Ty lee, but even more happy about pointless things.

"Do you have any questions, would you like to see anymore of this room or shall we continue?" Lengmo asked as Azula rolled her eyes.

"Tell me, what do you think I want to do?" It seemed anything that was holding back the Fire princess words had vanished as she started using what most people would call sarcasm.

"Well, I guess you want to see the other parts of the house then." Lengmo put her finger on her lips as she titled her head in confusion.

"Well then, don't just stand there." Azula said as Lengmo nodded.

"Yes' right away." With those words Lengmo lead the them back to the entryway and went north to a room that had multiple chairs and couches.

"This room doesn't really have a name, if you need to think or relax just sit here, it's free for anyone to use." Lengmo smiled as she looked at the black in red coloring of the area.

"Maybe I should redecorate, red and black everywhere can't be good for you." The red head stated before leaving the room, Azula followed.

"Well the only to rooms left on this floor is mine and the in door porch, but moving on to the second floor would be boring as well." Lengmo seemed conflicted over the simplest things, Azula took note as the princess crossed her arms.

"Can you at least tell me what's one the second and third floor?" Azula asked as Lengmo nodded.

"Well, the second floor has four bedrooms and the bathroom, the third has three bedrooms and a library." Lengmo stated.

"So, where is my room?" Azula asked as Lengmo chuckled.

"You get the choose your room, aren't you happy!" Lengmo wasn't only the type to be confused easily, but also the type to be pleased easily.

"What about the basement?" Azula asked as Lengmo gained an inhuman smile, almost uncanny.

"Hmm, no need to worry about such a place, it has bad air, could kill don't want to die, do you princess Azula?" As Lengmo smiled her expression changed to a worried one.

"Oh, it seems like I forgot to cook lunch, I'm sorry I won't be able to take your bags to your room, please pick anyone you'd like, I'll be preparing the food, also Azula, please don't push yourself, I doubt your body is feeling well after your...incarceration." With those words the golden eyed maid retreated into the kitchen.

Azula looked up at the stairs, it was annoying, but she really would have to carry her own bags, the princess then grabbed her belongings and headed up the stairs.

She decided on the second floor, she wasn't interested in books and it was much closer to the bathroom.

Out of the four rooms she could have chosen she picked the one closest to the stairs.

Azula entered the room, their was a small night stand and a bed, that's about it, it seems that she herself would have to give it a little more detail.

Azula put her bags down and opened them, only thing she had were clothes and she bought those recently, in all honesty she didn't have anything from the palace.

As Azula continued thinking she heard a knock on the door.

"You may come in Lengmo." Azula said as the house owner opened the door.

"The food is done, do you want me to bring it up, or would you prefer to eat in the kitchen with me?" Lengmo asked.

"I'll eat with you, it's not like I have anything better to do." Azula then paused for a moment before looking back at Lengmo.

"I'll be down soon, go ahead with out me." With those words Lengmo bowed and left the room.

"...Why did she even do this, is it because I'm apart of the royal family?" Azula asked herself these questions as she headed town to first floor.

Money, she seems to have plenty of that, power, guess that's a good of a reason then any.

Azula entered the kitchen to find two plates on the opposite end of the large table, she saw the golden eyed maid waiting for her.

"Oh, hello Azula, I'm glad you made it!" She said In a cherry voice.

Without a word Azula sat down and looked down on her plate.

The food seemed familiar, something someone at the palace would make, the princess took a small bite, only to realize it was surprisingly good.

"I hope I can live up to your high standards." Lengmo chuckled.

"The food is fine." Was the only response Azula gave to the house owner.

"Well then, you're a fire bender, right?" Lengmo asked a rather foolish question.

"of course, why would you ask something so pointless?" Azula barked as Lengmo smiled.

"Oh no reason, I can assume you killed people before, right, burned them to a crisp as they screamed?" Lengmo didn't lose her smile once as she asked such a thing.

"..." Azula remained silent thinking up an answer.

"Your silence answers the question for me, is your flame hot enough to turn a body to ash?" Lengmo asked as he grin got wider and wider.

"Stop asking such pointless questions." Azula glared as Lengmo sighed.

"Oh, I just wanted to learn a little about you." Lengmo then smiled.

"Tell, what about you?" Azula asked as red head tilted her head.

"Me, oh I'm just a maid."

Few days later

Azula started to get accustomed to her current life style, even if it wasn't what it use to be, it was still better then being locked up in a cage.

The Princess then looked around, she had decided to take a look around the property, she was never one for beauty, but when the only things you could do was either read or talk to Lengmo you had to find a way to keep yourself entertained.

Speaking of Lengmo, she was always either in her room or in the basement, the only times she would ever come out was either to cook, but groceries or get ready for bed.

Azula continued to walk around the mansion, examining the stream and the woods, they were really far from anyone else but it was acceptable.

As Azula continued to walk she noticed a Rat-bunny laying on the ground, motionless.

"Is it asleep?" Azula stepped closer to the animal only to step back in disgust.

Blood was pouring out of the creatures mouth and eyes and small chucks of flesh could be seen falling out.

"What happened..." Azula forced those words out as she crouched down to examine it in detail.

"It's unfortunate is it not?" Azula heart stopped as she saw the golden eyed maid standing behind her.

"It looks like most of it's organs were liquefied and crushed or maybe melted would be a better term." Lengmo then picked up the corpse as a sound similar to a sack filled with water entered their ears.

"What ever happened I don't think it can effect us now, it seemed to only be enough to damage a small animal." Lengmo smiled.

"What are you talking about?" Azula glared as Lengmo snickered.

"I wonder, if I poked a hole in it, will all the juices come poring out," Lengmo then sighed.

"Do not worry, I'll dispose of the body, you just enjoy your walk." With those words Lengmo carried the corpse with her thumb and finger and headed back to the front of the house, leaving Azula bewildered.

"What was that all about, I should look into further."

Author notes.

A story where Azula is the main character, audible gasp, so tell me what did you think of Lengmo? I might change the rating to an M later