Chapter 4

"Ah Azula, are you enjoying your meal?" Lengmo asked that question as the two sat across from one another, it was insulting. How Azula had to sit next to a lower class citizen because she was deemed unfit for the royal family. While Zuko enjoyed having everything he ever wanted, it was sicking.

Lengmo pressed her finger to her lips as she wondered, what could Azula be thinking, probably something about back stabbing or double crossing someone. That is the only thing a demon could think about right? So there wasn't a doubt in Lengmo's mind that Azlua was thinking unpleasant thoughts, that in itself was irritating.

Because in the end Azlua had a goal and drive, people like that couldn't understand certain things, so it was only natural that this confused Lengmo. Because a heartless beast could have an opinion on something but Lengmo herself wasn't able to construct one. That is why she started doing the things that she did. The fact that the princess very existence in the manor effected what she was planning on doing greatly. But yet Lengmo couldn't stop herself when they asked her to take care of the princess.

"Why do I want to kill the royal family...because I'm bored. So it's only natural that I invite someone to relieve that boredom I felt."

Lengmo picked up her plate as she looked at the princess who continued to look her way. What was Azula trying to find in her expressions? Nothing, because Lengmo wasn't wearing a mask, this was her face as she smiled, Lengmo picked up Azula's plate before cleaning them.

"Azula, even though you never left the manor. I feel obligated to tell you about the recent murders that have been happening around here." It seemed that Azula perked up as Lengmo started to scrub the plates.

"Yes, girls around our age are being murdered. Such a shame, though we're pretty faraway from town anyway. So something like that happening to us is rather unlikely, isn't that interesting Azula?" The princess frowned before turning away from her maid.

"I don't care about something like that...actually Lengmo, how many days have I been here?" Lengmo almost smiled at the question. Because it was a question the person in front of her should know, but it was obvious why she didn't.

"Oh, Azula that is such a weird question, why ask it to begin with? After all you should know how long you've been staying with me right? Unless you are coming up with blanks that fill your head, but only someone completely insane would have those...right?" It was irritating, Lengmo asked so innocently that Azula couldn't even find anything off about it, and that in itself was off. Everything about Lengmo was uncanny, like she didn't know how to be a proper human so she simply pretended to be one.

"Of course, but I think I miss counted the number, if you could give me an estimate." Azula smirked as Lengmo gave a light shrug before putting down her plates. She then turned to face Azula and answer her question.

"If you must know, you've been here for about a month."

Azula heart skipped a beat, that couldn't be right. She didn't have the required memories or thoughts that could be associated with a month of time of staying in the manor. She had a week worth of memories at tops, but how Lengmo said it, it would be impossible for her to be lying at the moment since her face didn't change at all. But that was Lengmo in a nutshell, always uninterested in everything and anything.

"I see." Azula left her seat as well as the room as Lengmo sighed.

"That's no good, it seems she's going to investigate the house again, I made sure the metal door was completely sealed this time, so she can't get into the basement again. Though I should cover that one window."

Everything was familiar, but yet Azula had a nagging feeling that she shouldn't be able to navigate the garden as well as she did. It was bright outside, the princess didn't know how to feel about that. It was summer, so it was obvious that it was hot.

That isn't what bothered Azula, what bothered Azula was the lack of interaction with people. The only other person that was in the mansion was Lengmo, but the way she acted she barely qualified as a human being. She wanted emotion's any would do, fear, hate, happiness, love. Anything would do, because the only time she saw those things is when she looked into a mirror.

She was a heartless monster, but yet she was the only thing here with any kind of soul. That was the most disturbing thing about it.

Azula gazed shifted to the plants, no doubt she wanted to burn the flowers and everything in it, simply to see if she would be able to get a reaction out of Lengmo, that is what Azula wanted the most. She wanted something genuine from that girl. Not a fake laugh, not a fake frown, but something real. Something Azula could laugh at and look down upon.

"You probably shouldn't burn those." Lengmo slowly walked into the garden staring at the blue flowers that were planted, no doubt she was going to give an explanation onto why the princess shouldn't do it.

"Those plants give off a rather nasty gas when burned, it will cover the entire manor if you burned them now. Though I guess you could do it anyway, it's not like we have anything planed for out future, so you lose nothing by burning the flowers and dying right?" Lengmo smiled again, that fake disgusting smile that she always had, that smile that never faded no matter what Azula said to her.

"You're lying!" Azula snapped at her care taker, she knew she probably wasn't, but she had to say it. Azula hated when people were good at lying, Lengmo simply looked at the princess before covering her mouth with her sleeve, she was laughing. It was an empty laugh, but it was a laugh no doubt.

"Wow, you're really funny princess. Though I haven't been lying to you, I haven't really told you the truth either. You see, I'm really a sociopath that wants to kill your entire family, I've been giving you drugs so you would have lapses in your memory. There is something important down in the basement, but you've already seen it seven times. But you never remember, because I always drug you."

Azula gritted her teeth, now the person in front of her was poking fun. How degrading, how sickening it all was.

"Of course this is a lie, so you should probably ignore it, though I came to ask you if you needed anything." Lengmo stated as Azula heart lifted up, she only had a single request or rather demand, since she was going to do it with or without her caretakers permission.

"I wish to go see the town."

Author notes

So many stories so little time.