Heaven and Hell

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Chapter 1: The Beginning

On one misty summer night, Buffy and Spike were patrolling the cemetery. *Well I think we'll wrap this up soon. Tonight might be another one of those quiet nights,* Buffy thought quietly.

Suddenly, three vampires jumped on them and started throwing punches at them. Buffy was caught off guard but quickly recovered. She staked one of the vampires that jumped on them. After struggling for awhile, Spike staked the second one. Buffy was having a hard time with the last one, but with a little help from Spike, they finished off the last one.

"That was too hard for you, was it Slayer?" Spike asked with an evil smile.

"What are you trying to say?" Buffy replied sharply.

"Well... It's too early to go home... We could... you know..." Spike ended with a small grin.

Before Buffy could reply, a flash of light hit both of them.

Buffy woke up in a bed with Spike sleeping beside her. She freaked a little and quickly left the bed without having Spike waking up. She thought, *How did I end up with Spike in the bed?* She started to look around the house, but found no one there. The house was decorated lavishly. Then she looked outside, and surprisingly she saw nothing but clouds. As she walked back to the bedroom, she thought of the view of an airplane when she was looking outside. *This place is very very familiar... Where have I seen it before?*

After awhile, Spike finally woke up and felt like his head was going to explode. He then remembered a light hit both him and Buffy. He searched for Buffy, and found her sitting on the sofa in the living room.

"Where are we Slayer?" Spike asked curiously to Buffy.

The blond was startled by the vampire. "Oh. I see that you're finally awake. I am not exactly sure where we are. But you should go look outside first."

Spike was surprised with Buffy's reply and wonder what's so special outside. He rushed back to Buffy after taking a look outside and asked her again, "Where the bloody hell are we and why are there clouds outside?"

"God Spike, can't you stop asking questions for just a sec? I'm trying to remember where I've seen this place. Go walk around the house and see what you can find!" Buffy yammered at him. *Why was I yelling at him? What was I thinking?*

"Okay, I'll back off. You don't have to PMS at me!" Spike answered.

After searching for awhile, Spike found a statue of an angel on a very interesting cupboard. *Oh ya, thanks for reminding me of that bloody wanker*

Suddenly, Buffy thought of something and yelled at Spike. "Hey vampire! I think I know where we are."

Spike dashed back and waited for Buffy's answer.

"This is... This is... Oh I remember now! This is Heaven! I am definitely sure that it's heaven!"

"WHAT!?! Are you bloody sure? I mean like, I'm a vampire and all... I can't be in heaven, right?" Spike hesitated.

"I don't know... I mean like you don't feel dead right? Oh right, I forgot that you're dead already. But I don't feel any more dead than before........ What's happening to me?"

"What's happening to ME? How come I can be in heaven. I thought that vampires go to hell not heaven. Um... Maybe I'm not a vampire anymore... Oh wait. Is that even possible? Or maybe I got a soul. Wait. That's not possible either... So you got any ideas?"

Buffy was getting really annoyed by Spike's questions. "Why are you always so self-centered? It's already ME ME ME ME ME!"

"What? You think I'm self-centered? What about you? Always thinking about yourself, never others." Spike said defensively. (Mocking Buffy) "Oh my god! Why did you bring me back? I'm misery here! Oh ya and I think I came back wrong 'cause Spike can't hurt me anymore. I hate this and I hate this life. Blah Blah Blah!"

"Oh you think that it's funny huh? What about you?" (Mocking Spike) "I am in love you, Buffy. The only thing I want to do is get into your pants. I can't hurt anyone because Buffy's ex-boyfriend put a chip inside my head. Blah!"

"Well, luv. If you think that I'm annoying, why don't you go then? Find a way to go back to Sunnyhell. Sheesh!"

"Well, if you shut your big fat mouth, at least there'll be peace and quiet for once... You know what? I'm going back to bed and you're sleeping on the sofa from now on."



Buffy went back to the bedroom and slammed the door.


In another part of heaven, Xetiapeit and Ishigosi were watching Buffy and Spike as they fight.

"Why did we send the slayer here with a vampire?" asked Ishigosi.

"Remember the test that the slayer need to pass? We needed a person who loves her and the same way around. He was the best person out of all her friends."

"But he isn't even a person. I mean he's a vampire... I thought vampires weren't allowed to enter heaven. Anyways, the slayer doesn't even like him, he's the one that likes the slayer."

"You'll see... In time, her feeling will begin to show." *I hope...*