Title: Pour Some Slushy On Me

Author: it'sbrittanabitch

Pairing/Character: Brittany/Santana, slight Brittany/Everybody (not necessarily everybody), possible Quinn/Rachel, others.

Rating: T (could change)

Summary: AU Badass!Brittany and Geek!Santana have been having sex for about a year in secret. What happens if Brittany begins to be more public about their secret, and Santana wants more out of it? Will Brittany be able to stop sleeping around and be with her? Brittana and slight other Brittany pairings.

Disclaimer: I don't own ANYTHING! If I did Brittana would have tons of lady babies already.

Chapter 1

"We really need to focus on our set list for Sectionals!" Rachel exclaimed as she adjusted her backpack.

"I get what you're saying Rach, but Sectionals isn't for at least another month, and you know how glee club can get." Santana said as she quickly tried to catch up to the fiery brunette.

"Well that's easy for you to say Santana, but you aren't the leader of the glee club." Rachel said with fervor as she walked past the dumpster just in time to see Kurt get thrown in.

"Well you're not really-"

"Regardless," Rachel interrupts, "I'm the only one that is truly looking out for the glee club's competition. Do you really think that Vocal Adrenaline is just sitting in their seats, or, or serenading one another?" She questioned.

"Well I-" Santana shifted her books in her hand. "I'm not too sure, no?" She said nervously.

"Exactly!" Rachel pointed her finger in the air. "They've practically been doing their vocal exercises in their mother's womb!"

"Okay ew Rachel, I don't think anyone other than you would do something like that." Santana said as she scrunched her face in disgust. Rachel looked at her, and opened her mouth to counter what Santana said, but Santana had stopped listening. Rachel and Santana had just walked past the side of the school where all the "Troubletones" as Rachel liked to call them hung out. ("They are extremely talented, and most of them would end up on Broadway if they didn't damage their vocal chords with all of the cigars they smoke, and damaging their flawless skin with those awful ink markings.")

Santana looked over at them and saw one of them staring right back, a wide smirk set on her face. She was standing next to her best friend and from Santana's knowledge (it made her stomach churn) her fuck buddy, Quinn Fabray who was hungrily staring at Rachel. The blonde still had her eyes set on Santana, and Santana sent a shy smile back to her, and it only made the girl's smirk widen.

Brittany S. Pierce, that's how she had introduced herself when they were freshman. She had casually leaned on Santana's locker and stared intensely at her, a hard determined look on her face.

That's where it all went to hell (surprisingly she's using hell in a positive way). Santana didn't know how she let it happen, but Brittany S. Pierce was the girl that took her virginity halfway through freshman year.

After that Santana tried to avoid Brittany afraid of getting too close to her. It seemed that Brittany didn't mind because the next day she had another guy wrapped around her finger, and another, and another, and a few girls (Brittany doesn't discriminate).

But in sophomore year halfway through the year again (Santana figures Brittany had it planned out or something) they slept together again. It was at David Karofsky's party, and they were a little drunk. Well Santana was full on crying, but Brittany was sober enough to get her crying for a whole other reason.

Santana was surprised she was even invited. She had been dubbed a geek ever since freshman year when she had glasses, and was best friends with Rachel Berry, she still is. But to add to her geek status she is in glee club, the lowest on the food chain, even lower than the AV club.

But after they slept together at David's party, it happened again and again, and well you kind of get the point, it still goes on today and Santana's now a few months into her junior year.

Although, Brittany and Santana are the only ones to know about their secret "meetings". Santana does it because she knows about Brittany's rep of sleeping around, and she doesn't need another label. Brittany doesn't tell anybody because she likes to keep Santana around. Brittany really only keeps around Quinn and Santana, although never at the same time, no way in hell.

Brittany blows out a long stream of smoke and casually waves at Santana. Santana blushes and catches up with Rachel again. She can hear Brittany's deep husky laugh, and it makes her blush even harder.

"Santana, were you even listening to what I was just saying?" Rachel asked.

"Uh-um sectionals, and um to focus on the set list," She paused to think of anything else. "go team!" She said weakly throwing her fist in the air. Rachel scoffs at her and shakes her head, as they enter the school.

"Santana I feel that you should stop staring over at those troubletones and actually listen to what I-" All of a sudden they both felt a cold slap to the face.

"Morning glosers! Red is a good color on you." Azimio stated as he laughed and high-fived the other football players. Rachel gasped and wiped her face.

Santana grabbed Rachel's arm and began to head to the bathrooms. She opened the door and they both got paper towels and put water on them. Rachel sighed and began to clean her face off.

All of a sudden the door slammed open, and Rachel cowered thinking there were more slushies to come. But to both of their surprise it was Brittany. Her face was red, and she was shaking from her boots all the way to her leather jacket.

"Berry go find Fabray and let her clean you up." She stated angrily. Rachel looked at her confused. "Now!" She spat. Rachel practically sprinted out the door. Santana's eyes widened, and she gently placed the paper towel down. Brittany's face softened at Santana, and she walked over to the brunette and picked up the wet paper towel.

"Those jockstraps don't know what's coming to them." She stated as she gently wiped the girl's face off. Santana's breath hitched at her touch, and she looked up at Brittany. Brittany slightly smiled at her.

"Britt you don't have to do that." She smiled gratefully.

"Yeah well, someone's got to do something to those shitheads, and now I have a reason to." She grinned, Santana stared at her intently. "Now don't get all sappy with me fuck buddy." Brittany sighed. "I just don't want to see anything happen to that pretty face of yours." She looked up at Santana and wiped right under her eyes. Santana smiled and shook her head.

"I'm not getting sappy." She smiled.

"Good, I don't need feelings involved in this thing we got here." Brittany smirked. "I got a rep to uphold y'know?"

"I know." Santana chuckled.

"Oh and now you're laughing at me, this is fantastic." Brittany said sarcastically as she got some more slushy off the brunette's forehead.

"It's just I like it when I see that you have a sensitive side." Santana laughed a little.

"And I like it when we fuck." Brittany smirked. "So if we keep doing that, eventually I'll buy a puppy, and start wearing sweaters with animals on them like the little dwarf of a friend you have."

Santana frowned a little, "She's not that short."

"Manhands, Ru Paul, whatever." She paused and looked over at Santana. "Oh wait you don't like when I insult your friends." She teases.

"Would you like it if I insulted yours?" Santana questioned.

"Well I only have one." Brittany says. "And I don't know what you could say about her; hairs too short, she never cuts her finger nails short enough so it hurts when we have sex." She finished thoughtfully.

"Okay, okay." Santana says exasperatedly. "I don't want to hear about how you have problems with Fabray's wolverine claws."

"Alright they're not that long. Wait," Brittany pauses, "Are you jealous?" She sings.

"Please if I were jealous of all the people you slept with I'd be jealous of the whole school." Santana scoffs.

"Ouch." Brittany says playfully and holds her heart. "Now shut up and let me clean you."

"You've never helped me before."

"I'm turning a new leaf so shut up." Brittany grins as she wipes if off of her hair.

"Right." Santana smiles.

"Fine, I know how to shut you up." Brittany says.

"How-" But she's cut off by Brittany licking the side of her face.

"Mmm cherry my favorite." She grins, and leans in again. Santana is about to say something, but Brittany pushes her against the sink, and wraps her legs around her waist. "Now shut up and let me clean you off." She purrs. The only talking Santana does after that; were words of encouragement.

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